Teachers’ Workshop

"Swachh Bhasha Abhiyan" Workshop

The teachers of our school attended a workshop on the benefits of using positive language for increasing positivity in our lives. Mr. Amit Gupta of Subhashi Foundation, conducted the workshop named Swachh Bhasha Abhiyan in the school auditorium on 12 January 2019. He stressed on the usage of positive words in every walk of life to bring the desired results. The workshop proved to be an eye opening session for our teachers.


ELT Workshop by 'Eupheus Learning’

An ELT workshop was conducted by ‘Eupheus Learning’ on 18 Dec. 2018 for teachers of KG to VIII classes. Resource person Ms. Anita Bahadur provided tips to improve the four skills of LSRW. A special class of phonetics was also conducted to enrich the teachers knowledge of structure and vocabulary building. The session was culminated by the launch of ‘Eupheus Learning Books’. The workshop proved to be a great learning experience for the teachers.


Capacity Building Program on Life Skills

A capacity building program on Life Skills was held on 10 October 2018 by CBSE resource persons Ms. Gurpreet Singh & Ms. Chanchal Saxena. The program focussed on making the participants more equipped with management skills like self-awareness, problem-solving, empathy, decision making and interpersonal relationships. The active participation of over 115 teachers from various reputed schools of Meerut and vicinity proved that the session was a success.


Maths Workshop by Eupheus Learning

Traditional classroom teaching often places the teacher at the centre of the teaching learning process. The constructive approach to teaching of Mathematics not only transmits knowledge from teacher to learners but also promotes multisensory and multi-disciplinary learning. In pursuit of the same a workshop by Eupheus Learning was held on 8 September 2018 in the school auditorium. Various topics like Singapore Bar Model projects etc. were dealt with by Mr. Anami Sharan Shrivastava. The workshop was an effort to enrich the teachers of Mathematics of teaching methodologies.


ELT Workshop

Imagination is the workshop of one’s mind capable of turning mind energy into accomplishment and knowledge.

Workshops are necessary for the growth of teachers to keep updated with the latest progress going on in the field of education. Hence, on 29 June 2018, an ELT workshop was held in our school auditorium where eminent resource person Mrs. Tara Chadha, an early childhood educationist expert provided an extensive overview of various practices that are required in effective classroom teaching. General mistakes done by teachers were emphasized and suggested techniques were shared with the teachers. She talked about poetry, vocabulary and grammar. The workshop proved to be highly effective.


Capacity Building Workshop

Our school hosted a 2-day “Capacity Building Workshop” organised by CBSE, Dehradun on 26 and 27 May 2018. Around 60 participants from various schools of the region attended the workshop. Eminent Clinical Psychologist & Counsellor Ms. Gitanjali Kumar & Ms. Savita Chaddha Principal DPS, Meerut, presided over as the Resource persons and enlightened the gathering with their knowledge about how teachers can be instrumental at school level in helping the students choose the right career option for themselves. Various method and case studies were discussed leaving the delegates more empowered to perform this task later. It was a highly informative workshop.


Inspirational Science Teachers' Training Programme

A workshop was conducted under Inspirational Science Teachers' Training Programme by Royal Society of Chemistry Cambridge, UK and Association of Chemistry Teachers C/o. Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education TIFR, Mumbai on 23 and 24 May 2018 at K. L. International School by two renowned and eminent resource persons Dr. Brijesh Pare, and Mr. Vijaya Kumar, Teacher Developer at Royal Society of Chemistry Cambridge, UK. Many active minded teachers from well-known schools of Meerut actively participated in the worksop. Culmination of the workshop was done through a valedictory ceremony in which certificate of participation were given to the teachers.


Workshop on 'Enhancing Creative Writing Techniques'

On 25 May 2018, teachers of the school attended a workshop on 'Enhancing Creative Writing Techniques' among students, conducted by Mr. Kulpreet Yadav. The session began with a discussion on creative writing. He emphasised on how important this skill is for a child to learn, as it stretches imagination and offers a wonderful outlet for expressions. He demonstrated various ways to infuse passion, imagination and expression among children to take them to the new horizons of creative skills. The workshop was thought provoking and the various tools suggested by him could easily be integrated within the curriculum.


