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Students show exceptional talent in International Benchmark Test

Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Abiding by this thought our students have always conquered whatever comes in the way towards a bright future. The recent performance in the International Benchmark Test has proved to be a testimony of their consistent efforts in which the students from classes III to IX participated and displayed their winning streak.

Siddharth Baliyan and Atharva Gupta of class III won the certificate of Honour whereas Satvik Rastogi, Anushree Sharma, Arjit Yadav, Aseem Amar of class IV and Niyati Tyagi, Maan Tyagi and Nevaan Jain of class V won the certificate of High Distinction.

The students who also made us proud by winning the certificate of Distinction were Aarohi Bhatia, Samriddhi Mathur, Mukund Yadav, Pranav Pratap, Tanmay of class III, Agrim Verma of class VI & Trisha Sharma of class XI.

The winners were congratulated by the Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar as he wished them luck for future endeavours.



Klites showcase surfeit of brilliance in SOF

The genious protégées of our School K. L. International never cease to make us proud. This was clearly evident by their recent performance in the II level of SOF where they excelled once again taking the standards of the school towards greater heights.

The II level of IMO also demonstrated the remarkable triumph of our students. Shivashish Chauhan of class IX won Rs. 2500, a Zonal Silver Medal and a Zonal certificate. Vinod Kumar Sharma (Class IV), Dhawal Rastogi (Class X) and Shradha Kabdwal (Class XI) won Rs. 500/- and a zonal excellence certificate each and Shobhit Negi (Class VI), Akshat Goel (Class IX) and Vardaan Goel (Class X) were also awarded with a zonal excellence certificate each.

The II level of IEO marked Kovid Khokar (Class VII) as the winner of  Rs. 500/- and a zonal excellence certificate followed by Vinod Kumar Sharma (Class IV), Aanya Singh (Class VIII), Kavya Agrawal (Class VIII) and Dia Adlakha (Class VIII) winning a zonal excellence certificate each.

Another portrayal of talent was seen in the II level of NSO in which Naitik Kumar (Class V), Deepanshu Kumar (Class VI), Preet Thakur (Class VII), Shivashish Chauhan (Class IX) and Shradha Kabdwal (Class XI) won Rs. 500/- and a zonal excellence certificate each and Devvart Arya (Class VII), Kovid Khokar (Class VII), Mohak Nagpal (Class VIII) and Abhinav Agarwal (Class IX) won a zonal excellence certificate each.



Magnificent performance of Klites at SOF - International Commerce Olympiad 2022

Various Olympiads are held round the year which enables students to understand their strengths and areas of improvement. 

An International Commerce Olympiad (ICO) was conducted by SOF where the students of class XI Kamya Chopra, Atharva Ahuja, Vanshika Singh and the students of class XII Isha Garg, Akshita Singh, Kashish Singhal added glory to the school by bagging Gold Medal of Excellence and certificate

Principal, S. Shekhar congratulated the students for their outstanding performance.




Colours spill on the stage as our young author meets a virtuoso

An initiative organized by the association of Prabha Khaitan Foundation saw the coveted crime thriller author Mr. Surendra Mohan Pathak. A significant moment was also witnessed on the stage when a young talented author Anushka Dalal from our School K. L. International shared the stage with him, she facilitated him by giving him a shawl as a memento in order to convey our admiration for him. In return, her work, as a young author was acclaimed by him. He also wished her luck for future endeavours. 





Unbeatable feat of Klites in KAMP-NASTA 2022

Continuing their journey on the path of triumph with vigour and confidence, the students of our School K. L. International proved victorious yet again in KAMP-NASTA 2022.

Aanya Singh of class VIII & Ishan Tomar of class XII flabbergasted all by their commendable performance, as they made the school proud by being the district toppers. 

Abhinav Agarwal of class IX was also not far behind as he shone like a star by settling for the position of the school topper.

Their performance, being extraordinary was applauded by the teachers and the Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar. He further appreciated their performance by rating them as the feathers in the cap for our school.



A moment of exhilaration and elevation for KLI fraternity!

Nothing makes us prouder than being able to talk about the success of our alumni. Tushar Chaudhary, a scholar from batch 2017-18, has achieved his dream and is soaring beyond boundaries. After cracking six exams conducted by DGCA which is an essential qualification to acquire Commercial Pilot License, he successfully completed the course of single engine flying for 185 hrs. to attain his dream job. Finally he accomplished his goal after his specialisation in Air Bus 320 and multi-engine from MPFC, Indore for 15hrs. which proved a stepping stone for his selection in AIR India.

