Affiliation No. 2130655

Science Club - Innovators

Science of today is the technology of tomorrow. Keeping this in mind the Science Club 'Innovators' is taking initiative to develop scientific temperaments in students & guiding them to use conceptual basis for applications in the real life. Which help them in preparing working model, they are also taken for educational trip to National Science Museum. IIT Delhi etc. They also go for various interschool exhibitions & competitions.

Eco Club - Friends Of Earth

"The Eco Club 'Friends of Earth' educates the students about their immediate environment and imparts knowledge on the concepts of eco-systems. It involves young learners in efforts to preserve environment by celebrating Earth day, Cleanliness week, Save Bird drives, Say No to Plastic etc. The club arranges informative sessions to create awareness about our Mother Earth.

Quiz Club - Prodigy

The Quiz Club 'Prodigy' aims at identifying students' talent in quiz and creating opportunities for them to sharpen the quizzing skills. The Prodigy Club updates the knowledge of the students in various fields like academic, analytical abilities, quantitative reasoning etc. The club has produced several top notch quizzers, some of whom featured in the national and state arena as well.

Literary Club - Ponder Arena

Ponder Arena (English & Hindi Literary Club) aims at inculcating among students a love for language & literature and enhance their literary skills. The club provide a platform for intellectual and independent thinking skills that enable the students to imbibe a sense of confidence. This all happens by a plethora of activities and observance of important days.

Creative & Performing Arts Club - Sanskriti

The aim and objective of this art and performing arts club is to discover and enrich talents by the introduction of art and convey artistic expression of culture and traditional values to students.

Information Technology Club - Digitech

The mission of the club is to promote knowledge of information technology to help students' community comprehend the technical world. It expands and enrich the knowledge not only among its members but also to the students who are interested in the innovations in IT domain.

Commerce Club - The Young Tycoons

The Young Tycoons Club makes regular efforts to create awareness about opportunities available in the field of Commerce and enhancing business skills among the students. It is also in the process of assisting in the professional educational and social development of students interested in finance banking and investments.

Humanities Club Politique

The club prepares the students to connect with diverse ideas and themes across academic disciplines and even to reason and analyse the political skills and politics of Government. The Club provides international platform of IIMUN and DIPLOMATRON where the students get opportunity to discuss about Global issues.

Maths Club - Infinity

Infinity Club is a student initiated & teacher supported academic group. The club provides platform to the students to develop their Mathematical skills & knowledge. It gives pupil, the opportunity to experience Maths outside the normal classroom environment, aiming to make the subject engaging & enjoyable. The club also nurtures the students' attitude towards Maths & hence help them boost their self-confidence.

Social Science Club - Chanakya

Named after the great Indian teacher, economist, philosopher and a royal advisor 'Chanakya', the club aims to enhance the administrative and social attributes in a child. We conduct activities to help the children to relate to our cultural heritage in a practical way. Besides historical events, we also take up social issues so that children accommodate easily in a society & can differentiate between the just and the unjust.

Community Service Club - Sankalp

Sankalp Club provides a vehicle for student cohesiveness and leads to a journey of self-discovery, at the same time serving the society as a whole.

An organisation designated to increase awareness of social issues within the school and trying to reach out to masses with a blend of initiatives, knowledge, creativity and commitment.

The core objection of our club remains to realize the need for social change and actively participation in facilitating such changes.

Debating Club - Rhetoricians

"For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate"

The ultimate mission of Rhetoricians is to cultivate better thinking. This club sharpens their talent in this competitive pool, it widens their horizon.

The Rhetoricians (members of the Debating Club) encourage students to develop their oracy skills. The club helps students to become more informed about political and global affair and promise a venue for students for debate competitions with local schools, or at a national level.

This club enables students to evolve their cognitive skills, examine what they believe, why they believe and learn to locate the values, worldview and assumptions behind positions expressed by others.