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Felicitations & Jubiliations!

Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar, versatile Principal of the school and CBSE City Coordinator was endowed with Nation Builder Award by Rotary Club Meerut Stars on the occasion of Teachers' Day for his endeavour to take school leadership to the next level and his outstanding contribution for innovative perspective towards education session 2021-22.






Hindi Diwas observed in K.L.l.

'Hindi ka Sammaan Kare, Aao Hum Is Mridu Bhasha Ka Gungaan Kare'

Respect for Hindi is, respect for the country. Hindi Diwas is observed on September 14 every year in India. This day is celebrated by organising literary festival, Hindi poetry session, Hindi speech contest etc. The Hindi language was adopted as an official language of the country by the Constituent Assembly of India on 14 September 1949.

This year on Hindi Diwas K.L.I. conducted various activities for the students.

The tiny tots of Kindergarten participated in 'Hindi Handwriting Competition' with great enthusiasm. In III to V wing the students were excited to write paragraphs on Freedom Struggle under 'Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav' organised by Indian Government on this 75th Independence Day. In VI to VIII wing the students performed short play to pay respect to our mother tongue. In IX - X wing a beautiful program 'Rasrang' was organised in which students recited poems in various 'Ras' of Hindi language, wonderful posters were  made and an inter house speech competition was also conducted to show honour and gratitude to our mother tongue. 

Hindi Diwas is observed to promote Hindi language, its cultural heritage and values among the people of country and abroad.




Inter School Vanijya Mahotsav 2021

Our endeavor is to always lead from the front and keep our flag soaring high.

Klites actively participated in VANIJYA MAHOTSAV 2021: A series of events organized by DPSG, Meerut Road for Commerce stream students. Young entrepreneurs of the school enthusiastically competed with other participants in the online quiz event - Vanijaya Quiz based on world Business, Accounts and Economics 

We are delighted to share the exciting news of one of our shining stars who has brought laurels to the school by showing her exemplary performance in the event and bagged First position in the mega event.

The entire KLI family conveys heartfelt wishes to the young achiever, Aarushi Gupta of Class XI for the laurel earned and making our institution proud.




Education is a Nation Building Exercise

On the occasion of Teachers' Day, the Rotary Club Meerut Mahaan honoured Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar, versatile Principal of the school for his exemplary 25 years contribution in the field of education and acknowledged his relentless efforts as City Coordinator in accomplishing all assigned tasks of CBSE commendably. 

He is also a proud recipient of CBSE Award where his expertise has also been felicitated for outstanding and innovative approach. Ex District President of the club, Smt. Sangeeta Kumar, Dr Vaibhav Mishra (President of the Club), Rtn Ashish Maheshwari (Secretary of the club) along with the Rotary family graced the occasion.





Felicity galore in Teacher’s Day online Assembly

“A teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.”

September 5, Teachers Day is celebrated as an occasion to appreciate and acknowledge the special role of a teacher in our lives. Beginning with a solemn tribute to Dr. Radha Krishnan, the young learners of classes Nursery to VIII celebrated the beautiful bond between a teacher and a student by expressing gratitude for their loved teachers in an online Assembly organized wing wise. 

The students planned innovative activities, games and cultural program to mark the day. It was indeed a delight witnessing our exuberant KLItes dedicating songs to their teachers. They also showcased their talent by reciting memorizing rhymes and poetry. The students poured out their hearts  through appealing cards and messages. One could sense the spark of joy in their eyes as they expressed their thoughts. With most vivacious smiles on their faces, students cherished the contribution of teachers in shaping their life and behaviour. 

Teachers extended their heartiest thanks to all the students for these loving gesture.




Students celebrate Nutrition Triduum

Nutrition Triduum, a three day programme based on health and nutrition was held in the K.G. Wing & VI to VIII Wing of K. L. International School from 1 September 2021 to 3 September 2021. Both the programmes My Healthy Food Platter (KG wing) & Food-O-Mania (VI to VIII wing) aimed at creating awareness among the students regarding the vital role of health and nutrition in our lives.

The students from the Innovators Club of VI to VIII wing enhanced our knowledge regarding the fatal effects of obesity and how to curb it. A speech was delivered by the students on the first day, followed by a PPT and an online questionnaire based on health and nutrition on the second and the third day consecutively.

This programme proved really beneficial for both the students and the teachers as everyone got enlightened by the spectrum of knowledge shared by the students.




III-V wing super kids enjoyed book reading and theatre workshop

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is an act, but a habit."

In order to explore a plethora of interest and to develop self esteem in the children our III-V wing organized special assembly for the children of class III & IV respectively. Reading is the essence of all life skills. A good reader is a passioned orator or a prolific writer. 

Aimed to transform class III students into effective and efficient readers. A book reading activity was conducted. The wing also planned a Theatre workshop to develop the theatrical and literary skills of class IV students by understanding the processes and elements involved in creating works of dramatic art.




Numerous activities performed by the clubs

Keeping the process of learning in mind, an array of activities was conducted in the III - V wing of K. L. International School by various clubs.

On one hand, the Innovators club captivated everyone's attention as the students of the classes IV & V explored their potential and magnified the knowledge about space through a graphical PowerPoint presentation, on the other hand, the Ponder Arena club assisted the students of classes III & V to bring out the orators in them as they presented their views on the given topics by participating in DISCUSSION. The Hindi Literary club carried out activities like ''Shabd Gyan Paheli" and instilled the patriotic fervour in the students to commemorate our Independence day.

The aim of community service was fulfilled by the Sankalp club by celebrating SAVE THE BIRD month, inspiring people to make bird feeders and bird houses. The logical thinking and the concentration skills of the children of class V were amplified by the activity, "BOOST YOUR BRAIN" created by the Infinity club. The prodigy club was not far behind as they organised a quiz on the Olympic Games 2021 among the club members.



III to V wing Creative Minds Exhibited Creativity

"Art is the way to enhance the creative abilities of students and make learning fun."

At KLI in III to V wing An Inter-house CreativeMe Competition was held in which the students participated with enthusiasm and expressed their creativity. 

Students of class III made attractive patterns based on Doodle, Mandala and Zentangle art. Prayas house bagged first position, Pragati house bagged second position and Prakash house bagged third position in the competition. 
Students of class IV made marvelous puppets and presented a nautanki on Progressive Indian Villages, in which Pragati house secured first rank, Prerna house secured second rank and Prakash secured third rank. 
Students of class V made beautiful model of bicycle using waste material and an amazing promotional pamphlet was designed by our technoids, in which Pragati house stood first, Prerna house stood second and Prakash house stood third. 
Congratulations to our junior arists!! 



Inter-house Debate Competition

Today we all have stepped into the world of virtual education. As virtual education is the need of the hour. Keeping this in mind, an Inter-house Debate Competition was held for classes XI-XII on the topic "Virtual Education is deleterious to 21st century learners"

Students participated with great zeal expressing their views focused on various important points for and against the motion. Mrs Avneet Kohli, Senior English Teacher and Senior Mistress Academics at Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School Shangrila, Mussoorie, was the judge for the event. 

Prayas house secured first position, Prerna house secured first runners up and Pragati house secured second runners up positions. Avani Singh and Swastik Dwivedi were the best speakers of the day. Shrasti Hans bagged the best speaker consolation prize.
Kudos to the winners!!




Jubilance for winning 2 Bronze medals at UP State Karate Championship

The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of character of its participants. Totally in sync with the above said our belligerent karate kids Ayush Kumar and Saksham vied Bronze medals in the coveted Uttar Pradesh State Karate Championship 2021 held at Maharaja Agrasen Vidhyalaya Mori Nagar, Lucknow. Our tough-muscles competed with 550 players from 21 Districts and marched victorious. 

Their tour de force is eulogized by the entire K.L.I Family.





Klites celebrated Janmashtami with vigour and enthusiasm

Janmashtami also known as Gokulashtami, is one of the major Indian festivals celebrated with zest and zeal across the country. This festival brings people together and spreads harmony. Religious plays, Raaslila, hymns from the Gita and devotional songs are performed to recreate incidents from the life of Krishna. Dahi-Handi is an essential part of this celebration.

On this Janmashtami a plethora of activities and competitions were conducted in different wings of K. L. International School to commemorate the cheerful spirit of Janmashtami. Along with a Mukut Decoration Competition administered in the K.G.wing, the tiny tots were also made aware about the birth of Lord Krishna. The I - II wing celebrated the occasion by decorating beautiful Matkis. The III - V wing rejoiced the festival by preparing Jhankis for their homes. 
The students from all the wings showcased their jubilant side as they eagerly participated in the festivities of the day. 




National Sports Day Celebration

“The more difficult the victory, the greater the happiness in winning.” 

National Sports Day is celebrated on 29th of August every year. It marks the birth anniversary of Hockey Legend, Major Dhyan Chand, who is regarded as the greatest Hockey player of all times.  To mark the significance of National Sports Day, the school virtually organised Euphoria – the sports whizz which consisted of several activities to inculcate the feeling of true sportsmanship among the children and to enhance their physical and social skills. 