The School Management & Principal, Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar convey their wishes to Tushar for his laudable journey.



A counseling session proves to be a perquisite for students

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you have imagined. Bearing the aforesaid quote in mind, the students of our school were made to attend a Career Counseling session that took place in collaboration with Hindustan newspaper and Hybrid Learning Centre. 

The speaker for the session Mr. Neeraj Kashyap apprised the students about various career choices and a plethora of courses available after completing school. Mr. Himanshu Bhatia, the Regional Operations Head of Hybrid Learning Centre was also present during the session.

The experience proved to be a gift for the students as they were enlightened about the course of life that they would opt for after finishing their school.



National Deworming Day held at KLI

With the aim to keep every child of India in the age group of 1 to 19 worm free, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare celebrates National Deworming Day every year on 10 February. 

KLI observed National Deworming Day by distributing a chewable Tablet 'Albendazole' to the students, to make sure that they are free from Intestinal Parasites. As worms in children interfere with nutrients uptake, anaemia, mental and physical development.

The School Principal conveyed that the students' health is the essential and foremost task to be taken care for and this initiative by the Government is really appreciable.



Class XII 2022-23 students accorded Farewell by Class XI 

“It’s always harder to be left behind than to be the one to go”.

Farewells always leave you teary eyed, for, not only do they remind you of the inevitable parting but are also a constant reminder of the effervescence of time. With a plethora of emotions brimming in the heart, K. L. International School recently organised a farewell to bid adieu to the outgoing batch of 2022-23. The event was graced by the Vice Chairman Mr. Tejinder Khurana along with the Directors Mr. Manmeet Khurana & Mr. Harneet Khurana, the Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar and the faculty members.

The day was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends & teachers and to reminisce joyous moments. The theme for the cultural bonaza was , in which class XI students gave their best wishes to their seniors. The programme consisted of a plethora of entertaining events. The dance based on learning from different phases of life beautifully depicted the inexplicable relationship of a student and a teacher and assured the students that no matter wherever they go, they can always count on their teachers and their alma mater. 

The skit 'Horror Comedy' filled the atmosphere with peals of laughter. Children thoroughly enjoyed playing various games and were enthralled watching their journey in their school through the collection of their candid pictures. A musical performance by the school band received a standing ovation by everyone. The senior passed on the ‘light’ of wisdom to all the students of class XI. 

Class XII students were awarded Titles in different categories such as ‘Promising Scholars’, ‘the Most Disciplined’, ‘Eloquent Student’ & the most coveted of all, ‘Mr KLI & Ms KLI’ was bagged by  Biswajeet Shekhar and Akshita Singh.

"The Well Dressed" students shortlisted for Mr & Ms Farewell title appeared for question answer round which determined Atharv Gupta as Mr Farewell and Anushka Gautam as Ms Farewell.

Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar also motivated the students in his speech to become better human beings. He also gave them some valuable tips to score meritorious result in the upcoming CBSE Examinations. Retro mix presented by Class XI further energised the festive atmosphere. The curtain of the function was let down with dance, music and a mouth-watering scrumptious lunch.



Lustrous Performance of Klites in JEE Main

“Success is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution.”
The resoluteness and commitment of our students have brought accolades to the School with exemplary results in the most coveted engineering exam; the Joint Entrance Exam - JEE Main 2023(January).

S.No.    Name                                 Percentile
1        APOORV BHARDWAJ           99.62
2       RANNVIJAY TYAGI                 98.44
3       AAYANSH CHAUDHARY        98.35
4       MANAAN TYAGI                     97.11
5       DAKSH TYAGI                        96.52
6       HARSH VARDHAN SINGH    96.08
7       PRAKHAR UMRAO                94.74
8       UDAY DESHWAL                   94.39
9       ABHISHEK BHARDWAJ        93.46
10     TUSHAR GUPTA                   93.17
11     UTKARSH VARUN                92.87
12     DEVANSH TYAGI                  92
13     VIDIT                                     91.38
14     ARNAV AGARWAL               91.22
15     ANTRA AGARWAL               91.17
16     AVIRAL VERMA                   91.14
17     GAURI KANSAL                  90.63

Heartiest congratulations to all our stellar performers for their magnificent result. The entire KLI fraternity is extremely proud of their outstanding achievements and conveys best wishes to these ingenious learners for the next round.



