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Pariksha Par Charcha 2020

Live Broadcast of Pariksha Par Charcha 2020’on 20 January 2020 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Talkatora Stadium, Delhi by Hon’ble Prime Minister.        


Christmas Carnival

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world & behold, everything is softer & more beautiful.
With jingling of the bells ringing, the Pre – Primary wing of K. L. International organised a winter wonderland carnival to mark the quintessence of Christmas in the tastefully festooned primary courtyard with Christmas tree, gifts, music of carols. The delighted kids wearing red & white attires looked charming & were fascinated by the exceptional games, sweets & varied fun activities. The celebration overriding every other emotion was a roller coaster ride of fun, festivity & togetherness.                         


National Mathematics Day

To celebrate the birth anniversary of the renowned Mathematician Hon. Srinivasa Ramanujan National Mathematics Day was celebrated with full curiosity and fervour in the school. Students of classes VI to VIII participated in this 15 day long activity comprising tessellations, illusions and portraits making of famous mathematicians. Students’ creations were displayed in the school campus. The principal, Mr. S.Shekhar applauded the efforts and apprised the students of the logics and critical thinking of the subject.                 


Skillhub Infotech Workshop

Under the capable leadership of Mr. Ashish Kumar, a collaborative Skillhub Infotech workshop was organized on the techno spirited premises of K. L. International School on 16 & 17 of December 2019. The focus of the workshop was to provide neo knowledge about app designing without manual codes. The session was bag full of learning, knowledge, practical & competing skills which was appreciated by all.                          


Workshop on water and tree conservation

The need of the hour today is conservation of our national resources for our future generations. Keeping the same in mind our school organised a talk in the auditorium of our school on 11 December 2019. Famous environmentalist “Jal Purush” Shri Anil Prakash Joshi presided over as the chief speaker along with Mr. Girish Shukla and Mr. Prem Naranyan Paliwal. Both the speakers encouraged and inspired our teachers to propagate water and trees conservation in a more practical way. Teachers also got rare information about various tree and their importance for us. The talk was a very thoughtful step taken by the school to further the noble cause. 


Latvia Certificate of Excellence Award

K. L. International School yet again felt the ecstasy & pride as the visionary Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar was awarded with a Certificate of Excellence for his unmatched contribution & nonparallel promotion on the topics like International Policies & Diplomacy. The honour was accorded by Mr. Artis Bertulis, Ambassador of Latvia at New Delhi. School Vice Chairman, Mr. Tejinder Khurana & the staff congratulated him on his phenomenal achievement.     


Healthy & Junk Food_3 – 5 Wing

A life without health is like a river without water.
To emphasise on the importance of “stay healthy with no junk food” theme III to V wing organise a special assembly on 05 December 2019. The young klites presented a zestful skit on “say no to junk food” & also shared their views on healthy diet which was the main crux of the activity. 
The assembly concluded with a melodious song which forced the young audience to glue to their places & seemed to be readily lapping up all they heard.   


CBSE National Skating Championship 2019–20 

“A champion needs a motivation above & beyond winning.”  

A quintessential moment for the KLI family as one of the budding skater Pranav Gupta of class XII won accolades at CBSE National Skating Championship 2019–20 in U-19 category at Shivganga Roller Skating Track, Belgaun, Karnataka. He presented an exceptional example of strong will & perseverance by competing with more than 500 skaters all over India & 5 gulf countries & bagged 1 gold & 1 silver medal.
School Principal congratulated him for his achievement & wished him luck for future.         


Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person. 

Keeping this spirit in mind KLI management in association with Hindustan Hindi Newspaper organised Phuhaar on 30 November 2019 in the school premises. Under the able stewardship of KLI staff Mr. Akhilesh N Singh, S.P City, Ms. Isha Duhan, CDO, Mr. Subhash Mahori, GM Hindustan & Mr. Pushpender Sharma, Senior RE Hindustan vouchsafe their blessings on the underprivileged & blind school kids. Clothes, stationery articles and useful kits were distributed. Enraptured cultural performances charmed the entire arena. The benefaction concluded with a cake cutting ceremony followed by lunch which brought a joyous smile on the faces of these students. The guests appreciated KLI family for such a noble gesture. 


An intercity Robofest was organised by ATAL TINKERING LAB, IIMT Academy, Meerut (U.P.) on 25 November & 26 November 2019. Competing among 17 other competitive teams, our team of young scientists emerged as winners by grabbing the first position. Our team successfully displayed excellent skills in a Robosoccer match under the guidance of their mentors.