Students of classes VI-VIII virtually participated in various sports activities such as skipping, skating, basketball, aerobics and yoga with great enthusiasm and zeal. The little ones had fun while indulging in sports activities. Young sports stars of classes III-V demonstrated their innovative skills by constructing indoor games and sent their pictures to their class teachers exhibiting their creative aspect.

Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar, Principal of the school urged all the students to be physically active and encouraged them to exercise daily in order to improve their quality of life.




Lauded the essence of Sanskrit as a language

“The Sanskrit Language is the accretion and growth of every dialect, race and range of time”

In the vast history of the world, there has been no language so complete, so variegated, so advanced, as perfect as Sanskrit. Every emotion, every expression, every thought the human mind can perceive can be expressed through the beautiful language of Sanskrit. 
Learning a language helps us to effectively communicate with and better understand others. To bring the students closer to literature and its universal appeal, Sanskrit day was celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. A plethora of activities was conducted to help students deepen their understanding of the Sanskrit language and refine the nuances of the language. 

This realisation dawned upon the students of Grade VI to X who presented their ideas and creativity through virtual assembly commemorating the day by the pious call of saving the earth by planting a sapling and reciting shlokas to kindle the aroma. They showcased their talent by singing Saraswati Vandana, Guru Vandana, shiva strotram and poems which added to the rhythmic annotation. Trumping the galore edifying speeches added essence to the juncture. 

School Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar opined that the day was a great way for the students to get a vast range of exposure to the Sanskrit Language. It was a way to inculcate a sense of pride and importance for the third languages that the students study as part of their curriculum.



Raksha Bandhan celebration

Rakhi - a tradition that binds brother and sister beautifully in a relationship forever. Raksha Bandhan, a much awaited Indian traditional festival of sisterly and brotherly respect was celebrated by students of the school.

Girl students of the school tied rakhi on the wrists of ADG, Shri Rajeev Sabarwal as a gesture of gratitude for his relentless contribution for keeping the city safe and secure. Students of the school participated in the Bhartiya Raksha Parv and handed over joyfully and generously prepared handmade Rakhis for the soldiers at the borders who keep us safe and protected.

On the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, the school organized several activities through virtual platform to make students understand the true essence of this festival and the sacred relation of a brother and a sister. Tiny tots of Pre-primary wing made beautiful rakhis using decorative threads, stars, mirrors, pearls and flowers. Young artists of Primary wing prepared beautiful Photo frames using different articles. Their artisanship was quite fascinating and children thoroughly enjoyed this activity that tickled their creative side. A special assembly was arranged for the students of VI-VIIII wing wherein young bards recited poems in the virtual classroom highlighting the significance of this festival and in the glory of covid warriors to salute their fervour and zeal. 

These activities conveyed the message of purity, unmatched bond of love, care and respect between siblings. The school authorities appreciated every active participant and motivated other children to take part in future activities.



Young Philanthropists lauded for their work

“Philanthropy lies at the heart of human greatness”

The message is germane to the young philanthropists of K. L. International School. They worked relentlessly as a team and presented a melange of expressions to materialise the same with the thoughts pursued with perseverance and valour. Amidst this tumultuous time when mankind is striving for survival metaphorically, Klites bring this picturesque to reality. Assorted students were proudly awarded a citation as Young Warrior for completing five tasks as part of the #YoungWarrior movement which was activated by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, CBSE, YuWaah (Generation Unlimited India), and UNICEF India. 

School Management and Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar verbalised the proud achievement of these prodigies and wished that students should develop the same benevolent approach to carry forward the spin-off.



Klites’ Orators sparkled at the battle of words

“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it” - Joseph Joubert

Debate is one of the academic activities that gives students creative room to express what they feel. K. L. International School actively participated in ‘War of Words’ an Inter-School Debate Competition organized by Rotary Club, Meerut, Mahaan on virtual platform.  The orators of the school enthusiastically competed with reputable schools from Meerut vicinity.

The topic for the day was ‘Internet cannot replace a classroom teacher'.  All the teams were well prepared and undoubtedly convinced the audience of their beliefs and views. The participants, armed with statistics and data made their arguments more emphatic with their righteous facial expressions and voice modulation. Our School team bagged first position for their immaculate debating skills. Avani Singh won the battle of words and bagged the Best Speaker Title. 

It was an enthralling experience for the speakers. The School Management and the Principal, Mr S. Shekhar, commended the efforts of the rhetoricians and wished them good luck in future.



The secret of winning is constant and consistent management

The word Karate is a combination of two Chinese characters, 'Kara' means empty and 'te' means hand, thus 'Karate' means "empty hand". Meerut District Karate Championship selection was organised by Karate Association of Meerut on 25th July 2021. This Championship was under various weight categories. 

It is an honour that the students of K.L.I. have proved their skills in this art of self defence, in which Vansh Chaudhary class 11, Vanshika class 10, Ayush Singh class 9, Saksham class 8, have bagged gold medal and Keshav Gaur class 5, has bagged a silver medal.

The winners of District Championship will participate in State Level Karate Championship which is going to be held from 10 to 13 August 2021 in Lucknow. 

Congrats to our Karatekas!!



I & II story weavers at their best rhapsody: Inter House Tell-a-Tale Competition

“A good story can imbibe the right values in the most impressionable age.”

Brightening the day of the students with wonderful stories an Inter House Tell-a-Tale Competition was organized for classes I & II where life and expression was in abundance.

Immersing in an engaging story-telling session, the lively enthusiasm of the mirthful learners of Grade 1st and 2nd was evident as they narrated wondrous stories in English in the Tell-a-Tale Competition. Nurturing the oratory skills of the young minds, the activity enhanced their confidence and enabled them to explore multiple storytelling techniques. Instilling quintessential values, the morals of the evocative tales resonated in the hearts of the eager learners.

Children narrated stories based on fairy tales or super heroes like The Story of Damru, The Stone Soup, A Tooth Fairy, The Kingdom of Glass and many more. Little strorysmiths  were dressed up as their characters and they presented their stories with great facial expressions and voice modulation in a video format.

The first position was bagged by Pragati house, the second position was shared by Prayas and Prakash house while Prerna house had to suffice with the third position.



A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and the soul of its people

“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” - Denis Waitley

The young patriots conveyed the true feelings of oneness as the celebration for 75th Independence Day commenced. Keeping the spirit alive of patriotism an entranced digital assembly was conducted.

A day before the tricolour, exuberance unfolded which was themed on “Azadi ka Amrut Mahotsav” an initiative by the Government of India. Channelling the creativity of students, a plethora of activities and competitions were planned. Little patriots of class 1 and 2 exhibited their recitation skills by reciting poems, underlying the theme of patriotism class 3 to 5 evinced their creative geniuses through poster making. Class 6 to 8 enthralling speeches on “Unsung voices of Freedom” left everyone spellbound. These trying times did not dampen the spirit of pride and patriotism in the students as they participated in these events with great zeal and felt gratified.

The exuberant day of Independence began with remembering the freedom fighters and their sacrifices for the freedom struggle. The melodious patriotic group song, enthralling quiz, heart-rendering speeches and an intriguing debate presentation portraying the journey of Independence explicated their hidden emotions for the nation.
The flag hoisting was done by the School Principal, Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar with staff members & students of prefectorial body and he shared a beautiful message with the young minds of the nation for being responsible ‘Aatmanirbhar’ (self-reliant) citizens. He asserted that it was fascinating to see our youth on the path of Sustainable Development.

All the Klites united with the same reverence for their motherland and sang the national anthem in unison to conclude the virtual assembly.



Celebrated The National Handloom Day

'Art is not a handicraft it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced.'   Leo Tolstoy

August 7 was chosen as the National Handloom Day to commemorate the Swadeshi Movement. 

The Union Government has declared 7 August as the National Handloom Day, in July 2015 with the objective to generate awareness about the importance of Handloom industry.

To promote the National Handloom Day the enthusiastic Klites of middle wing have beautifully designed various pom pom walls hangings, bandanwars and other decoratives. 

Tradition of hand weaving is a part of our country's cultural heritage that symbolises ability of the weavers to design intricate, artistic and attractive products by use of handloom. 



Observed The World Elephant Day

Elephants are important ecosystem engineers....They are the largest existing land animals. Three living species currently recognised are - The African Bush Elephant, The African Forest Elephant, The Asian Elephant. 

Elephants are exceptionally smart creatures. They have largest brain of any land animal. About 20000 elephants are killed every single year for their ivory tusks. The ivory is carved into ornaments, showpieces and jewellery.

Our learners of III to V wing supported for conservation of elephants on this World Elephant Day by beautifully creating a big elephant picture on the floor using the kitchenware/cloth etc. 

Let's come up together and save our ecosystem by saving elephants. 



Anushka Verma shines as a Storyteller

Storytelling is an art of describing the social and cultural activity of sharing stories, sometimes with improvisation, theatrics or embellishment and we take great pride in notifying that Anushka Verma of class XII of K. L. International School has been conferred with the bronze prize in JSJC Young Storytelling Competition organised by the O.P. Jindal School of Journalism & Communication. 

She has also been accorded with a cash prize of 10,000 INR and the title of the JGU Storyteller of the year award.