Admirable performance of Klites in National Science Olympiad

National Science Olympiad is a wonderful platform for the students to develop a set of skills and aptitude. This hones their thinking and learning levels to grasp the concept in a better way.

Our young prodigies have again made us proud by their excellent performance in NSO. The students of classes II-XII participated in this Olympiad in which our 34 students have been selected for the second round. 

50 students have received Gold Medal of Excellence and participation certificate. 9 students have secured Medal of Distinction and certificate. 1 student has bagged Medal of Distinction and Zonal Excellent certificate.

Our School Principal, Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated the students for their marvellous performance.



Immense success at SOF International Mathematics Olympiads brings laurels to the school

“The road to success and greatness is always paved with consistent hard work.”

Olympiads aim to improve problem-solving ability and analytical thinking skills of students and build a positive academic foundation for them. Our young KLites participated in the SOF International Mathematics Olympiads held for class I-XII. 

Anvi Garg of class II did us proud by winning Rs.500 cash prize, Zonal Excellence Certificate and Distinction Medal & Certificate

Exhibiting extraordinary performance in various groups, 6 of our participants won distinction medals and certificates. While 57 others won gold medals of excellence. 

The School feels elated to announce that 14 of our participating students got selected for the second round of the prestigious Olympiad. 

School Management and Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulates all the achievers and wish them luck for all their future endeavours.



Police Shaurya Samman conferred upon Police officials at KLI

“Police is the hero facing extraordinary situations while acting with courage, honour and self-sacrifice”.

K. L. International School in association with Hindustan newspaper organised an event of ‘Police Shaurya Samman’, wherein police officials were conferred upon with the awards for their indomitable courage and matchless contribution in their field.

The eminent guests who graced the occasion with their magnanimous presence were: Mr. Praveen Kumar (IPS) IG Meerut Zone, Mr. Deepak Meena (IAS) District Magistrate, Mr. Rohit Singh Sajwan (IPS) SSP, Meerut and Shri Suryakant Dwivedi, Regional Editor, Hindustan Newspaper. The Management and the Principal accorded the warm welcome to all the revered guests.

The day was inaugurated with the welcome speech by Mr. Tejinder Khurana, the Vice-chairman KLI. Further proceeding was kindling the holy lamp by the guests, followed by the vivacious cultural programme. Classical Dance & saga of Prithviraj Chauhan were the highlights of the event. Police officials were felicitated with Bravery Awards in various categories by the dignitaries for the courage, valour and extraordinary performance in their respective fields. 

Vice-Chairman – Mr. Tejinder Khurana, Mr. Manmeet Khurana and Mr. Harneet Khurana presented the mementos to the guests and culminated the programme.



Cancer Awareness and Guidance Camp 

Self-awareness is a supreme gift, a treasure as precious as life.

What is necessary to change a person is to change his ownself. An awareness and councelling session was organized for the girls to guide the students on the issues related to cervical cancer and breast cancer.

The session commenced with a welcome note and presentation of planters to the eminent guests – Dr Usha Sharma, Patron OBSGYN, Dr. Bharti Maheshwari, President OBSGYN and Dr. Priyanka Garg, Secretary OBSGYN. 

At the outset, Dr. Bharti sensitized the students about cervical cancer, guiding them about the risk factors involved in it, preventive methods, vaccination and treatments available etc. which proved to be a guideline for them.

Dr. Priyanka Garg further provided an insight into the various aspects of breast cancer thus providing an outlet of queries from the girls on this sensitive issue. Dr. Usha Sharma culminated the session wherein she shared her personal experience and her journey of overcoming such a phase in her life with strong will power and apt guidance. She encouraged the girls to maintain a healthy life style with proper nutritive diet, to avoid the intake of junk food which hampers the hormones thus harbouring disease and also answered their queries providing an in-depth insight in the matter. 

The session fulfilled the need of dealing with such issues which are otherwise overlooked. 



Yet another crowing accomplishment for KLites in IRMUN

The will to conquer is the first condition of victory. Authenticating the statement in the light of their marvellous feat Klites overshadowed others with their manoeuvre in the MUN, a three day conference held in Sophia Girls School, Meerut. 