Induction Programme

Our school hosted the "Induction Programme? organised by CBSE Regional office, Dehradun for Principals of newly affiliated & upgraded CBSE schools of Dehradun region on Sunday 21 January 2018. Dr. Saha, Director Vocational Training CBSE, CBSE joint Director, Dr. Pragya M. Singh were the chief speakers. The new Teaching Learning Policies, Curriculum, Educational Planning, Classroom Teaching, Question Paper Format, Evaluation etc were dealt in detail by the experts.

The CBSE personnels also inaugurated the Sahodaya Annual Magazine "Rising Together?. The program culminated with the vote of thanks proposed by Principal of the school. A token of reverence was presented to the presiding guests from CBSE office.


Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management by CBSE

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) COET Gurugram organised a two day Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management in our school on 15 and 16 December 2017. The main resource persons were Mrs. Sharmila Raheja, Principal, Uttam School for Girls?, Ghaziabad and Dr. Shiksha (HOD Hindi), Queen Mary?s School, Delhi. About 60 educators from different schools of Meerut participated in this knowledgeable session. The session mainly focussed on the three components of the effective classroom management: Content Management, Conduct Management and Covenant Management. It was a great learning experience as it helped the teachers to adopt various techniques to make the teaching and learning process more effective. The experienced resource persons beautifully explained that management of the student teacher relationship is the corner stone of the classroom management. The need and importance of inclusive education was highlighted, followed by an inspiring movie. It was a fun filled and enriching session full of hands on activities for the teachers to indulge in and learn from. The workshop was concluded with this thought that the teachers should comprehend the child?s mind and try various ways to reach their level to enlighten and assess their knowledge.


Motivation Workshop by Mr Vikram, Heritageshaala

Learning is a lifelong process. In order to enrich our teachers and equip them with better teaching tools an educative workshop was conducted in the school auditorium on 25 May, 2017. The resource person Mr. VikramJit Singh Rooprai is an active member of Youth for India Foundation. The workshop was conducted in two parts, first there was an interactive session with the students and it was followed by a workshop for teachers.

Mr.Rooprai interacted with the teachers and shared interesting facts form history and also told the teachers how their teaching could affect the students and what techniques they should incorporate to make their teaching more effective and integrated specially in subjects like History, Geography and Civics. He stressed on the Three 'R's of teaching learning i.e. Reasoning, Relevance and Rhythm. He also asked the teachers to apply logic to their teaching in order to make their teaching more logical and practical. Lastly he summed up by saying that our history has numerous examples of great leadership and management skills and we should benefit ourselves from that rich heritage. The enlightening and eye opening workshop proved to be a great learning experience for our teachers.



A workshop on Economics was organised by Full Marks Pvt. Ltd. on 20 August 2016 in the school auditorium for teachers of Economics in various schools of Meerut.About 25 schools of repute participated in the workshop conducted by Dr. T.S. Walia, a professor of Walia’s Achiever Winners Academy, Delhi and a resource person of Kendriya Vidhalaya, Delhi. The resource person Dr. Walia shared the views and thoughts on the technique and tools that a faculty adopts in the assessment process. He also discussed various topics like shut Down Point, Market Equilibrium, Determination of Income, Employment, Multi-Disciplinary and Application based questions and Consumer Equilibrium etc. along with the previous years’ CBSE Question Papers.The resource person who called Economics a synonym of planning invited difficult areas for discussion from teachers and had a thoughtful review on it. The workshop encapsulated the discussion on difficult areas, common errors and easy way of solving various problems for making Economics an easy subject for students. Teachers felt more equipped and trained after attending the workshop. The Fitzroy Method (Australia) Synthetic Phonics Introductory Course Workshop was conducted in Khaitan Public School, Ghaziabad (U.P) on 12 and 13 February 2016 by Mr. Abhishek Goel, the training director of Fitzroy Learning Centre. The resource persons Ms. Priyali Goel and Ms. Jasmine Narang discussed phonic learning, decoding, blending, pronunciation, diagraph, syllabification etc. in a two day comprehensive workshop. Our four teachers attended this workshop which proved to be extremely useful for updations of the teachers and consequently it would help them to train students more accurately and confidently. 


School Programme Overview Workshop by British Council UK 

K.L. International School hosted school programme overview workshop organized by British Council UK. The session was conducted by Mr. Arijit Ghosh (Head of Schools' Programmes) who turned up with a team of project managers. The session commenced with the overview of British Council and Engagement in School Sector followed by continuing Professional Development for Teachers: Importance of core skills.
Further Mr. Ghosh introduced and discussed continuing Professional Development for Aspiring Heads: Leadership Development Workshops, International School Award and Information on other programmes in School Sectors. Principals and Senior Teachers from 25 schools of Meerut, Panipat and Punjab participated actively in the workshop.