The School Management and Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar applauded her fabulous performance and wished her all the best for her future endeavours!




Investiture Ceremony 2021-22

Junior wing Investiture Ceremony was organised virtually on 5 August 2021 by the primary wing of the school where all the young leaders were prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted on them by the school. 

During the ceremony, the junior school prefectorial body was formed and was bestowed the positions which had been decided through various round for brushing up their creative skills by rolling a story, in showcasing their confidence and the capacity to articulate, think and project themselves in extempore, their ability to make logical connections between different concepts in mental ability test as well as rigorous group discussions.

The decorations for the session 2021-22 are as follows:
Head boy - Ansh (V-B) 
Head girl - Ria Chahal (V-E)  
Vice- head boy - Maan Tyagi (IV-I)  
Vice- head girl - Priyanshi Verma (IV-C)  
Pragati House Captain - Ridhaan Kapoor (IV-B)  
Prayas House Captain - Ishika Aggarwal (V-B)  
Prerna House Competition - Aradhya Singh (V-H)  
Prakash House Captain - Alisha Agarwal (IV-D)  

The members of Students’ Council were administered the oath of office to work sincerely and passionately for the students and the school. The occasion was graced by the gracious presence of the Members of Management, Principal and coordinators. 
Our revered Principal Sir encouraged the newly elected Students’ Council to put in honest efforts and become an inspiration for others.
Congratulations to the promising leaders of tomorrow!




Glorious performance by Tanav Bhatia

28 July is observed as the World Nature Conservation Day across the globe. This day recognises that a healthy environment is a key foundation for a stable and strong society. 

This year an Inter-school Hindi debate competition was organised along with a poster making competition by the Janhit foundation to commemorate this day. 

Tanav Bhatia of class X of K. L. International School made the school proud by securing the second position in the debate competition.




Newfangled poetess touching the chords of poetry

The glory comes from daring to begin - Ruskin Bond 

K. L. International congratulates its young poet, a prodigy, Adviti Kumari of VII on proving her acumen in poetry writing. Adviti is a 12 years old bright and charming learner whose metrical acumen and vivid imagination gets reflected in her writing skills. An avid reader and eloquent orator, she expresses herself beautifully in creative, narrative and opinion writing. Her love for books and the self-composed poem “Motherhood” is an art she has perfected over the years of her growing up. 
She chose to pen down from a life incident and her characters from the poem are real too and she is fortunate enough to have her poem shortlisted for further publishing. This rhythmic art was made possible by Pratham Books on the StoryWeaver platform.
She expresses her gratitude wholeheartedly towards K. L. International School and draws inspiration from educators and friends.

School Management and Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar wished her good luck and all the success as she began her journey as a poet.



Klites enjoy various activities in III to V wing

Young children learn best through exploration and hands-on play experiences. Therefore, in order to inculcate learning along with active participation some activities were conducted in the III to V wing of K. L. International School. 

Sanskriti club held the activity of drawing and colouring of natural plants, Chanakya club organized the activity of making rain gauge by using plastic bottles and the Ponder Arena club celebrated the reading month by urging children to be avid readers and broadening their imaginations through reading books. All the activities were exuberantly welcomed by the kids of this wing and they were excited to be a part of these activities.




Festive atmosphere and gaiety galore as young K.L.I kiddiewinks celebrate International Friendship Day

“True friends are never apart, may be in distance but never in heart.”

Close friends are truly life's treasure! Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us, to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone. 

To celebrate this camaraderie the jovial amigos of K.G wing and Primary wing enjoyed various online activities on the occasion of ‘International Friendship Day’ within the safe confines of their homes. Treating their family like friends our spirited little ones prepared Friendship bands and crowns for their friends and celebrated this occasion by tying the prepared bands around the wrists of the family member with whom they share a bond of friendship too. On the crowns prepared by our munchkins they wrote the names of their best buddies. The zestful happy faces of our enthusiastic children in the photographs that they shared online in their respective classes clearly indicated the gaiety and sanctity of this beautiful bond of love and friendship.



Alpha-geek Abhinav Kaushik excelled in the Namami Gange's Ganga Quest

“Even though you know a million things, there’s still a long way to go.” 

Keeping the same curious spirit alive our masterly doyen Abhinav Kaushik of class VI reaped his place in the Top 25 scorers category at the prestigious “Namami Gange’s Ganga Quest Quiz”. Every year the Quiz is organized by a non profit organization Tree Craze Foundation that works for the rivers, environment and for National Mission for Clean Ganga(NMCG) plan under the Jal Shakti, Government of India. 

The school congratulates our young Prodigy for successfully steering through all three rounds of the quiz and securing a place in the Top 25 scorers through a proficient display of his knowledge, skill and alertness. His adroit quizzing skills helped him garner the achiever’s certificate, medal and T-shirt. 



International Tiger Day celebrated by the students

The International Tiger Day was celebrated by the students of K. L. International School where various activities were administered in different sections. With the help of these activities the children created awareness about this day as well as advocated the importance of saving the tigers.

While the K.G. section was taken to a virtual Jungle Safari with the help of a song, the students from classes I and II either painted their faces or made tiger masks. On the other hand, the children from classes III to V created a Power Point Presentation describing any one tiger sanctuary of India. The students rejoiced the occasion as the day was celebrated with a lot of pomp and splendour.




Family is the key to eternal happiness

'Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life.'  - Albert Einstein 

Our family gives us the roots to stand tall and strong. It is a bond that is created through relationships and pays value to all its members. 

The juveniles of IX-X wing expressed their gratitude towards their family by celebrating 'Emotional Fervour'. The students conveyed their love by composing beautiful poems and messages for their family. The warmth and support of the family is the greatest treasure of life.



Recycle each and every day instead of throwing paper and plastic away

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. – Robert Swan

On this 'World Nature Conservation Day', an Eco-friendly show was conducted by the little munchkins of KG wing. The students have shown their creativity by converting waste material into recycled craft. Through the show the tiny tots learnt the importance of recycling. As recycling conserves natural resources, prevents pollution and also saves energy.




“If death strikes before I prove my blood, I swear I’ll kill death”, said Param Veer Chakra recipient, Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey.

On this day in 1999, the Kargil War, also known as the Kargil conflict, formally came to an end, with Indian soldiers successfully recapturing mountain heights.

Kargil Vijay Diwas, named after the successful Operation Vijay, is celebrated in India on 26 July. On this date in 1999, India successfully took command of the high outposts which had been lost to Pakistan. The Kargil War was fought for more than 60 days, ended on 26 July and resulted in loss of life on both the sides. The war ended with India regaining control of all the previously held territory. Since then Kargil Vijay Diwas is celebrated on 26 July every year to honor the heroes of Kargil War. This day was celebrated virtually to commemorate the sacrifices of our bravehearts. 

Students of Kindergarten wing dressed as soldiers, highlighted the achievements of Indian soldiers by participating in the Hindi Kavya Paath Competition with great zeal and fervour. Tanks prepared by primary wing students using origami skills were renditions in praise of our country. They paid rich tributes to martyrs. The Programme did endeavour to rekindle Patriotism and motivate students towards National Building.



Reading month celebrated in the VI to VIII wing

The reading month was celebrated in the VI to VIII wing of K. L. International School from 19 June to 18 July as per the guidelines of the C.B.S.E. through the virtual platform. The objectives behind celebrating this month were to stress on the importance of reading and develop it as a habit for the students.

The enthusiasm and fervour of the students was evident by their active participation throughout the month. The children learnt the importance of reading and its application in their daily lives.





Conversation is a natural form of communication between people

The art of communication is the language of leadership. Entervista skills play a vital role in personality development in young adults, along with effective communication skills, as it enables them to precisely voice themselves with good sentence structure, a defined thought process and enunciation. 

Our senior secondary school students were given a wonderful opportunity to enhance this significant life skill by participating in the inter house Entervista Competition – a virtual challenge wherein students exhibited interviewer's skills using a variety of skills to draw out the information needed from the interviewee .The students of all the four houses were at their best. Spontaneity and confidence were the hallmark of the competition. The students left everyone awe-struck as they presented their talent so immaculately and effortlessly. They were applauded for their superb performance. 

The students were assessed for pronunciation, intonation, clarity and articulation of voice. Kashish Singhal (XI-F) from Prerna House secured First Position. Kriti Bhargava (XII-D) from Prakash House and Kavya Ujjwal (XII-F) from Prayas House attained Second & Third positions. Winners were awarded with e-certificates.




Vibhanshi Sisodia (VIII-G) participated in an online VIPNET Activity- 14TH NATIONAL MATHS CONVENTION organised by All India Ramanujan Maths Club (A.I.R.M.C) held between 12-14 February 2021. 

She did the school proud by displaying her indelible imprints in the mathematics activity and received a Medal and a Mathematic Kit as the prize for her excellent performance!

Kudos to her!




Klites clear the first level of NTSE

National Talent search Exam (NTSE) 2021 is an all-India merit-based scholarship exam for students studying in India and abroad in grade X. It offers scholarships for students of class X.