The school management applauded the efforts of our young science wizards namely Aditya Khattar of class VIII, Dhawal Rastogi of class VII & Shivansh Chauhan of class VI.


 Importance of Eating Fruits_1-2 WING

A special assembly on “Importance of eating fruits” was organised by I & II wing in the I & II courtyard on 26 November 2019. The students dressed up as different fruits like apple, mango, guava, cucumber, papaya, watermelon etc. and talked about the nutritive value of fruits and benefits. The little stars not only got the valuable information but also got a platform to build their self-confidence and explore their inner strength.       


The Indian Constitution Day, 6-8 Wing

Our constitution is our pride.

To reinforce the significance and importance of constitution, a special assembly was organised in VI to VIII wing on The Indian Constitution Day, 26 November 2019. In this assembly students were acquainted with the drafting and implementation of the constitution. The preamble was read out. The students took a pledge to abide by the constitutional laws of the country and become responsible citizens. School Principal, Mr S.Shekhar told the students about the journey of our constitution from past till date. The whole ground echoed with the worthy words of the constitution.   


Railway Run, 6-8 Wing

“Play is the shortest route between children & their creative calling.”
In an effort to lay a strong foundation of mathematics among the pre-schoolers, the middle wing of KLI organised ‘Railway Run’ learning cum fun activity under the able guidance of their teachers. The plethora of activities helped these little mathematicians to gain knowledge on backward & forward counting, addition, skip counting, shapes & colours. The kiddies were involved in these activities & enjoyed every minute of the fun–filled learning session.


Gram Panchayat – Swachh Bharat Mission, 3-5 Wing 

A special assembly on the ‘The working of Gram Panchayat’ was conducted in the III-V wing on 23 November 2019 by the students of class III to showcase the smooth functioning of our Panchayati system through an enactment of a ‘Chaupal’. During this event they also emphasized on the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan. The play was followed by Solo dance and a group song presentation. The assembly proved out to be a huge success as the concept was well established in the students’ minds.


1st Noida NCR Sports & Fitness Aerobics, 6-8 Wing

Exhibiting excellent competitive spirit, our U-14 & U-12 teams from classes VI, VII & VIII participated and emerged as winners in 1st Noida NCR Sports & Fitness Aerobics Competition 2019-20 on 23 November 2019 at Florence International School, Sector-3, Noida (U.P.).

Our team viz Yukti Singh, Jhanvi Malhotra, Shreya Tyagi, Anushka Garg, Tanya Gera, Anushka Tomar & Saloni bagged the first position. Our other team i.e. U-12 team followed suit and was able to win the second position in the tough competition among the teams of 15 schools.        


“The Science of Today is the Technology of Tomorrow” – Edward Teller

To salute the ineffaceable efforts put in by The Women Scientists a special assembly was conducted by III to V wing with full zeal & ardour. To commemorate the inventions and life of Madame Curie copious activities were organised including quiz, experiments on polymers & delineating the initials of ISRO by human formation. A special plaudit for the women involved in Mangal Mission students were appreciated for their exhilarating performances.      


CBSE National Judo Championship 2019-20

It is an ecstatic moment for us as our student Priyanshi Sharma of class XII bagged a silver medal by putting up a sterling performance in C.B.S.E. National Judo Championship 2019-20 in 45 kg under 19 age group, held at Asha Modern School, Saharanpur (U.P.) from 18 November to 22 November 2019.

192 eminent C.B.S.E. schools from all over India participated in this Championship. We congratulate Priyanshi for her grit and endeavours.


World Hello Day, 3-5 Wing 

World Hello Day is a secular celebration observed annually on 21 November 2019 to express that conflicts should be resolved through communication rather than the use of force. This special day was also celebrated in our school by the students of III to V wing through a special assembly.

The importance of saying “HELLO!” was brought forward through a wonderful poem recitation. Students learnt to greet each other in various languages. The wonderful assembly culminated with an apt message of always greeting people with a smile.    


Kindergarten Workshop By Oxford 

A special workshop ‘Building Activity Based Learning Tracks for the Early Learners’ was conducted for the teachers of various kindergarten schools on 21 November 2019. The resource person, Ms Sonia Relia organised many activities to apprise the teachers of developing multiple intelligence, blend of diverse ideas, innovative and age-appropriate teaching methods.


English Recitation Competition, KG Wing 

Articulation, modulation & elegance has been the hallmark of good reciters. The essence of poetry was marked by the talented munchkins of K.G wing.