A teacher's workshop was organised on 31 July 2015 

The teachers had a privilege of interacting with an educationist Mr. Amit Pathak. The esteemed resource person enlightened the teachers on how to transcend from a good teacher to a great teacher and help the students to feel motivated throughout and enjoy learning. The one day long workshop was a great success in encouraging the teachers to broaden their outlook and enhance the method of imparting knowledge keeping in mind the changing demands of the students of the present generation and keeping pace with active persona and easy access to the development of the latest technology. Thus, the workshop was undoubtedly one need of the hour and proved to be fruitful one.

A workshop for Principals of reputed schools of Meerut was organised on "Innovations & Leadership Skills"29 July 2015. The resource person for the workshop Mr. Gareth Baterip, school leader, New by school, Leeds UK, spoke on honing of the leadership skills and innovations that one can incorporate in the smooth functioning of an organization.

A Power point presentation by Mr.Baterip was an icing to the cake which will surely help the Principals to enhance the competency and confidence to overcome all the hurdles in their domain.

A Workshop on Capacity Building Programme 

Workshop on Time Management was conducted in our school on 02 June 2015 by Ms. Tarana Chakerwarti, an educationist, passionate teacher educator & corporate trainer along with Mr. Nishant Bansal who is a successful corporate trainer. The workshop proceeded with an interactive fruitful discussion on various effective methods and techniques of time management in various fields of working. The resource persons also discussed the problems faced by the teachers in class. An inspirational video on time management was also shown to enhance the teachers for better use of time as the “Time Waits for No One”. The workshop laid stress on numerous methods like how to set up smart goals during the teaching process for better management of time and resources. It also included prioritizing tasks, how to plan wisely, tackling procrastination and how to delegate the work, which helps in getting the work done smoothly and systematically on time.


Teacher Development Programme (09 May 2015):

What began with speculation ended in motivation and a great learning acquisition. 
Our apprehensions and reluctance to training seem to be justified because at times so called training sessions turned out to be a heavy dull and soporific sermons. But all these apprehensions found no root, when the renowned academician, educationist and a seasoned speaker Mr. Sandeep Sethi (Education Officer, CBSE) held the microphone. Well, the programme commenced with the floral welcome of Mr. Sethi and welcome address of dynamic principal of K.L.I Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar.
Mr. Sethi began with humorous note and put everyone at ease and thus ready for the process of learning. His another question “How would you like to be remembered as teacher?” was an eye opener. Mr. Sethi, a Veteran shared many innovative and practical ideas and skill that can be utilized in teaching.
He also laid emphasis on the use of audio-visual aids in class. The videos on ‘Rain water Harvesting’ and ‘Dabbawalas of Mumbai’ were thought provoking. Later teachers also cleared there doubts in a congenial interaction.

Teacher Training Programme

In order to equip their facilitators with the latest teaching methodologies the school organised a series of Teacher Training Programmes for its teachers from 15th to 19th Dec 2014. The training trio began with a CBSE certified training on “Classroom Management” convened by Ms. Rupam Sah. The Kindergarten and Primary Teachers were benefited with many a class management activities and various classrooms strategies involving the play way method. 
On 18th Dec 2014 Ms. Kalpana Kapoor discussed “Pedagogy Strategies”, focusing specially on Inter-disciplinary approach, with the teachers of III-V wing. The resource person touched pivotal issues of behavioural and personality problems of the learners and also enriched our teachers with science of teaching skills, assessment pattern and learning styles. The last in the series was a highly effective workshop on 19th Dec 2014 by Ms. Rupam Sah based on “Competence Building in Subject Areas” The three training sessions proved out to be highly effective learning experiences for our teachers leaving them in a highly motivated state.

CCE Workshop (26 July 2014):

Learning is an ongoing process; be it for students or teachers. Keeping in mind the changing trends in education sphere, it has become mandatory for teachers to be updated from time to time. Hence, a CCE workshop was organized for the teachers of classes VI to X where Ms. Neenu Puri, Director of Education at S. Chand was the resource person. She preached the teachers the role of facilitator and what CCE aims at. Overall it was an enriching experience.