It is indeed an honour that students from class XI of K. L. International School, Apoorv Bhardwaj (Rank 12), Raghav Kumar (Rank 12), Sujal Pilania (Rank 18), Ishan Tomar (Rank 19), Utkarsh Varun (Rank 21), Anika Singh (Rank 21) and Gorang Singh (Rank 34) have qualified the first level of this reputed exam and are all set to participate in the second level clearing which these students will be awarded with the scholarships by the central government.



Etiquette Week celebrations witnessed their crest with a culminating Quiz Competition

“To start anything is simple; to develop it and bring it to a successful culmination takes great effort.”

Our Primary wing organized an “Etiquette Week” with gusto, believing in the fact that every effort makes a lot of difference. The idea of the week-long celebration was to develop awareness among children, which will creep into society for a better world. An array of fun, interactive and educational activities were held during the week which was an effort to instil courtesy, good manners, polite and respectful behaviour with correct online and offline social mannerisms in our students.
The week witnessed a plethora of highlights. A highly enriching workshop of flower arrangement, table layout and napkin folding engaged the aesthetics of our students artistically and reinforced table manners. Our tiny neophytes were also vividly familiarized with the oral hygiene regime. Last but not least our young learners were upskilled in culinary art as well. Zealous munchkins participated with full enthusiasm in learning various lip-smacking dishes in the Cooking Without Fire activity.
The invigorating ‘Etiquette Week’ ended with a culmination ceremony with a very engaging online Quiz Competition organized by the Prodigy Club of our school. The screens of our students were bubbling with mirth and joy. After a week-long celebration, the culmination was indeed full of fun and enthusiasm leading to great learning.



KLites observed International Justice day to respect the rule of law and human dignity

"Without justice and love, peace will always be a great illusion".

International Justice day is observed on 17 July every year to recognise the strengthening system of international justice. This day is celebrated as it is necessary to make people aware and united to support justice and also to promote the rights of the victims. This day also attracts people around the world to pay attention to serious issues. It also protects people from several crimes and also warns those people who affect the peace, security, and well-being of the nation at risk.

At a time when the world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic and our collective focus should be on supporting and protecting the most vulnerable parts of society, crimes against humanity and war crimes continue to be perpetrated.
To pull the attention of KLites towards this grave issue, a group discussion activity was organised for the students of the classes VI-VIII on the cited topics:
*Delayed justice causes loss of trust in the justice system.
*There is a saying that “the one who loses the case cries in court and the person that wins the case cries at home”
*Delay in justice causes emotional trauma for the victims.

Through the Group Discussion, students got to learn that law is a means to an end and justice is the end. Law cannot be effective if it does not take the recourse of judicial process. Judiciary plays a remarkable role in making the society safer for the people and ensures social order. It was an excellent opportunity for an extended learning.
The fervent participation of the students was commended by the Principal and Management.



Heal with Mandala Art 

A mandala is a symbolic picture of the universe. It can be a painting on a wall or scroll, created in colored sands on a table, or a visualization in the mind of a very skilled adept. Its purpose is to help transform ordinary minds into enlightened ones and to assist with healing. 

Keeping this in view an art drive was conducted in the middle wing of K. L. International School for a month where the children from classes 6 to 8 were taught to express their feelings through mandala making. The combined efforts of the students and the teachers made this initiative a huge success. 

The culmination event of this drive marked the presence of the famous Graphic Designer, Art Director and Art Therapist Ms. Tanya Mahajan. She interacted with the students in an open session and the students explained her about their mandala creations.



Young learners March ahead augmenting and cementing Etiquettes further!

It is said that man’s manners are a mirror in which he shows his portrait.  How true! So, cultivating and practicing good manners then become of paramount importance. Apart from academic and intellectual development,  personal grooming is an important aspect and that is what we intend to do through varied activities by nurturing our students with essential life skills alongside knowledge dissemination. 

In continuation of ‘Etiquette Week’ on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th day of the celebration an array of interesting and engaging activities were planned for the I-II & III-V wing. Besides teaching them the mandatory magic words ‘sorry’, ‘please‘ and ‘thank you’ along with their usage, a new addition was the teaching of ‘Netiquette’ and ‘social etiquette’ rules to be followed in public places. These activities cultivated civility and good manners in our quick learners.  

Adding more flavor to the event a cooking without fire activity was also planned to nourish the oozing creativity in our kids. Keeping in mind that etiquette rules for dining address most of the common courtesies that make eating a pleasurable experience, our tiny cherubs were taught table layout and fine dinning etiquette in a blithesome manner. The students from all two wings thoroughly enjoyed the activities which is clearly visible in the joyous photographs they shared with their respective class teachers.



Emotions Expressions Expressed through Emojis…. 

"When voice and expressions cannot reach out to the other people; emojis surely make their way up there."

July 17th is observed as the World Emoji Day. Life has become a lot easier with the coming of emojis. An entire sentence is easily replaced with just an emoji. In today's era, they are our power to express. 

Klites of classes Kg to V celebrated the World Emoji Day by gracefully and splendidly painting their faces as their favourite emoji. Emojis are amazing innovation that certainly saved us plenty of keystrokes. 





Young prodigy yielding results of her altruistic approach

“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world”. William Shakespeare

The above-said quote was transpired successfully as the glitters of the magnificent bequest spread on the global arena.
Keeping the spirit of humanity alive Avani Singh of grade 12 proudly benchmarked her opinion in the column of one of the largest selling magazines Reader's Digest. Her article highlighting the working of Covid Kendra published in the June edition. The column is appreciated by all.

School Management and Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar felt ecstasy in the air and congratulated the wunderkind on the achievement clinched. 



Word scholars battle it out at Spellathon Spelling Bee Competition

Spelling, the art of correctly assembling words from their letters, is one of the essential components of successful writing. Being confident at spelling leads to confidence in all aspects of literacy. The ability to recognize the links between the words of the same origin and understanding word relationships has been proven to aid comprehension skills.

Therefore, in order to enhance the learning and the comprehensive skills of the children, a spellathon activity was organized for the classes IX and X of K. L. International School on 9 July 2021 during their online classes. The students participated in this activity with a lot of enthusiasm and vigour and turned this activity into a prolific learning experience.



The middle wing of the school observes the French day

“For a passionate heart nothing is impossible.”

French Day was virtually observed by the students of classes VI to VIII.  During the month of celebration, students greeted their teachers and peers in the French language. Multifarious activities were organized to augment the creativity and the French language. The activities that engaged the students passionately were Invitation card making and Calligraphy.
A special assembly was organized to celebrate the French ethos wherein a plethora of activities mark the celebration. A raft of exceptional events like dance and poem recitation made the day an especially festive one.  The must see was the tongue twisters and the Instrumental performances. Students sang the French songs harmoniously.
Students also registered for the quiz based on the Virtual tour to Paris organised by Prayatna Educational Society. The winners will be given E-certificates and exciting prizes.

It was actually a beautiful blend of language and culture throughout the celebration!


Tryst with the stars

“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with the ardour and attended to with diligence”.

This stands true for the magical students of K. L. International School as Ishita Singh Faujdar added another successful chapter in the books of the School.
It’s an illustrious success for her as she visioned for stars and brought glory to the school. As she participated in the International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition (IAAC) – 2021 which is an international science competition that enables students from all countries to prove their skills and to unleash their creativity in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics by applying one's skills to challenging problems. 
She excelled in the finals and badged with Gold Honour as she stood proud among the top 2% of the total participants.
Her Scholastic excellence yet again proved her mettle of K. L. International School.

School Management and Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated her and wished her luck in all her future prospects.



Lead the Scene, Keep it Green

Eco-friendly lifestyle is making its way to the forefront. Keeping this in mind the toddlers of KLI have projected their creativity by making attractive paper bags with newspapers and waste papers at home.

As paper bags are reusable, recyclable, biodegradable and favourable for our mother earth. The teeny - weeny kids of KG wing, I-II wing & III-V wing have jumped into the bandwagon for saying no to plastic bags

Let's grow, nourish, sustain together. Our actions are our future.





Solicitious primary students usher in "Etiquette Week" with great ardor

‘Manners maketh a man’ is the sole determining factor in distinguishing the wheat from the chaff. 
Taking cognizance of this universal truth our primary wing inaugurated “Etiquette Week” on 12th July 2021. Undeterred by the upheaval of the imposed newnormal the teachers forayed into online teaching simultaneously inculcating in their students the value and benefits of being well-mannered at home, in school and in the outside world. Partnering with parents to guarantee that good manners are instilled in students, the teachers posted videos & PowerPoint presentations along with worksheets and activities online on desirable behaviour.
On the first day of the week students were introduced to ‘Netiquette', a code of polite behaviour one is expected to follow while on the internet. They learnt how to organize their table during online classes. They also received training of mannerisms to be followed while making a telephone conversation. The inaugural day activities conducted in I-II wing & III-V wing are an excellent start to a week long sojourn of funfilled and informative activities to reinforce the value of courtesy and etiquette in our children.



Appreciation is the currency of success for our illuminati innovators of club Avishkaar!