The recital of poems with proper expressions & voice pitch enthralled the arena. The creative props added zest to their performance. The whole event was an extra ordinary learning experience for the toddlers. 
School Principal, Mr S.Shekhar appreciated the winsome efforts of the students & applauded them for their performance.   


5th Uttar Pradesh Roller Sports Championship 2019-20

Skating is a great way to participate in a fitness activity which benefits both the mind & body. Keeping the same spirit in mind our young roller skaters yet again added a feather in the cap of KLI by participating & winning accolades in 5th Uttar Pradesh Roller Sports Championship 2019-20 held at Greater Noida. Ameya Jayant class I, Priyank Shukla & Aduait Madhavan of class X won 1 silver & 4 bronze medals. School Principal, Mr S.Shekhar eulogized the winners & wished them luck for their future endeavours.   


Effervescence – The Annual Award Ceremony 2019

“The will to win the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential”, these are the keys that unlock the door to excellence.

Klites always stand out from the rest in all fields celebrating the same, The Annual Award Ceremony ‘Effervescence – 2019’ was held on 14 November 2019 which was a momentous occasion for every klite. The aesthetically decorated school honoured its blooming students with Excellence Award in scholastic & co-scholastic category with certificates, trophies & cheques. The Chief Guest & Chairman – Mr K. S. Lamba & Vice Chairman – Mr Tejinder Khurana, Director – Mr Manmeet Khurana, young & dynamic leader Mr Harneet Khurana & school principal – Mr S.Shekhar endowed the students for their meticulous hard work & diligence. The euphoric event was held amidst glee & ecstasy. School principal congratulated the students for their prodigious achievements. The juncture concluded with a noteworthy message of fit India. Vote of thanks was proposed by the special guest Mrs Sarabjeet Kaur Lamba.


"Story Telling Activity" 

Story Telling Activity was conducted by Chanakya Club of III-V wing on 14 October 2019. The students performed spectacularly narrating the tale ‘Chatrapati Shivaji’ using creative props, voice modulation & impressive expressions the little story tellers were applauded by everyone.


Quiz Whiz Competition 2019 

“Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it”, with this view point, the scholars of the school, Subit Shekhar, Paras Dua of class XI and Falit Sijariya of class XII displayed their stupendous performance in the Quiz Whiz Competition 2019 at I.T.S., Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad (U.P.) on 08 November 2019 wherein after competing among 350 teams of renowned schools of NCR, team KLI attained second position. They were conferred with trophies, certificates and a cheque of worth Rs.21,000. It was a grand learning experience for the prodigies. 


Inter House Clay Modelling Competition

To spread the message of healthy, happy and pollution free life, An Inter House Clay Modelling Competition on the theme ‘Park’ was organized in I & II wing. Students from all the houses depicted beautiful park scene showing different corners like walking zone, yoga corner, playing area, water park, etc. with the use of bright coloured clay. With their creation and innovative ideas they tried to show the importance of green corners and parks in cities. In the competition, Prakash House bagged the First position, Pragati House stood second and Prayas House grabbed the third place.
The Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar appreciated and applauded the efforts of the students.   


Genesis 2019

Our students of classes 11 & 12 brought laurel to school by lifting the outstanding trophy with many other prizes in Genesis 2019, an inter institutional science fest organised by IMS Ghaziabad on 11 October 2019
All together twenty two eminent schools and 300 students from Meerut and Delhi NCR participated in the fest. Our students Tarushi Rastogi and Dakshani Gupta bagged first position in 'Non-working model', while Abhinav Sharma and Sanidhya Jain secured second position in working model by giving tough competition to other schools.
Our young scholars Harsh Verma and Prashant secured First position in 'Scientoon' Abhinav grabbed Second position in E-CANVA. Abhinav Tyagi stood First in oral presention with his extra-ordinary oratory skills. Ishita Singh Fauzdar secured Third position in blog writing. Our students came up with flying colours by giving tough competition to others.


CBSE Skating Cluster North Zone-I 2019

“Champions are not made in playing grounds, champions are made from something they have deep inside them- a desire, a dream, a vision”
The school basks in the glory of another achievement made by our super skaters’ squads in the CBSE Skating Cluster North Zone-I 2019 which commenced on 30 September 2019 and was culminated on 02 October 2019 at Ryan International School, Greater Noida. Students participated in under 19 category and performed well bagging 2 Silver medals and certificates for the school competing among 183 schools in an extremely cut throat competition. The school eagerly looks forward to the jubilant performance of Pranav Gupta who has been selected for the National Level to be held in the month of November 2019.


