Affiliation No. 2130655

Rules for leave

  • A student is expected to be regular in attending school. Hundred percent attendance is expected from every student.
  • No half days or short leaves will be granted to the students. In case of an emergency, leave can only be sanctioned by the Principal, provided the Parent/Guardian comes to take the child home. Festivities / family functions will not be considered as a case of emergency.
  • Overall 75% attendance is compulsory during the academic year. No student will be absent from school without obtaining prior sanction from the Principal. A leave application duly signed by the parent must be submitted to the class teacher in advance or after availing the leave.
  • Absence in case of emergency / sudden illness or unforeseen circumstances must be intimated to the school the next day.
  • In case of illness of more than 3 days, a medical certificate by a registered medical practitioner should be enclosed along with the leave application.
  • CBSE guidelines will be followed strictly in Board classes. A student with less than 75% attendance will be debarred from appearing in the Board Examinations (X and XII).
  • In case of absence exceeding five days in a month without explanation, the name of the student will be struck off the rolls.
  • Re- admission may be done at the discretion of the Principal only.
  • Re- admission charges will be payable at the time of re-admission.
  • Leave exceeding three days for the board classes will be sanctioned only by the Principal, failing which the student will have to submit a certificate signed by the CMO/ as per CBSE byelaws.
  • No half day or short leave will be granted to students.