Our School K. L. International, repeating the history, stood proud with the overall winner’s trophy with Dhairya Chahal, Himanshu Chaudhary, Triveni Dutta, Garvita Gautam, Atharva Ahuja and Gargi Singh bagging the certificates and medals for proving themselves the Best Delegates.

Apart from these, 3 students got the award for High recommendation and 2 got the title of special mention.

It was a remarkable experience for the students as they passed resolutions for the issues in their respective committees.

Their success was lauded by our Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar. He also impelled them for their future endeavours.



Anushka Dalal & Adviti Kumari corroborate yet another success story

Success becomes inevitable when preparation and opportunity meet. Proving this statement true by their prowess are the proud prodigies of K. L. International School Anushka Dalal & Adviti Kumari.

Their performance at the Muskan Literature Festival organized by Prabha Khaitan Foundation was worth reminiscing as they participated in the triduum as the young, budding child authors and where awarded by the certificates. 

The example set by them was heartily appreciated by the Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar as he wished them luck for their future ventures.



Mathematics Workshop

K. L. International School organized a Mathematics workshop for students of classes IX & X. A well-known and experienced professor Mr. Vishal Bhatia who is a freelance Maths mentor with a special focus on High Speed Numerical Maths and Integral calculus, was invited to brief the students on Mathematics.

The session was quite interactive and focused on Vedic Maths, detox yog and ayurved to enhance memory. It also included English vocabulary preparation & guidance to prepare for various entrance examinations as SAT, NDA and Bank PO.

The session was overall requited, collaborative, highly instructional, informative and helpful for the students as well as for the staff.




"Little girls with dreams become women with vision"


National Girl Child Day was observed at K. L. International School. The day was celebrated with the motive to promote awareness about the inequities that girl faces in Indian society, about the rights of a girl child and importance of female education, health and nutrition.

The school surroundings roared with an awareness camping and slogan that highlighted - "Hamare Beti Hamara Abhimaan".




Achievers of CA Intermediate


All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. The KLites have left no stone unturned to prove their mettle in CA intermediate examination conducted by ICAI. Rohit Gupta being the district topper scored 560 marks. In line with Sparsh Singhal the second topper scoring 557 marks.

K. L. International wishes them all the very best as they gear up for a fantastic opportunity leading up to triumphant joy.



Tiny tots celebrate Basant Panchami with the aura of colours

Basant Panchami is an occasion which marks the advent of spring season and is also celebrated to worship Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom.

This day was celebrated by the kids of the KG wing of our School, K. L. International. The spring of Joy mixed with the feelings of patriotism took over when students displayed their talent through kite making using tricolour our national flag highlighting the significance of the festival along with evoking the feeling of unity. The tiny tots sought blessings from goddess Saraswati and enjoyed the celebration enthusiastically. They also shared the joy of festivity with each other.

Our Principal, Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar apprised the students about the momentousness of the day and glorified the magnificence of Goddess Saraswati.



Klites show their calibre in TUK IAT 2022 Mains round

The students of our School K. L. International announced the story of their roaring success as they participated in the TUK IAT 2022 Mains round. There were hundreds of participants who came out with flying colours as the results were announced for the same. The I-II wing had 242 winners alongside the 128 students of III-V wing who made the school proud. There were 72 children from VI-VIII wing who outshined others as well as 26 students from IX-X wing who showcased their achievement.     

The winners who secured the I rank were awarded with a gold medal and a certificate. Winners who stood at the II rank were conferred with a silver medal and a certificate. The students who stood at the III rank were given the bronze medal and a certificate. 

The winners found themselves encouraged as the Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar appreciated them for their triumph and hoped for their better future.



"Garnering accolades, Exhibiting prowess in everything"

It is an overwhelming experience and a matter of great pride for K. L. International School that the National Toppers of Class X & XII session 2021-22 were felicitated for their stellar performance by Shri Yogi Adityanath, Hon’able Chief Minister of UP in Lucknow. 

Our students created history by bagging AIR 2 in the X and XII CBSE Examinations. 

Manvi of Humanities Stream, Class XII attained marvellous 499/500 in AISSCE – 2022.

Aayush Singh Faujdar of Class X scored an astounding 499/500 in AISSE – 2022.

The Chief Minister in his address also lauded the pupils for bringing laurels to their institutions. Both the students were presented with a cash prize of Rs. 1 Lakh, a Tablet and a Certificate of merit by Basic Education State Minister of UP Govt. Mr Sandeep Singh and Secondary Education State Minister Mrs Gulab Devi.