Workshop by Ratna Sagar

A teacher's training programme was organized on 30 May 2014 by Ratna Sagar. Mr. Rishabh Khanna, a mechanical engineer (academics) preceded as the resource person for the workshop. The pivotal issues of the child's personality were discussed and relevant measures were suggested to overcome the problem. It was an enlightening session. 


A  Workshop on Common Errors in English(1 August 2013): 

A workshop on common errors was conducted by Macmillan Education for the teachers of English. The resource person Ms. Neelam Kapur, is a renowned personality in the field of soft skills training, and English language training. Common errors committed by students and teacher facilitators were discussed and the problems faced by the teachers in their class rooms were solved. It was a learning, interesting and productive session which was enjoyed by each of the participating teacher. This workshop has made the teachers more equipped and will help the teachers to proceed to their classes more confidently.


Teacher's Training Session by Birla Edutech (26 May 2013):

Training was organised by Birla Edutech to upgrade the information about the CCE pattern. 30 teachers participated in this workshop conducted by Mr. Siddharth Dutt, CBSE Trainer & Observer who enlightened the teachers about the classroom activities, enriched them with the information about scholastic and non scholastic areas. A good emphasis was laid on Life Skills too. He also suggested ways to monitor different aspects at a time in a classroom. Teachers put forth the queries about PSA and ASL. It was a fruitful and successful session after which the teachers felt themselves more equipped and facilitated. 


A Workshop on Swami Vivekananda and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose (23.01.2013):

Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parishad organised a workshop in the school auditorium for celebrating 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and 116th anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. The Principal, Mrs. Ranjeeta Kaur extended a floral welcome to the distinguished guests. The resource person was Dr. V. K. Malhotra (HOD) Economics, CCS University, Meerut. Dr. Malhotra has been associated with ABVP for last 15 years. The programme was headed by Mr. Arvind Chaudhary and convened by Mr. M. D. Joshi. The occasion was graced by Mr. Ankur Rana, President of ABVP (Western UP) and other important members of the Parishad. The lives of both the great personalities were discussed and the important traits of their lives were highlighted by the speakers. The workshop stirred the head and heart of students who were asked by the principal to get inspired by the thoughts and lives of Swami Vivekananda and Netaji and to keep up with their vision for the nation.


Dainik Jagran Self Defence Camp:

Dainik Jagran organised a three day self defence camp at school from 18 January 2013. The camp was inaugurated by Mr. Vikram Chand Goyal, Vice-Chancellor, CCS University, Meerut, with Mr. Akhil Bhatnagar, General Manager, Dainik Jagran, Meerut, Mr. Sanjeev Jain, senior reporter and a profound Judo Instructor. The Judo Instructor gave the special tips and tacts to girl students and solve their doubts on the first day of the camp.


Workshop on Classroom Management & Behavioural Skills (15 January 2013):

A cognizant session for the teachers was conducted on the school premises by the Pearson group. The erudite speaker Dr. Sapna Aggarwal, was the resource person for the session. The speaker discussed the behavioural problems and remedial actions to be taken for ameliorating students in the classrooms. The session proved to be very beneficial and enjoyable as it included many practical activities conducted for discussing the assessment scales of various areas of abilities.


English Workshop :

On 11 July 2012, an ELT workshop was organized by Orient Blackswan for the teachers teaching English at K.L.I. School.
The teachers were enriched by a very rich experience of the resource person Prof. (Dr.) Shefali Bakshi, Deputy Director, Amity School of Languages. She is an ELT Consultant and Head of the ELT @ I Lucknow chapter under British Council.


Hindi Workshop :

On 11 July 2012, an ELT workshop was organized by Orient Blackswan for the teachers teaching English at K.L.I. School.
The teachers were enriched by a very rich experience of the resource person Prof. (Dr.) Shefali Bakshi, Deputy Director, Amity School of Languages. She is an ELT Consultant and Head of the ELT @ I Lucknow chapter under British Council.


Mathematics Workshop : 

Mathematics Department got the opportunity to attend a workshop on 4 July 2012, organized by Mcmillan & Frank Brothers Publication.The workshop was conducted by Mr. S.N.Chibber, a retired Principal from Directorate of Education, and Secretary, Delhi Associate of Mathematics teachers. He is also a resource person with NCERT, SCERT and CBSE. He shared his vast experience of teaching Mathematics with the teachers at K.L.I. School and also taught tricks to make classroom teaching interesting.