A euphoric moment for Klites to rejoice as our Avishkaar club is conferred with a Certificate of Excellence by the Vigyan Prasar Network of Science Club (VIPNET) in recognition of their outstanding performance in the calendar year 2020. Honored with “Commendable Club” category for the year 2021 the club treads on a path of creativity probing new possibilities of innovation. Exhilarations and congratulations to the club for its achievement!




Little toddlers observed Zoonoses day

We share our world with billions of animals. Our planet is rapidly changing. The disease is one of the most common threats to the well-being of every one of us.

July 6th is observed as “World Zoonoses Day” commemorating the efforts of Louis Pasteur in developing a vaccine for rabies. It is important to acknowledge this day, as it raises awareness on Zoonotic diseases.

On this note little munchkins of K. L. International School, had created picturesque images with animals and diseases associated with it to raise the very essential awareness drive. When animals fall ill. It endangers our health too. Junior Klites apprised everyone with some of the facts and precautions on Zoonoses.



Potpourri of Birthday wishes for the Badminton Star P V Sindhu

“Your dreams are what define your individuality. They have the power to give you wings and make you fly high”.    PV Sindhu 

Pusarla Venkata Sindhu is arguably the most prolific Indian badminton star of the 21st century.
K. L. International School Junior wing celebrated the spirit of a great sportsperson who displayed unparalleled dedication and skills in Badminton to bring accolades and honour to India. 
The special pastiche of activities displayed by the young Klites to honour PV Sindhu on her birthday. Students wrote well thought out incidents relatable to PV Sindhu's life and enlightened everyone with the style quotient of the star.  

Happy birthday to the most inspiring, irrepressible & indomitable wizard of Indian Badminton.


Documentary Concoction Competition

“We have a visual record of a community of learners, a series of moments — discoveries and setbacks — through the school year that accumulates like sparkling beads on a string.  The result is as engrossing as it is illuminating.”

K. L. International School, Meerut, organized its first virtual inter-house documentary concoction competition. This event was organized with an aim to bring forth an amazing potpourri of activities that were customized not only to challenge student’s perspicacity and agility but also to give them an opening to showcase their distinctive talent in all principalities of the co-curricular purview. All houses participated in that event zealously and the participants brought forth well-informed perspectives to the fore. As a torchbearer educational institution, the houses presented a well-designed documentary about the exuberant journey of the school since its inception.
The juncture provided prospects for the holistic development of children and aimed to instill in them values like team spirit, hope, solidarity, introspection and rising above glitches in life.

The judge Ms Sonia Sharma complimented the efforts of the participants and exclaimed that the documentary envisioned made the glimpses of the school set alive on virtual platforms. Felicitations poured in as Red house scaled on the First position, Yellow house stood proud on the second position and Green house secured the third position. 
All the participating houses and students were congratulated for their enthusiastic involvement and felicitations were extended to all the winners. The passion and enthusiasm witnessed amongst the pupils were overwhelming.


Excellence achieved in VVM

‘To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science’-Albert Einstein.

Science and innovation go hand in hand. A man innovates as and when he needs to. Needs are the mother of innovations. The students of K. L. International School have always been competitive and displayed extreme versatility towards science quests. 
Yet another fragrance added to the blossoming segment of school as a moment of pride knocks the door for team Klites. Two proud prodigies secured National positions in Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan (VVM). It is an initiation of Vijnana Bharati (VIBHA) which is a national movement for the propagation, in collaboration with Vigyan Prasar (VP), National Institute for Science & Technology under the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India & NCERT
Sparsh Rastogi class 12 measured his success at the National level First position in the final round of VVM and was awarded a National winner citation, a cash prize of Rs 25000 and a memento.
Madhav Nagpal class 12 stands out with First position National level Zonal rank North zone. He was awarded a zonal level citation, a memento and a cash prize of Rs 5000

School Management and Principal congratulated the winner and wished the winners best in all their future endeavours.


Klite Quizzer excelled profusely in competition

“Knowledge is powerful, but sharing it is liberating”.

Klite quizzers have once again proved their mettle in the quizzing arena by their exceptional performance in the online National level E-quiz conducted by the Anti-human trafficking club and Department of social work under the stewardship of St. Claret College Bengaluru. With the vision of using youth as changing agents, the institute organised an all India quiz on drug abuse and illicit trafficking. 
Our young quizzer Prithvi Raj Gupta of Class 12 participated and after constant brainstorming sessions, he won a citation of Excellent performer in the Quiz. 

School Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated him and said that it is a matter of immense pride that students are proving their mettle in such renowned national tests year after year and making the school proud of their feat.


A tribute to the unsung superheroes on National Doctors Day

“In nothing do men more nearly approach the Gods than in giving health to men.”
Some heroes don’t wear capes, we call them Doctors!
All over the world, Doctors are given the stature next to God. It happens so mostly because they are lifesavers who work tirelessly for mankind. To pay tribute to this noble profession and to express gratitude towards these unsung heroes, the students of our K.G. wing, I-II wing and III-V wing hosted a plethora of activities on the occasion of National Doctor’s Day
The celebration was an attempt to emphasize on the value of doctors in our lives and to honour the legendary physician Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. The K.G wing hosted an informative Talk by our very enterprising and supportive doctor parents, who briefed our tiny cherubs about health and hygiene. Their valuable tips on hygienic habits proved quiet informative for the impressionable minds of our little munchkins. The ever zealous students of I-II wing expressed their heartfelt gratefulness with warm and affectionate ‘Thank you notes and cards’. Next in line, the ingenious minds of our III-V wing prodigies curated illustrious videos on ways of administering first- aid. All efforts by our little wonders bespoke of their immense love and gratitude towards Doctors who are real frontline warriors who aided in saving millions of lives around the globe specially in present pandemic times.
A grand salute to their service before self!


Magical spell of words

“Books are a uniquely portable magic. They have the ability to entertain us and allow us to travel to different places through our imaginary senses”.

Such senses were evoked by our Young eloquent Writer Shreya Rana of class 11, whose excellent skills of writing shaped her vivid emotions and colourful thoughts in a book named “SAS Bond”.
Some wise, some funny, some sad, some cheerful, some quirky… She has put many of them in her book, All Things Wise and Wacky. Her bundle of emotions highlighted the essence of friendship which was appreciated by all.
Her book got published and is available on Amazon while attracting phenomenal response.
School plaudits on this exemplary achievement of Shreya Rana.


Shooting for the stars

Heartiest congratulations! Here again, klites paved their path to the International spectrum. 
Our Proud prodigy Ishita Singh Faujdar caught her eyes in astronomy and brought glory to the school. As she participated in the IAAC Competition 2021. The International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition (IAAC) is an international science competition that enables students from all countries to prove their skills and to unleash their creativity in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics by applying one's skills to challenging problems. 
She not only excelled in the first two levels of the competition but was selected in the finals to be conducted in June. 
Her in-depth knowledge and par excellence vision made her stand out.

School Management and Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated her and wished her luck for the finals. They asserted that our society requires capable scientists and engineers that develop, shape and maintain the innovations of the future. The initial motivation through scientific events and competitions can encourage students to a professional career as a researcher or engineer.


Celebrating Unity in Diversity

“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization”: Mahatma Gandhi

The CBSE Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat programme aims to enhance interaction and promote mutual understanding amongst people of different States, UTs of India. In keeping with this thought, K. L. International School, III to VIII Wing, undertook various interdisciplinary and art-integrated activities of the paired states Uttar Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya. Visioned to inculcate the deep thought of integrated learning, creativity expands its limit as students paint pots differentiating art and cultural forms of Uttar Pradesh and Arunachal Pradesh. Students visualized the cultural differences by crafting table mats and adorning the dresses of A.P and U.P. They executed a myriad of different creations like sundials, Water alarms and board games. 
The creative ingenious carry out activities to promote a sustained and structured cultural connect in the areas of language learning, culture, traditions & music, tourism & cuisine, sports and sharing of best practices, etc. Overall an enriching learning experience for all.
The School Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar expressed his elation on the execution of the activity.


Klites observed International Yoga Day

“Yoga is an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfilment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and nature. By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help in well-being.” -Prime Minister Narendra Modi 

The dawn of June 21, 2021, witnessed a yoga session which the K. L. International school family organized with much zeal and fervour.
The school celebrated the ‘International Yoga Day’ virtually to raise awareness worldwide about the benefits of Yoga in daily life. The ancient practice of yoga is known to unite body, mind and soul, bringing eternal bliss. It keeps the body fit and rejuvenates the mind creating self-awareness. The students presented various asanas, following the same protocol as directed by the Ministry of Aayush. Myriad activities were planned and executed to harness the benefits of yoga by our young fitness freaks. Yoga Odyssey a quiz competition was organized to dive down to understand the origin of yoga. As the momentous occasion of father’s day coincided with International Yoga day, celebrations turned multifold as students enjoyed Yoga sessions with their fathers and videos were shared profusely. Videos shared are testimony to the strong bond of love and mutual admiration between both children and their fathers!  Teachers' yoga sessions were regularly organized to keep abreast with the pace to achieve a better life, physically, mentally and spiritually.

School Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar avowed that practising yoga regularly harmonises the body and rejuvenates the senses, making us feel energetic and positive.
It was truly a blissful experience for all.