KLI fraternity is extremely proud of their outstanding achievements and conveys their best wishes for the upcoming future ventures.



Remarkable achievement in Unified International English Olympiad

We make a proud mention of exemplarary accomplishment at the national level in Unified International English Olympiad 2022.

Congratulations to Aanya Singh who has bagged All India Rank 2 in UIEO 2022 and paved way for yet another success story to be glorified. Another silver lining in this moment of pride is Preet Thakur who attained All India Rank 35 in UIEO 2022. They are the shining stars of our school striving to climb the ladder of success.

The School Management and Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulate them and wish them handful of successful future accolades.



Alluring performance by kindergarteners in an 'Open Box Competition'

To enhance creativity, imagination and build confidence in students the 'Open Box Competition' was conducted for the tiny tots of KG in K. L. International School. All the students participated enthusiastically and showcased their versatility by showing different sorts of objects and presented their interesting interpretation about it. 

The students were given an opportunity to speak and bring forth their talent. The objective of the competition was to accentuate the cognitive skills of children by encouraging them to explore their ideas.

Our Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar praised the efforts of the students and teachers.



An Enthralling and Engrossing Session - Pariksha Pe Charcha 2023

Pariksha Pe Charcha is a great and interactive platform for the students to discuss and reduce exam related stress.

The students of classes IX-XII along with the teachers participated and contemplated the live broadcast of the ‘6th edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha'. Honourable PM Mr Narendra Modi addressed the students, parents and teachers round the nation on Friday, 27 January 2023.

The prime minister instructed the students to write their exams with a relaxed mind. Preparations done with proper time management and discipline are vital to distress themselves during examination. The session was full of useful advices and methods for the students to study without stress, to keep calm and remain comfortable during board examinations.

The students enthusiastically attended the session. The tips and techniques they learnt from the session, made them feel comfortable and confident to appear for the exams in a better way.

The School Principal, Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar conveyed the students that hard work done with proper planning and confidence on ourselves, makes us achieve our goals.



Tiny tots ascertain the art of vocabulary

Learning to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark. This spark was ignited in themselves by the kids of K.G wing of our school K. L. International School in the Spell Bee activity. The activity was conducted in two levels where the participation of all the students was made compulsory in order to boost their confidence and comprehension skills. 

Selected students who reached the second level of the activity were shown some slides and were asked to spell out and frame new words. The activity proved to be beneficial for the students as they participated in the activity with zest and vigour.



Blissful Republic Day celebration

Republic day, a red letter day for Indians, to rejoice in the glory of the nation. This big day teaches us to have freedom of thought, strength in our convictions and pride in our heritage.

A grand Republic Day celebration was held at KLI. Our principal, Mr S. Shekhar unfurled the National Flag and released the tricolour balloons in the sky. Patriotic songs along with national anthem were sung, mesmerizing dance performances added jubilation to the day.

As millets are one of the themes of Republic day this year, so keeping the same in mind the students prepared recipes using millets. They wrote Sanskrit sholkas on tricolour sheets.

The inspirational speech by the principal motivated the students and instilled the patriotic values and love for our motherland.



Parakram Diwas - Immortalizing Netaji

Every year on 23 January Parakram Diwas, a national event is celebrated to pay homage to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on his birth anniversary. He was one of the prominent heroes of India's Independence struggle.

KLI remembered Netaji by conducting special assembly where the students enacted the Jallianwala Bagh incident, patriotic songs and dances were performed. A speech on Netaji's life was presented which was an eye-opener for the students to know his devotion for our country. This day encourages the youth of our nation to aspire his strength, selflessness and patriotic fervour.



Virtuoso Himanshu exhibits exemplary performance at Geo Genius National Geography Olympiad

“I never dreamt of success. I worked for it.”- by Estee Lauder.

This famous quote is actualized by our very enterprising and hardworking genius Himanshu Kasana by winning first position in the prestigious Geo Genius National Geography Olympiad. His extraordinary performance reflected his focused preparation and keen interest in the subject. 

The Management and Principal Mr. S. Shekhar laud his achievement and wish him success for all his future endeavours. 



Klites performance eclipse at Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan (VVM)

When determination and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.

VVM, a National Programme for educating and popularizing science which aims to target and recognise the brilliance among the students who have greater potential and flair for the subject.
The groovy performance of the student of class XI Yash Kumar garnered III rank at state level in Vidayarthi Vigyan Manthan (VVM) and received the cheque of rupees 2000 as a prize money.