Dussehra Celebration

Festivals are the source of joy and happiness of Indian – Socio-Cultural milieu. Dussehra one of the important festivals of India was celebrated to convey the message-‘Victory of good over evil’  in the School on 05 October 2019 in K.G and I & II wings with a lots of religious zeal and fervour.

Students enthralled and mesmerized the entire audience with their performances like ‘Nav Roop’ depicting Maa Durga and group dance – ‘Ramji Ki Nikli Sawari’. School promoted ‘Plastic free Environment” by hanging waste plastic bottles on the ‘Effigy of Ravana’. This celebration was a source of absolute bliss for everyone.


Gandhiji’s 150th Birth Anniversary

“Strength does not come from physical capacity it comes from an indomitable will” 
To commemorate Gandhiji’s 150th Birth Anniversary, a special juncture was organized on the KLI premises. The day began with a prayer in the form of an ode to the father of our nation followed by a song, dance, speech and sharing anecdotes on Gandhiji’s life. The highlight of the event was a skit depicting Gandhiji and how he heralded a new era for our country. In the special assembly a song medley of Bapu’s favourite songs: ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’ & ‘Vaishnav Jan’ etc. was presented. An open exhibition was organized presenting and highlighting the symbols and things associated with Gandhiji. School Principal urged everyone to follow the values and thoughts instilled by Gandhiji 


"Workshop for commerce students" 

A highly conducive & informative workshop was organised by school for commerce stream students on 3 September 2019. The guest speakers were Mr. Gaurav & Mr. Sanjay Jain from IPC who informed the students about ICAI. A lot of queries by students were well settled and their happy faces suggested that the workshop was a success.


Road Safety & Self-Defence “Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow”

To create awareness about road safety & self-defence “Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow” activity was organized in the primary wing with great enthusiasm. Loads of activities were planned to induce cognizance about road safety rules & helpfull tips on self-defence. The exhilarating activities were enjoyed a lot by the little munchkins.


Inter School Competition "WARTECH" 

31 August 2019 marked another victory in our winners tally as our Tech Warriors won the First prize in Tech Trivia category of WARTECH, Techy symposium held at St. John’s Sr. Sec. School, Meerut on Saturday, 31 August 2019. The school secured Runner’s Up Trophy of WARTECH. Five Students of IX-XII wing participated in the competition. Their exuberant and alert performance paved way for their victory.

Kudos to Tarush Agarwal, Sparsh Rastogi, Rudrash Tyagi, Anushka Verma and Kartikey for their excellent team work!. The team was lauded and appreciated by Principal and Management.  


Yet another outstanding feat!

Ananya Goel (Country Topper – Science Stream CBSE class XII 2018-19) of K. L. international School has yet again created a moment to be cherished forever. She got a glorious opportunity to interact with Honorable President Shri Ramnath Kovind, Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Honorable Vice-President Shri Venkaiah Naidu on 73rd Independence Day celebration at Rashtrapati Bhawan.
A huge bunch of appreciation & good wishes from KLI family for achieving the pinnacle of success.


Career Counseling Workshop

“Succeed”- a career counseling workshop was organized in K. L. International School on 26 August 2019 in the school auditorium. Renowned career counselor Mr. Love Jain presided over the session as the Guest Speaker. The session was divided in two parts: the pre-lunch session was conducted for class XI and in the post-lunch session Mr. Jain interacted with class XII. The highlights of the session were the wide variety of conventional as well as unconventional career options available across national and international universities. The motive of the session was to make the students aware of the importance of profile building and assessing one’s key skill according to the career chosen by an individual. The session left the students more enlightened and aware of the pre-requisites before choosing the right career for them. It was indeed a very fruitful session.


Janmashtami Celebration

KLI celebrated Janmashtami with zest & zeal in the aesthetically decorated school auditorium students of different classes donned the roles of Lord Krishna & Gopikas amongst many other characters related to Janamashtami. They won the soul of spectators by dressing in the attire of Krishna & Gopikas & enacting their respective roles perfectly numerous dance performances, group songs and Krishna Vani enthralled the audiences. School principal lauded the efforts of the students & conveyed a strong message on devotion & importance of culture & tradition.


‘Tech Warriors in the ring’

An Inter House Game Designing Competition for the students of classes XI & XII was organized in the school auditorium on 19 August 2019. The tech savvy students had to design a game on G-Develop, scratch or C++ languages. Each house had 2 participants who competed with each other on the grounds of creativity, presentation and interface. After an hour of cut throat competition Prerna House emerged as winners bagging the First position. Prayas House and Prakash House were adjudged as II and III position holders respectively. The competition instilled love for the subject and combined students’ passion for games with digital learning.  