Young Philanthropist extolled for the work

“I am not the only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something”

The above said quote was materialized successfully with the ideas pursued with energy, intelligence and determination by our proud wunderkind. 
At the time when the world is struggling to keep humanity alive, literally and metaphorically, klites bring another pertinent message that service to humanity is not just divine but the only way to keep it alive. Avani Singh of grade 12 is proudly awarded a citation as Young Warrior for completing five tasks as part of the #YoungWarrior movement which was activated by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, CBSE, YuWaah (Generation Unlimited India), and UNICEF India
School Management and Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar expressed his elation on the achievement of the proud prodigy and wished those other students should also get motivated to develop the same philanthropic approach to carry forward the legacy. 


Paternal bonds celebrated on Father’s Day

Some superheroes don't have capes...they are called fathers.

A father’s selfless love is pivotal in nurturing the child and there could not be a more universal celebration than the one that celebrates the accomplishments and efforts of a Father. The primary wing of K. L. International School celebrated this precious bond virtually on father’s day with loads of fun activities.
Little munchkins enjoyed making Best Dad Prize gift, touching the emotional strings with a song and crafting the bond of love. They were appreciated for the unique idea of fathers involved in practising yoga asanas with their kids.
Fathers truly felt special with these wonderful gestures. It was a memorable event which the fathers and children will cherish for their lifetime.



Virtual excursion added to knowledge galore

To ensure that learning is not hindered even during virtual sessions, Enthusiastic toddlers celebrate their first-ever virtual excursion on the “International Picnic Day”. 

“Students perceive better when they view images and videos to learn”.    
Keeping this in mind, K. L. International School organized a well thought out virtual tour for the primary wing from the comfort of their homes. Young voyagers created the self-decorated ambience of their choice. 
Such a virtual voyage offers so many incredible learning opportunities while bringing family and friends together. Their enthusiasm knows no bound as this all led to cognitive, language and academic growth among the students and they also gained knowledge about the demographics of the place. 
A gamut of activities like dance, movie time, magic show accelerated the pace of the juncture. While having a fun day exploring, kids have developed valuable skills and obtained priceless knowledge.



Proud Klite excelled in KVPY

"A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work."

It's been proven again by one of our young achiever Sanskriti Mittal who has qualified for the prestigious KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana), a National level Scholarship program organized by the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore by scoring the rank of 1476.
The School Management and Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar applauds her stupendous performance and wishes her all the best for her future endeavours! They asserted that she is a source of inspiration and motivation to all those who believe in hard work and determination as shown by her throughout her studies. 



Scripting Success stories

Capturing the Crowning Glory, setting off 2021 with a bang, benchmarking our skills, in the face of adversity, the resilient Klites of the school proved this axiom right-“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”.

K. L. International School is Delighted to share the illustrious success story of our young prodigy pursuing her dreams and flying high.
Undeterred by pandemic, the Klite continue to carve a niche by outshining in the professional arena. Eloquent and competitive Brinda Mithal batch (2020-21) has once again made the Alma mater proud by being selected among the best ITC group in collaboration with Manipal University for Culinary and hospitality 3 year program.
After facing the incognito remote assessment followed by panel and main interview Brinda excelled brilliantly in the grill.

School Management and Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated her on the magnum opus and gleaning from the success they expressed their elation and wished her luck for all her future prospects.


Literary Club exhibiting prudence

To center stage, a saying “to build a healthier environment youth need to take a forefront” Young orators of K. L. International School literary club organized a well thought out analytical deliberation on the colossal problems of the environment. 
Young linguaphiles came together with their advice on the perfect lookout for a healthier environment.
The discussion was fuelled with valuable thoughts which were neutralized by two moderators. Students had a virtual feast while discussing which added galore to the event.
To culminate the event was a literary bonanza and was potentially the first of many to come, to assist in enhancing and developing the fledgling minds of the students.
School Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated the literary club for decoding the wisdom for everyone.



Creating ripples of change ….a step forward towards health and wellness!

“From farm to plate, make food safe.” 

Food Safety is a shared responsibility of everybody and in consonance with the said words the students of our KG and I-II wing celebrated the World Food Safety Day on 7th June 2021 virtually with their teachers. Through  a gamut of activities planned, the teachers not only enlightened the students about the importance of healthy food but also the importance of its safe consumption and safe storage. Our little curious minds were also motivated to adopt food safety as a lifestyle so that on a day to day basis they remain aware of what to eat and how to maintain good health through food vigilance. 
Our enthusiastic and eager beavers assisted their mothers in kitchen, helped in storing food properly in refrigerators and also helped in cleaning the kitchen counter. The little tasks assigned to our children restated the fact that healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Our students indeed enjoyed this great way of learning while doing. Their mirth was well reflected in their happy faces captured in the pictures they posted to their teachers.


Inter-House Pantomime competition

The saying ‘Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower’ is the perfect description of K. L. International School’s celebration on the theme of family.
Klites scripted and executed a well-designed Pantomime competition with full gusto and savoir-faire. To elucidate more on the importance of family. Exuberant children splashed in the pool of expressions, moods and characters to compute liveliness in their dramatic performances. The rendition added fervour to the event together with their friends in delight. The Inter-House Pantomime competition was judged by the panel of judges who presented the first position to Pragati house, the second position is shared by Prakash and Prayas house and third position is scored by Prerna house.
The middle wing bore an air of ecstasy with the appreciation poured by their House Teachers.
School Principal congratulated the winners and expressed his rhapsody on the execution of the event.


World Environment Day - A dream for a better planet!

“Let's nurture nature to have a better future”

We believe in celebrating! We believe in implementing! And That’s what the Klites did this year too. Even a lockdown couldn't lock their determination to do their share.
On 5 June, Klites observed World Environment Day virtually doing their bit by spreading awareness through an array of activities.
Little Green warriors spread the message of conserving our natural resources and protecting Mother Earth. Teachers explained the significance through interactive, engaging discussions and also encouraged them to plant trees. 
The spirited Klites exhibited their innovative and creative skills through the plethora of activities like compost bin making, emphasising the need of the hour by planting plants rich in oxygen, Birdfeeder, book holder from an old cardboard box etc.
The showstopper of the day was the Group Discussion held by the rhetoricians of the school was indeed a thoughtful approach as they advocated for taking actions towards climate resilience.
School Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar avowed that it is imperative that it is worth our while to spend a few moments thinking about our environment. He also urged that we should all take an oath to save the Environment that reverberates in the minds of all and compel us to take small steps to better our environment and in the bargain save ourselves.


Primary wing observed Global Parents Day

Parents hold our tiny hands for just a while but our hearts forever and to honour them the primary wing of K. L. International School, celebrated Global Parents Day virtually with great fanfare. The day provides us with an opportunity to appreciate parents and parental figures for the important role that they play in the development of families.
The children exhibited their true love and gratitude for their parents straight from the heart by presenting a well-designed thank you card. It left everyone nostalgic and overwhelmed with emotions. 
The virtual show ended with a message that we should pay respect and appreciate parents for what they do for their children, their selfless commitment to children, and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship.


Little munchkins commemorates World Milk Day

A glass of milk makes young Klites, Higher, Stronger and Brighter!!!
To corroborate the theme for World Milk Day, little cherubs celebrated the day to spread more and more awareness about milk and dairy products in the diet regularly.
Visual learning with live demo classes was organized to elucidate the vital role of milk in maintaining health and overall nutrition. 




Unleashing Creativity

‘Relax, Unwind, Lock Books and Bags and Unlock Creativity.’

To unleash the creativity of pre-primary wing children and to stimulate their imagination, National creativity day was celebrated on 30th May virtually with ardent vigour and aplomb. 
The little creative artists embraced the activity by using their in-depth imagination by designing self-portraits and shared those exuberant videos with their class teachers. Teachers encouraged the little artists and their words of appreciation added to the zeal of the event. 
School Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar asserted that such activities helped develop their motor skills and imagination. 



Technovanza 2021

“Technology connects us, technology unites us, technology amplifies our power!”

To ensure that future innovators remain on the cutting edge of technological advancements, K. L. International School organised a virtual Inter-house competition TECHNOVANZA 2021.
It was envisioned to celebrate technology and educate our young technocrats on the evolution made in the realm of new-age advancements. The students displayed their technological skills which consisted of a myriad of activities through MS word, animations and special background effects. The juncture was a treat to watch exhibiting a fusion of talent, imagination, creativity and alertness. 
House participants were assessed by the panels of judges based on technical, creative and scholastic skills. Exhibiting the best Pragati house bagged the First prize, Prerna house stood second, Prayas house bagged the third position and Prakash house contented on the fourth position.
The plethora of talent left one and all spellbound. 
School Principal congratulated the winners and opined that all the performances were a blend of Technology & Art and highlighted the latest advancements and how to use them wisely for a better future.