The School Management and Principal, Mr. Shudhanshu Shekhar graciously congratulated the victor and also wished him best for the upcoming ventures.



Workshop by Dr. Awadhesh Pandey on Health and Medicine at KLI

A mesmerizing workshop was conducted on eating habits and health care by Dr. Awadhesh Pandey (Chief of IIIMS, Subharti) at KLI.

The importance of physical, mental and meta physical health was discussed in the workshop. The another vital point talked about was not to depend on medicines instead one should switch to natural and live food such as dryfruits, fresh fruits etc. to keep ourselves fit. It was conferred that light and sound energies are capable of curing many critical diseases. Indian philosophy was discussed highlighting the science and technology in our Vedas.

The Principal, Mr S. Shekhar thanked Dr. Pandey by presenting a souvenir.



City Coordinator, Sudhanshu Shekhar Conducted Orientation Programme for IPS, Board Practical & Board Examination 

K. L. International School once again was thrived by the school heads of CBSE Schools of Meerut on 9 January 2023. City Coordinator and Principal of K. L. International School, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar steered the orientation programme on the school premises and briefed 150 principals  and 110 IT faculty members of CBSE affiliated schools of Meerut District about digital transformation of Manual Payment System by Integrated payment system (IPS) through the presentation. The system is called easy to use, highly reliable and accountable. IPS leads to direct bank transfer in beneficiary’s account and is quick and secure for payment of remunerations for board related duties. 

Besides the IPS, the resource person reflected upon the latest information regarding the conduct of Board Practicals, Board examination and the process of evaluation of classes X & XII for the session 2022-23.

The programme was very vibrant wherein all the participating Principals cleared their doubts and returned confidently to conduct the upcoming examination with full preparation while going errorless.



Klites emblazon 'MATHSOVENZA'

National Mathematics Day was celebrated in K. L. International School to pay tribute and commemorate the birth anniversary of the honorary mathematical genius, Shri Srinivasa Ramanujan Aiyangar, who made exemplary contribution to Mathematics.

This auspicious day marks the importance of Maths in every one's life and inspires people to grow their self-learning skills and think more rationally. In order to cultivate the talent of the students a raft of fun-filled quiz 'Mathsovenza' was conducted in IX-X wing in which they encountered challenging questions. All the participants gave tough fight to each other for the victory. After a tough competition first position was secured by the team 'Protecters of Phythogoras'. The members of the team Aditya Kansal, Pranay Rastogi, Ansh Kansal, Ishan Jindal exhibited their skills and were awarded by the certificate. 

The senior students of class XI of 'Maths Club' taught their juniors from VI-VIII wing, the various short mathematics tricks under Vedic Maths. 

The blooming buds from III-V wing delivered speeches and enacted a story on Ramanujan to highlight his contribution to Mathematical analysis, number theory and importance of zero.

The School Management and Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar appreciated the efforts of the teachers and students and hoped to see more of such events in future.



Singing competition lit up the Budding singers of KLI

Bharat Vikas Parishad organised an Inter School Group Singing Competition to bring out the singing talents of the students. The young singers performed with great courage & enthusiasm and secured First position in the District round.

In State round, ten renowned schools participated to showcase their melodies. The young maestros of K. L. International School enthralled the judges with their mellifluous song and attained Second position. The participants were judged on their melody, rhythm, synchronization and general impression. 

The principal congratulated the winners and praised the students for their wonderful performance.





The path to success is to take massive determined action. Adhering to this thought the Klites again emerged as flag bearers in CBSE NORTH ZONE 1 INTER SCHOOL SHOOTING COMPETITION 2022-23 where Anannya of class X bagged gold medal in rifle shooting and qualified for National round while Shruti Yadav of class IX secured 5th rank and also got selected for National round.

Our Principal, Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated the victors and also conveyed his best wishes for the upcoming ventures.



Infinity Club prodigies participated in maths quiz!

Quiz contests are a great way of analysing how well one understands a subject and correlates the theoretical knowledge with its practical application in real life. 