73rd Independence Day

Klites celebrated 73rd Independence Day on 15 August 2019 with great zeal & honour. To commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, Honourable DLC Meerut Mr. Deeptimaan Bhatt, Vice-Chairman Mr. Tejinder Khurana, Mr. Harneet and Principal Mr. S. Shekhar unfurled the tricolor flag & all in unison sang the National Anthem. The tricolor balloons were released in the sky wishing everyone on this National festival. The chief guest Mr. Bhatt urged everyone to contribute his bit to the society. The Kli stars added exuberance through their dance performance which left the audience grooving to the music. The performance of the Klites brought to life the supreme sacrifice of the martyrs.

School Principal & Management concluded the juncture with their words of wisdom & encouraged everyone to become a better person in all aspects of life with each passing day.


A Workshop by Career Councellor Dr. Vikrant Jawla

Career stream selection workshop was conducted on 8 Aug 2019 in K. L. International School for class X students. The workshop was guided by the renowned career counsellor Dr. Vikrant Jawla, who through his motivating and informative words helped students of K. L. International School pave the path to success in their future. The main aim of the session was to help students decide their future by allowing them to know about their capabilities and personality by providing necessary information about the streams, courses and competitive exams. The students were given information through printed charts that included stream wise careers. An informative presentation that included various videos and attractive slides that greatly influenced the students. Dr. Vikrant Jawla inspired students by clearly discussing about various job opportunities in the world, business, entrepreneurship and various other creative careers like Air hostess, Orator, Writer etc. At the end, he also had a group discussion with the students by giving them appropriate solutions for their queries. He believes in, "Students must be taught how to think, not what to think." This stream selection workshop is going to fulfil their dream career. His two in one learning method really cast the spell on the audience.


Inter House Geography Quiz Competition ‘Beyond the Boundaries’

On 7 August 2019, an Inter House Geography Quiz Competition ‘Beyond the Boundaries’ was organized in the school campus to encourage the students to widen their knowledge on the elements of Geography. It was a fun and informative event consisted of a General round, Visual Round and a Rapid Fire Round based on questions from India, Asia and the Natural Resources of the same. Students were enthralled and showcased their undaunted talent. School principal applauded the praiseworthy efforts of the students.


A Workshop For Empowering Girls: FEMME FORTE

Our school organised Femme Forte: a workshop for empowering girls of classes XI & XII on 7 August 2019 in the school auditorium. Delegates from other neighbouring schools along with their teachers also attended the workshop. The school counsellor Dr. Anita Mahendru and Ms Simmi Singh, a renowned social worker and activist enlightened the young minds with concepts like generation gap, importance of 'let go' attitude, peer pressure, self-defence and juvenile delinquency. After the session by both guest speakers an open interactive session paved way to many a curious questions and their answers. The workshop left the students more confident and self-aware. Hence, the smiling empowered faces of the students clearly indicated that the workshop was a huge success.


Capacity Building Program on ‘Remodeled Structures of Assessment’ 

A one day capacity building program on ‘Remodeled Structures of Assessment’ by CBSE was held in K L International School on 6 August 2019. The resource persons were Ms Anupama Saxena, Principal of Gargi Girls School, Meerut and Ms. Abha Jha, former HOD English and Senior Coordinator in Vikas Bharti Public School, Delhi. The event commenced with the floral welcome of the guests by Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar, Principal of K. L. International School, Meerut. School music team presented a wonderful prayer song. Teachers were endowed with the language tactics, sustained learning, balanced question paper format, changes proposed for class IX-X, digital taxonomy, portfolio, subject enrichment activity etc. Teachers from various schools of Meerut participated in the workshop. Many activities were conducted during the workshop which made it interesting, communicative and interactive workshop.


Humour at its best : ‘Hasgulle’

School life is marked with a plethora of activities which are both fun and learning intertwined to enrich the process of a child’s development. Taking the wit of our students further an Inter House Stand Up Comedy Competition was organized by III-V wing in the auditorium of the school on 23 July 2019. The twelve finalists competed under the strict parameters of stage presence, stage set up, costume, time limit and perfectly timed comic element. Prerna House grabbed the First position followed by Prakash House and Pragati House on II and III positions respectively. Principal & Coordinators lauded the efforts made by these budding artists.


Inter House 'Tell a Tale' Competition

An inter house ‘Tell a Tale’ was organized in I & II wing where the little toddlers narrated different captivating stories donned the avatars of the characters & used aids like props & PPTs. The participants made effective use of facial expressions, gestures & voice modulation.
Prerna house bagged the First position followed by Pragati & Prayas respectively. Coordinators applauded & appreciated the kids by awarding them prizes.