Applauded for spreading positivity

“When toddlers aren't throwing tantrums, they can be great teachers”.
One such lesson taught by our little munchkin Roshni Bhushan turning the tide around in the wake of an impending catastrophe. She expounded a lesson that wings of hope carry us, soaring high above the driving force of life. Little Cherub won millions of hearts by her rhyme titled Happiness not only cheered her family but also spread positivity among others amidst this tumultuous time.
This little ounce of hope Roshni Bhushan of K. L. International School was acknowledged by the World Sikh chamber of Commerce as Covid Army 2021 and was awarded a citation for spreading positivity. 
Parents expressed their gratitude towards the school for organising such activities which helped her become involved positively.
School Principal, Mr S. Shekhar expressed his elation and adduced that such acts glimmer in the autumns of mirth.


Act of kindness exhibited by Klites

An ounce of help in difficult times is worth tonnes of the same during normalcy!
Keeping the same thought alive and trying to bring hope and positivity to many looking down the gulf of despondency in this tough time of the pandemic, Klites have once again proved their moral strength by making the school proud as our young Samaritans Shrankhala Parmar, Prerna Singh and Divyansh Yadav with their devout volunteers opened a group Virtual Helpers.
Using the scales of social media and technology they help the needy by providing them bona fide information about hospital resources and also guide the frontline volunteers about the execution of the same.
School Management & Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated the Virtual helpers and expressed his elation saying if their philanthropic approach can generate hope to a few dismal faces their altruism would win the scourge of the pandemic. 



Act of kindness

In the pursuit of helping and bringing hope and optimism to many staring down the abyss of despair in this tumultuous time, Klites have once again testified to the strength of their core values and making the school proud as Avani Singh (class XII), our young philanthropist with her zealous team worked under Studomatrix Covid-19 Sahayta Kendra and helped towards social well-being. 
Using social media and technology platforms they help patients by providing them authentic information about hospital resources. 
Working across the country and saving lives they testify to the adage - “the results of altruism are always beyond calculations”.
School Management & Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated her and expressed his ecstasy at the state of being benign.



Young Klite excelled at IRMUN

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice can become powerful”.

A paramount milieu attained by a young diplomat of KLI at Indian Republic Model United Nations (IRMUN).
Defying the limitations imposed by the pandemic, Mahuli Agarwal virtually assembled as one of the delegates of committees from Agra, Mumbai and Meerut to deliberate upon diverse global issues and propose workable solutions towards a better tomorrow.
Carving a niche she procured the High recommendation award among 12 institutions that participated.
School Principal congratulated her for the efforts and reiterated the significance of collaborative planning and action to extricate the world from the current crisis.



Young toddlers celebrated International Family Day

The saying ‘Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower’ is the perfect description of K. L. International School’s family day celebration.
To rejoice the undeniable importance of the family and commemorate International Family Day, Little cherubs celebrated the juncture virtually with full aplomb and gaiety. The focus point of the celebration was to emphasize the point that the family system is the most essential element of social solidarity and serene society. 
To add to the vistas of the event multifarious activities were planned and executed to bloom the emotional bond between the family-like fingerprint art of relations, messages and sharing the sumptuous food activity.
School principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar wished everyone and averred that celebrating the International Day for Families also brings into focus the importance of family solidarity wherein members of the family work together to sustain the unit through challenges, trials and tribulations. He quoted, “When the unwanted sorrows seem longer than a mile, it’s your near and dear ones who make you smile.”


Tech wizard codified web-flash activity

“Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn.” Steve Jobs

To promote and celebrate the cause of technological education, on the occasion of National Technology Day and keeping in tandem with the needs of today's, young Technocrats of K. L. International School participated in Inter-House Web-Flash Computer activity. The juncture offered a wonderful opportunity for students to showcase their computer knowledge, unleash their creativity and demonstrate team spirit.
The idea works towards scaling new invigorating heights by focusing on diverse areas in the realm of computer education and personality development.
The tech-savvy students of the school enhanced their knowledge score in multidimensional aspects of IT such as cloud computing, Internet of things digital editing, artificial intelligence and robotics. Students industriously participated in the activity with great vitality. They enjoyed a lot making presentations, animations using scratch software, making cartoons in paint, Webpage designing, designing forms, and a lot more. This activity enabled the participants to gain substantial experience, showcase their skills, analyze and evaluate outcomes and uncover latent talents in the world of computer and technology.
It was an amazing experience that helped in giving exposure and the necessary platform required to evolve and develop their skills.
Overall the objective of the pursuit proved very fruitful.


Young patriots observed Kranti Diwas with gaiety

“Freedom is never dear at any price; it is the breath of life”.

A special virtual assembly was organized at K. L. International School, to apprise the younger generation about the historic revolt of 1857 which began from Meerut. The revolt was no sudden occurrence and was the culmination of a century-long resistance to British rule. Kranti Diwas is observed to remember the historic day of May 10, 1857, and pay tribute to the freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives to liberate their country from the shackles of British rule.
To solemnize this historic day, Young patriots enacted a small play, enlivening the legendary heroes of the revolt. The skit created an aura of patriotism amongst the students and enthralled one and all. 
Overall an infotainment activity well executed by the dexterous students recapitulating the lives of Indian freedom fighters.


“Mothers love – a brilliant GEM to be treasured”

“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.”

A quote by American author Mitch Albom perfectly sums up the epitome of care and love that mothers are. "When you look into your mother's eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth".
To cherish and celebrate boundless love in every mother's heart, Mother’s Day was celebrated virtually with abundant excitement and vigour at K. L. International School. The young Klites honoured their mothers and expressed a heap of gratitude towards them for the countless efforts they put in nurturing their children. Celebrating, cherishing and admiring the most prized bond gifted to us by God, the Young leaders of tomorrow shared their thoughtful feelings for their mothers through several beautiful activities. 
Little munchkins under the able guidance of their class teachers participated in an online Yoga session with their mothers. To see such an overwhelming loving gesture from their young ones, the mothers of our Klites showered countless blessings on them.
Virtual School echoed the prominence of the activities such as Hand-made cards donned with emotional messages, sketches of their mothers, self-composed heart touching poems and songs that add to the vistas of the celebration.
School Principal avowed that this day is a chance to tell our mothers that their support and importance in our lives cannot be fathomed. Mothers are our true confidants, reliable advisors, and constants from the time we come to this till they live to see us.



World Laughter Day

Everybody knows that laughing feels good, but a few realize how valuable this tool can be in improving our everyday wellness and well-being. Laughter cannot solve anything but it could surely heal and help dissolve adversity. That’s what the world laughter day is for! So in order to relieve some stress from our lives "World Laughter Day" is observed on the first Sunday of May. 
Our exuberant students too celebrated this day through an array of interesting activities with gaiety and merriment. Our students created beautiful emojis and masks. They also clicked photographs with their grandparents doing laughter therapy sessions at home . The highlight of the celebration was the effervescent “Hasya Kavi sammelan" conducted virtually by our senior students which left everyone in splits of laughter actualizing the true spirit of the day. Indeed it is rightly said,“A day without laughter is a day wasted!”



An Inter House Articulation Expression - Monologue Activity

“As the grace of man is in the mind, so is the beauty of the mind in eloquence.”
Every student deserves a few seconds in the spotlight. Hence, to develop communication skills in our students we, time and again come up with activities that aid in their better expression. An Inter House Articulation Expression - Monologue Activity was conducted in two genres i.e. drama and comedy. Participants presented their enunciation in the form of short video recordings which not only presented their magniloquence but also provided them a platform to come in limelight. The activity proved to be a great rhetoric booster.


Marking the selfless efforts on this Labour Day

“It is idleness which is the curse of man, not labour”.
To commemorate Labour Day and to celebrate the painstaking efforts of the Support staff who work with full dedication and ensure the hygiene and security of the school and students, K. L. International School conducted a virtual Thanksgiving Ceremony on 1st May 2021 with great enthusiasm and gusto.
The assembly started with an enchanting prayer followed by showcasing heart-touching placards prepared by the little toddlers, which depicted the efforts of the labourers. The special assembly was special in many ways as our young scholars sent forth a reverberating message that ‘labour’ in its any form is praiseworthy and should be acknowledged duly. They presented hand made cards touching upon the hardships and challenges of the lives of support staff. 
Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar thanked the support staff on behalf of the whole school. He asserted that “From field to field and desk to desk, Your hard work and dedication are what makes the Nation best.” 
Cheerful faces and colourful thank you cards appreciated the hard toil of the workers put in by them throughout the year.


Scintillating the stage on International Dance Day

Dance is the hidden language of the soul, perfecting which liberates us!
Dance is one of the most ancient and celebrated art forms of India and is deeply entrenched in its culture and heritage. To celebrate the beautiful art form and set a platform to showcase the traditional Indian classical dance forms, I & II wing celebrated International Dance Day with zeal and verve.
Enlivened by the performances of various dance forms. The virtual stage was lit up by their beautiful performances. Witnessing the wondrous and magical performances, young klites were in awe of the dance performances and were inspired by their devoted pursuit of the art form. They briefed about the intricacies of the mudras and steps of various classical dance forms of India. The interaction proved to be a learning experience for Klites as they brushed up their knowledge about the art of self-expression and weaving stories through dance.
The transcendent experience developed a deep sense of respect in students for the rich cultural heritage of India, its traditional classical dance forms; and admiration for dance as a performing art.


A virtual tour to the world of books

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader! 