Easier said than done, maths quiz is an excellent way of finding how well the apprentices understand its concepts, and use them in their regular life. To promote and encourage a fun way of learning among students, the Infinity Club of our school organized a maths quiz for students of grades XI in the auditorium. The quiz was conducted in a 1 hour special event where 4 teams of students from each participated with full excitement and vitality. Team Aryabhatt, Bhaskaracharya, Ramanujan and Dharacharya competed neck to neck in all rounds of the competition. Total of four rounds were conducted on themes like generic questions, visual rounds, aptitude round and rapid fire round, to test students’ knowledge on the subject. Towards the end of the quiz, an audience round was conducted to encourage participation from the students sitting in audience, giving them a chance to test their understanding of the mathematical concepts. After the thrilling audience round, the results were declared with team Bhaskaracharya winning the contest with 55 points followed by 1st runners-up at 52 points.

The objective of conducting this quiz competition was to enable students to think out of the box, promote team play, map growth levels in the particular subject, improving their knowledge and learning from their counterparts, besides building competitive spirit among the teams.

School Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated the winning team and also appreciated the efforts of club members who contrived and conducted the quiz. 



Students radiate through their performance in VVM exam

VVM (Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan), a national program for educating and popularising Science, which aims to identify and nurture the brilliant minds, was conducted in K. L. International School. The students of our school continued their winning streak by setting the example for yet another irreproachable performance.

Yash Kumar Verma and Rudransh Sharma from class XI luminesced at Rank 1st and 2nd respectively whereas Adiba Ansari and Aaradhya Sharma from the same class dazzled at the 3rd rank. Along with them the other students from Class XI who cleared the exam for the State level were Aayush Singh Faujdar, Suvansh Goel, Tejas Singh, Aryan Agarwal and Alok Kumar.

Tanishka Kulheria from Class VI was also one of those students who proved their mettle by standing at rank 2nd from the junior category.

The School Management and the Principal appreciated their performance and wished them luck as they head on for the State level.



“Merriments” Christmas festivities galore!

Christmas is for joy, for giving and sharing, for laughter, for coming together with family and friends. The school wore a festive look with bells, streamers and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Several activities such as decorating  Christmas Trees and Stockings, making Christmas Cards and Hand-crafted bells and stars were organized for the students. The children were told about the birth of Lord Jesus and the legend of Santa Claus in a special assembly. A special movie show was organized for students in the auditorium. Christmas carols added to the spirit of giving and sharing was inculcated among the children. The essence of Christmas came alive when Santa Clause himself went into the classes. The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was amply visible on the faces of the children especially when Santa moved around distributing sweets to them. The delightful celebration included children coming in red and white colour party dress, bringing their favourite food in the lunch, dancing and sharing the merriment together. 



Splendid Performance by Vidushi Sharma in CBSE NORTH ZONE 1 JUDO CHAMPIONSHIP 2022-23

Success has little to do with speed, but much to do with the right direction. Pursuing the formidable journey of victory, Vidushi Sharma of class VIII created yet another milestone in the CBSE NORTH ZONE 1 JUDO CHAMPIONSHIP 2022-23 where she won Silver Medal and also got selected for the National round.

Our Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekher congratulated her for the remarkable achievement and extended his heartiest wishes for her future endeavours.





Sanshinkan Open Karate Championship - Crowning achievement  

Courage, determination, hard work, toughness, talent and guts that’s what KLites are made of. Sanshinkan Open Karate Championship, took places at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi. It was wonderful to see our fighters put in their best and keep their confidence throughout. The UP team emerged victorious and overall nailed the first prize.

Rudraksh Pundir won Gold medal in line with Avika Garg and Kavyansh Singh who obtained Silver medal followed by Aryansh with Bronze medal.

The School Management and the Principal wished them a hearty congratulations and all the very best as they gear up for all the upcoming challenges.




Biswajeet Shekhar Shine in CLAT Exam       

"It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves''. 

Klite Biswajeet Shekhar performed brilliantly in the prestigious the National level Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) and clinched magnificent AIR 513. His great achievement will certainly be an inspiration for other students. His phenomenal result reflects his sincere efforts, meticulous preparations, and the values of discipline imbibed by him to ace his desired goal. His incredible feat made him eligible to seek admission into the prestigious law colleges across the country. This amazing accomplishment is just one step on his journey. 

The School Management and Principal, Mr. S. Shekhar applauded his efforts and wished him many more accolades in the future.





Our prodigies from all grades had done excellently well in the SOF International English Olympiad and did us proud by the bagging 37 Gold Medals of Excellence and 12 Distinction Medals with certificates. 