"Handwash Activity"

To inculcate the habit of cleanliness in our young cherubs a "Handwash Activity" was conducted in K.G wing on 19 July 2019 where student taught the right method of washing their hands in proper manner. Students were informed about the hazards which may be caused if germs still remain on hands even after the wash. Along with this, children were also told about proper posture and good eating habit.


“Etiquette means behaving a little better than is absolutely essential”

With this thought Etiquette Week was observed to induce the solemnity of having exemplary manners. Video on Golden Words, role plays displaying the key features of good deeds, benevolence & use of words like ‘please’ , ‘thank you’ & ‘sorry’ help us to be good mannered & also make parents & teachers proud. School Principal appreciated the efforts & shared his insight.


A woman in any form should be celebrated & honoured; be it as a mother, sister, daughter or a wife. A woman is a symbol of love, God’s finest and beautiful creation.

With this thought KLI organized a special event on 18 July 2019 in its coruscating camps. The dignitaries were chief guest Divisional Commissioner of Meerut Honorable Ms. Anita C. Meshram, S.P. Meerut, Mr. Avinash Pandey, DIOS Meerut Mr. Girjesh Kr. Chaudhary,  Coordinator UNICEF Mr. Gurmukh Lamba, Director Women & Child Welfare, Mr. Mahesh Kanapal were all welcomed by the Vice chairman Mr. Tejindra Khurana & Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar. 


Rainy Day observed in K. G wing

A Rainy Day is a perfect day to enjoy the nature and be one with it. The entire atmosphere fills with joy on a rainy day. Our tiny cherubs also enjoyed the soft drizzling rain on 17th of July 2019.

Kids enjoyed the day by preparing paper boats and colourful umbrellas. Children also learnt about being wet/dry, rain drops, puddles etc. The day was marked with fun & frolic.


“Learning is not attained by chance it must be sought for with ardour & diligence”.

Keeping the same thought process in mind the flagship bearer of KLI our hon. Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar has attended a workshop organized at CBSE, New Delhi on “Leading transformation” between 15 to 17 of July where 45 school principals from India and abroad participated & worked upon the key areas like vision mission, policy making etc. to emphasize on the nucleus thought of “School is a learning organization”.


"Poetry is when emotions find thoughts & thoughts find words"

To spread the fragrance of poetry among the students of LKG & UKG, a Hindi Recitation Competition was held on 16 July in KLI.
Keeping the various facets of poetry the participants came up with the poems on save trees, save the girl child, mother's love, beauty of nature etc. The recital excelled in rhythm, mood, diction & expressions.
The victors were applauded & eulogized for their aptness by the school principal. It was a sumptuous juncture from LKG & UKG students that lulled the innocent heart of toddlers. 


Group Dance Competition ‘Cultural Bonanza’ 

Today, KLI reverberated with euphoric applause as everyone appreciated the rich Cultural Bonanza presented by the students of classes XI to XII. Where under the category of Solo and Group Dance different dance forms from four major states were presented by the students dressed in colourful folk costumes. Students narrators very confidently anchored the presentation.
Under the Solo category, Aarushi Narula of Prayas house stood First, Palak Singhal of Pragati house stood Second and Saara Chauhan of Prerna house bagged the Third position. Under the Group category, Prerna house bagged the First position, Prakash house stood Second and Pragati house bagged the Third place in the competition. 
School principal appreciated the hard work & dedication of the students for the excellent gala event and also congratulated the winners. 


“The love of a mother is the veil of a softer light between the heart and the heavenly father”

To celebrate this special day in a different way, the students of classes I & II welcomed their mothers at school and presented bouquet in a special programme arranged by school on 13 May 2019 to thank all mothers. The Mother child duo enjoyed participating in various activities after which students presented a scintillating dance to express their heartfelt love and appreciation for all that his/her mother does. Guest, Ms. Parneet Khurana along with coordinator Ms. Rakhi Goel felicitated the winners and expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards motherhood.  