On this thought, World Book Day was celebrated virtually with much fanfare. Encouraging the young learners to explore the pleasure of books and reading. The day packed with a plethora of literary activities encouraged reading and writing skills among students of the school. Myriad activities in the school opened new portals for the children. Book review activity and Elicit Enactment of the poets and authors artistically expressed their ideas and gave wings to their imagination through illustrations. 
On this World Book Day, the children were allowed to dive into the magical world of books and have fun. The entire show was a complete pack of learning and encouragement for students to initiate creative writing and reading books. All the students got motivated to increase their knowledge via books and enthusiastic towards more learning.
“Every emergency reveals that ‘impossible’ things are actually doable.”



Mathematics wizard brought laurels 

Yet another feather in the cap of K. L. International School as Yatharth Parashar brought honour and recognition to the school, attaining 17th rank amongst 559 participants from India and overseas at ‘Math Around Me’, an event organised by Nehru World School in collaboration with Cambridge University Press. The proud winner was awarded a citation and a power bank as the prize.
The School Management and Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated the winner and wished him luck for his future endeavours.


Little cherubs celebrated Kindergarten Day

A joyous milieu was palpable on the occasion of the Kindergarten Day Celebration exotically done online. The day, planned by the teachers to evoke nostalgia, unfolded a series of fun activities lined up to entertain and edify the students of Nur and KG classes.
The lovely morning witnessed young Klites ardently participating in a handprint activity. The joyful faces and exuberant spirits of students while participating and cheering for their classmates electrified the atmosphere, keeping alive the spirit of childhood.
The eventful day progressed through an online game portraying the kid's favourite cartoon characters. The zealous participation of endowed klites in a handful of activities filled the air with the vibes of fun and brought bountiful joy and mirth to everyone. The fun-filled day was enjoyed by everyone. 


Ignited minds celebrated Earth day 

“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.”—Leo Tolstoy

A nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself. Patriotism, thus, lies first in being a loyal caretaker of this planet. It lies in acknowledging everything that Mother Earth provides us and ensuring that we join hands to bring about sustainability. 
To bring light to this very vision, the students of Klites celebrated World Earth Day by hosting many educational activities, virtual assembly as well as plantation activity. To emphasise and inculcate responsibility for saving earth umpteen activities like making craft samples (newspaper planters, bird feeders, bookmarks, etc.) and special assembly was carried out. Activities on saving electricity and water, and growing more saplings were conducted. Senior wing shouldering the responsibility conducted virtual competition as an artistic knack activity which made the day special. The whole school was filled with heartwarming and ecologically poignant artworks and displays done by students of various ages.
The School Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar asserted that saving resources are quintessential in day to day life. It was a thought-provoking day for the students and teachers both.
The fun-filled day was enjoyable and informative for one and all. It can be said that the Earth Day event had galvanized more students than any other event.


Klites explored the world of creativity

Creativity is making amazing out of the discarded!!!

In order to make students aware of the uses of waste material and to give them a lesson on reducing waste to save our future ‘Best out of Waste’ activity was organised to commemorate creativity day at K. L. International School for the students of primary wing. It explored and encouraged creativity in children and offered them a platform to showcase their skill. It also inspired children to think and work creatively and promote artistic excellence.
It was a delight to see how scrap could be transformed into such useful and beautiful articles. This fun-filled activity witnessed the enthusiastic participation of all the students.
The activity helped to enhance not only the creativity and presentation skills of the students but also helped them to realize the importance of recycling and reusing waste material available to them.
School Principal, Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar appreciated the imagination of kids and motivated them to reduce the waste to save our planet Earth. He also appreciated the ability of the students to think and organize their thoughts to create such beautiful items.


Inter-House Kaleidoscope Competition on World Heritage Day

To celebrate World Heritage Day, K. L. International School organised an Inter-House Kaleidoscope competition for the middle wing. Recognising India's rich and vibrant culture, they shared their thoughts and views on heritage and its significance. Setting the tone of the competition with this beautiful thought and paying tribute to India's wonderful heritage, our young intellectuals also shared their thoughts on the need to protect and conserve our extraordinary cultural heritage! 
The competition was an amalgam of entertainment and information which truly spread the message to rejoice and appreciate our rich past.
To convey the message more realistically and effectively, the Senior wing presented an insightful PPT presentation highlighting that heritage is a treasure trove of the past and it is the responsibility of the present generation to protect, preserve and promote its continuity for the future generation.

The Principal, Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar complimented the efforts put in by every student and also the contribution of teachers for this insightful session. He also motivated the students to realize the importance of the message conveyed to them and to take a pledge to preserve our culture and heritage.


Achieving Greater Feats – Science wizards earns A Guinness Book World Record

Young Science Wizards of the school participated and created Guinness World Record title for ‘Most People Assembling Sundial Kit’ in 6th India International Science Festival 2020, organised virtually by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare govt. of India and Vijnana Bharati (VIBHA) from December 22 to 25 on the theme ‘Science for Self Reliant India and Global Welfare’.
During the festival, different events like ‘Sundial Making, Hand Wash Activity, Protective Mask wearing activity and Nutrition Lessons were organised for the students. All these events were adjudged by the Guinness World Record. The students also created a Guinness World Record title for ‘Most People Assembling Sundial Kit.’ They enjoyed the concept provided and learned something beyond books. 
A total of 189 schools participated in this festival. The very fact that a huge number of students and teachers assembled virtually was itself an unbeatable record. A representative from Guinness World Record declared that the title has been achieved. A grand ovation for attempting such an impressive record and bringing laurels to the institution on the international platform. Featuring in the Guinness World Record is itself a matter of pride and honour.
School Management and Principal. Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated the students for their excellent coordination, prompt responses and timely execution which led to the grand success of the project.
K. L. International School expresses deep gratitude to the organizers for successfully leading the whole educational fraternity and gifting this ONCE IN A LIFETIME opportunity to the budding generation. Such a feat invites joyous celebration and treasuring the precious moments for the future.


Harvest festival celebrated enthusiastically

Little cherubs K. L. International School, celebrated Baisakhi with enthusiasm and fervour. The primary wing of the school was virtually decorated depicting the harvest season. Children were explained about the importance of the festival by showcasing the Punjabi culture. Dhol beats and Punjabi folk music added to the excitement. Little toddlers were dressed in colourful Punjabi traditional attires. They relished Baisakhi special dishes to mark the festivity. The motive behind the celebrations was to apprise the children of their rich culture and heritage. 
While speaking on the occasion, Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar, Principal of the school, asserted that Baisakhi was not only a harvest festival but also an auspicious day as on this day Guru Gobind Singh had established the “Khalsa Panth”. He spiralled the Hope that the festival ushers renewed hope in these testing times.


Klite shot right for Nationals

“Any transition is easier if you believe in yourself and your talent”

The emphasis on speed and agility is a defining characteristic of shooting and this is what our proud prodigy showcased in the 40th North Zone Shooting Championship
It is a moment of great honour and reverence for the school as one of the star Shooter of our school 
Yuvraj Chaudhary of Grade VIII made us all proud by Qualifying for the 40th North Zone Shooting Championship securing 8th Zonal rank. He also qualified to participate in the National Rifle Shooting Championship 2021.

The School Management and Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated the winner and wished him luck for Nationals.


Virtual session of Pariksha Pe Charcha

At K. L. International School students of classes, VI-XII and teachers participated and contemplated the live broadcast of “Pariksha Pe Charcha” and watched the honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi address the gathering of students and teachers from all over the nation on Wednesday, April 7, 2021, as per the guidelines of CBSE.
The students were motivated by the in-depth discussion upon stress-free exams. The stimulator behind this program was to boost student’s morals and adopt various exam bursting techniques. 
The PM fortified the students to write their exams with a relaxed mind and not succumb to stress. This will ensure better results in the long run.
If they gain knowledge, marks will automatically follow them. To destress, students must have proper time management, thorough preparation and they should orbit in the right direction.
In the case of any upheaval of emotion, it is the best method to de-stress by writing and expressing on a piece of paper.
A lot of excitement and enthusiasm was being seen among the students, teachers and parents to not only participate in the unique event but also to receive valuable tips from the Prime Minister who is keen to ensure that the students take exams in a relaxed atmosphere and do not come under stress, to ensure better results in the long run.

Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar appreciated the efforts and extended his best wishes to the students for their board exams.


Special Virtual Assembly on World Health Day

“It is health that is the real wealth and not the pieces of silver and gold”.

The tiny tots of Primary Wing celebrated World Health Day with a special assembly filled with activities and programmes and shared their roles to develop a healthy tomorrow.
The celebration was organised with the purpose to develop a sense of healthy lifestyle among students and an understanding through which they can acquire their mental and physical fitness. Students drew everyone's attention to the subject of major importance – healthy food habits. Students expressed their views on a healthy body and balanced diet. Children presented a colourful programme. They also notified dos and don’ts necessary for a healthy life along with pronouncing powerful slogans such as “Eat to live not live to eat”.
The School Principal enlightened the students with some tips as to how to remain healthy. The celebration overall was able to develop a comprehension among children that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease and we can obtain it with a joint effort.