Investiture Ceremony session 2019-20

To inculcate the leadership qualities in the students, Students’ Council was formed after rigorous deliberations and interactive sessions. The Investiture Ceremony for the session 2019-20 was held on 8 May 2019 with great pomp and dignity. A spirit of unity and dynamism filled the air as the ceremony commenced with the lighting of the auspicious lamp of knowledge.  The newly elected student council members were administered the to work earnestly and uphold the honour and glory of the school while receiving their badges from the Chief Guest, Shri. Anil Dhingra, DM, Meerut City.  A classical dance was performed by the girls of classes III-V which held every one captive to their performance. The choir sang melodious and inspiring song which perfectly suited the event. Falit Sijariya was bestowed as Senior Head Boy and Mohak Nagpal as Junior Head Boy. The Senior Head Girl- Kopal, Junior Head Girl- Anushka Dalal, Vice-Head Boy- Subit Shekhar and Vice- Head Girl- Ishita Singh Faujdaar along with their team of office bearers pledged to hold the school motto of Knowledge, Discipline and Character in high esteem.  The oath ceremony was administered by the outgoing Head Boy and Head Girl. The Chief Guest, Mr. Anil Dhingra, DM, Meerut City advised the student council members to take the responsibilities seriously to be impartial and honest in discharging their duties. The Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated the newly elected office bearers and guided them to perform their duties with utmost diligence.  The ceremony concluded with the National Anthem.


It is said “A river cuts through rock not because of its power but because of its persistence”.

Keeping alive the traditions of excellence & awarding the high academic achievers, award ceremony of KLI was held on 08 May 2019 in the distinguished presence of Mr. Anil Dhingra, DM (City), Vice-Chairman Mr. Tejinder Khurana, Director, Mr. Manmeet Khurana, Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar at the aesthetically decorated school courtyard. It was an endeavour to acknowledge and award students for their continuing saga of glorious achievements in the School Examinations of the Academic Year 2018-19. 
The juncture began with the auspicious lighting of the lamp ceremony and was held amidst much joy, cheer and applause as the beaming students from class XII and X received their cash prize and certificates. Ananya Goel of class XII received Rs, 1,01,000/- respectively for being the Country Topper (Science) and securing All India Rank–III and Deepanshu Bisariya received Rs.51,000/- cash prize for securing All India Rank–III in class X. Overall 18 meritorious students of classes XII & X were also given cash prizes and certificates. 16 NTSE students qualified were presented Rs.3,100/- each whereas 3 students who qualified KVPY and 2 students having qualified JSO were given Rs.5100/- and Rs.3100/- respectively. The program was culminated with an inspiring address of the Chief Guest and the Principal who advised students to remain self-motivated. 


Create & Cook Competition finale round

Create & Cook Competition finale round was organized in the school on 7 May 2019 with full zeal and passion. Induced with teamwork and multifold with creativity, parents worked together to hone and celebrate their hidden culinary skills. On the basis of innovation, presentation winners were announced. First prize was bagged by Mrs. & Mr. Divesh Jain and Second prize was collected by Mrs & Mr. Arvind Jain under Sweet Category and from Savoury Category. Mrs. & Mr. Ramanpreet Singh won First Prize and second prize was bagged by Mrs. & Mr. Nitin Gandhi. An Overall Trophy was bagged by Mrs. & Mr. Namit Kant. The entire event was applauded by the parents and the school Principal congratulated the winners and lauded the efforts of the participants. 


“Cooking with love provides food for the soul”

KLI with this objective organized a Create & Cook Competition for LKG & UKG wing with full zeal and gusto. An array of sumptuous food served was applauded for the efforts being put in. Three creative tiffins were selected & the final round will be on 7 May 2019. School Principal appreciated the efforts of staff & students.


11th Sanshinkan Open Karate Championship 2019

11th Sanshinkan Open Karate Championship was held at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi on 5 May 2019. 12 Students from our school participated in the contest with nearly 6000 participants. Keeping their past records, the Klites gave their impressive performance and carved a niche for themselves in this contest. Overpowering their rivals in tough competition they bagged the coveted medals of all kinds; 1 Gold, 4 Silver and 7 Bronze medals. Aahan Mittal bagged the gold, Saksham , Vanshika, Divyansh and Avni bagged Silver and Avika, Raghav, Viraj, Dhruv, Aditya, Sanyukt & Viplov bagged bronze. School principal congratulated the winners and said that these competitions encourage them to develop sportsmanship among the children & to participate at bigger levels with full confidence. 


Labour Day celebration

Labour Day was celebrated at KLI with full aplomb. The function kicked off with a speech welcoming the workers & acknowledging their hard word. School Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar & Mr. Harneet Khurana were offered saplings & were welcomed whole heartedly. Prayer marked the beginning of the programme followed by a poem and a small dramatic presentation which was applauded by all. The programme was concluded by the words of wisdom shared by the principal of the school as he emphasized on the importance of Labour Day and thanked everyone for their selfless service.


Farm to Table Competition

A British Council Activity – Farm to table was organized in the courtyard I for the students of classes IX –XII.
Two competitions were organized namely Cooking Competition in which food of Thailand, Scotland, Mexico and India was cooked and laid on the tables. Table Layout - Students laid the table with the menu and crockery required for the food to be served of Thailand, Scotland, Mexico and India. The competition was judged by Ms. Nisha Verma, a renowned Chef who not only judged but appreciated the efforts, preparation and presentation made by the talented students of our school.
The winners of cooking competition was the Thailand team whereas the winner of the Table layout was the Team India. It was a fabulous event and was successfully conducted.


“Dance is a conversation between body and soul”

Dance is not only a physical activity but also food for soul and mind. KLI has always advocated the importance of co-curricular activities that includes dance which is one of the mediums of expressing oneself. A Special Assembly was organized to rejoice this beautiful form of art- various forms like Jazz, Ballet, Hiphop, Kathak were presented that mesmerized all those present in the assembly. All the dances were deeply appreciated where Aadhya Bhagat, Surashi and Rudraksh stood first, Prasanchit and Shrivika bagged Second  prize Chaitanya and Preksha claimed the Third prize. School Principal applauded the efforts and said it was a kaleidoscope of different dance forms that was witnessed to mark the event called International Dance Day.


Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojna (KVPY)

Excellence is an art won by training & habituation. It is not an act but a habit. To continue with this habit, KLI students yet again brought laurels for the school  as out of 9 students participated, 3 students were selected in Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojna (KVPY) (all India ranking). They were awarded with direct admission in IISC Bangalore and Rs. 5000/- fellowship every month.

School Principal congratulated the winners & motivated others to reach to the scaled heights.



Human beings are wired to crave for recognition we at KLI, strive to bring best out in our students. Keeping the same in mind out of 63 selections, 16 students of KLI got selected for the second stage of NTSE. School Principal congratulated the students for their best in next levels. 


A workshop on Adolescent Health Care

On 26 April 2019, school took an initiative of enlightenment for health and care for good health among girls of the senior wing of school who are the future ladies and the foundation of their to- be families.
Dr. Jeenu Priya Tyagi, was the chief resource person for the session. Dr. Jeenu talked on health, health care, lifestyle problems & weight gain.
She called 3s to be the reason of many diseases and health troubles which are sedentary life style, smoking, and stress. She further added that health can be maintained in a better state by a holistic approach, making gradual & slow changes in habits. She advised 75 minutes of exercise in a week for good health and 150 minutes of activity in a week for losing weight. She also suggested to have a wholesome breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. Exposure to sunlight or staying outdoor for 40 minutes a day is required by human body. Dr. Jeenu warned against the use of plastic, aluminium, nonstick cooking wares and refined oils as these are very unhealthy and hazardous for our life. She concluded the session with an emphasis on mental health as well.
It was a very informative, educational and essential session for the senior girls of school. 


KLI students grabbed the first position in Kala Utsav.

Once again our creative geniuses brought laurels to school by winning the First prize in ‘Pot Decoration’ and Cooking without fire “Morning Snacks Preparation” Competition at Vidya Institute of Fashion Technology in ‘Kala Utsav-2019’ on 25 April 2019. The school feels highly elated on their creative achievements. Mr. S. Shekhar, Principal, congratulated Kopal Agarwal and Kriti Kohli for their excellent performance.


World Book Day

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, the man who never reads lives only one”
The school celebrated World Book Day on 23 April 2019. This was uniquely celebrated through a story telling activity conducted wherein the students of class III to V used various interesting props to narrate their stories to students of I and II wing. Students in classes VI to VIII under the supervision of Ponder Arena, The Literary Club presented various program like skit enactment to inculcate – the habit of reading among students.


Celebration of the World Earth Day

In order to strengthen the environmental movement that started in the 1970s, World Earth Day was celebrated in all wings of the school on 22 April 2019. The Earth Day was observed with great zeal and enthusiasm. Students of KG Wing actively participated in Colouring Competition and were dressed in Green colour attires to add zest to the occasion. Students of classes I & II participated in Crossword Puzzle where they learnt new words related to environment and the Earth. They also pledged to save plants and grow more trees. In III to V wing the day was celebrated in a very different way- students enthusiastically designed posters, enacted a beautiful play on “Say NO to Plastic”, created inspiring poetry on various topics like water harvesting, pollution etc. Students also gifted a sapling of Bomelide to honourable Principal Sir, who in this speech urged the students to be sensitive and care for the environment. The senior wing also introspected on what all each individual should do, to contribute in the conservation of ou