Congratulations to Pranav of class II for achieving a Gift voucher worth Rs 500, a Zonal Certificate and a Distinction Medal with a certificate. Another genius Virat Virendra Tyagi (Class II) is congratulated for bagging a Zonal Excellence Certificate & a Distinction Medal with a Certificate. 17 students have been selected to participate in second round of the olympiad.

School Management and Principal congratulate the achievers and wish them good luck in future endeavors!




Successful manoeuvre of Klites prodigies at CBSE Heritage Quiz 

Klites virtuosi Tanav Bhatia, Anika Singh and Aditi Malik exhibited their exceptional knowledge in the CBSE Heritage Quiz competition which brought fruitful results as defeating around 2500 schools in phase one, they made their way for regional finals. 

In the regional final, their prowess was acknowledged and they qualified for stage round defeating 30 teams of renowned schools of Noida Region. The questions ranged from built heritage to culture, art forms, Unesco’s world heritage sites, food, fashion and more. The quiz master used visuals, music and live demonstrations. After five gruelling rounds, K. L. International School emerged as Second runners-up. Tanav Bhatia was cited with Quiz Whiz title by Complan, sponsor of the quiz. 

The Principal congratulated students for their magnificent achievement.





Shivashish stuns with his pre-eminent project

Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out. Proving the above statement true in the best of his prowess and flair Shivashish Chauhan of Class IX of K. L. International School manifested yet another remarkable milestone where he not only proffered a project made by him but also cleared the District level of the Inspire Award Manak Science Exhibition. His project has now been qualified to be showcased at the State level. 

The Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar lauded his astounding achievement and wished him success for future endeavours.






Klites exhibits uniqueness in Zenith 2022

All have hidden talents, but are not aware of what it is. So stretching to find the hidden talents amidst students, St. Gregorious School organized “Zenith 2022”, an online event where KLI students participated in various events and reached a milestone!!

Reyaansh Saxena of U.KG nailed First position in “Hasi k Gubbare” whereas Dhairya Chahal of class IX bagged First position in “A Ticket out to the world”. Akshra Gupta of L.KG stood Second position in “Rock & Roll”. In winding up, Prerit Kapoor of class VIII scored Third position in “Scientism”.

The various activities helped to bring forward the creativity and originality of children besides inculcating confidence among them.

The Management and the Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar motivated and encouraged the students to strive and reach for the Pinnacle of success in their every endeavor.





Phenomenal Success of Klites at MUN

The Model United Nations is a platform to encourage political thought and dialogue amongst the students all over the world. K. L. International School encourages students to participate in such events as they broaden the horizon of our students and empower them to become effective change agents and leaders of the future.

The students of our school attended MUN at IMS Ghaziabad. A total of 20 students represented our school in the various committees. The students experienced exhilarating sessions of debate and discussion on burning topics of the era. The day long sessions taught the students the art of political analysis and problem solving. The students learnt how to come to a consensus and recommend a solution for the agenda at hand. Most importantly, the students learnt the finer nuances of conducting meaningful research and oratory skills.

Four students were given verbal mentions during the awards ceremony namely – Money Jain (delegate representing UNGA), Tanav Bhatia (delegate of Loksabha).
Shrinav Rastogi and Himanshu Chaudhary (Marvel vs DC).

Shakti, Smarth, Amandeep Singh and Rudransh Sharma of Grade XI got special mentions for their exceptional performance in representing UNGA, WHO and Loksabha.
It was indeed a wide spectrum of experience, which provided an optimum learning outcome to all the participants.





School hosts Road safety and traffic awareness programme

Being cautious is the only way we can get rid of road accidents. It is better to stay alert than be sorry. Therefore, our school K. L. International hosted a programme in association with Dainik Jagran to make the students aware of road safety and traffic awareness in order to negate the ill effects and the carelessness of being a victim to road accidents.

This special programme was graced by the presence of ADG, Meerut Zone Mr. Rajiv Sabharwal and SP traffic, Meerut Zone Mr. Jitendra Kumar Shrivastav who informed the students about road safety and traffic rules. Mr. Ravi Prakash Tiwari, the Editorial Head and Mr. Sanjeev Jain, City Head from Dainik Jagran were also present to add to the knowledge of the students. The occasion concluded to be an informative event as the queries of the students were also answered.




Envisioning student’s role in G-20 Presidency our school hosts School Engagement city lecture

As India takes over the Presidency of G-20 grouping on the global front we at our school organized “G-20 Presidency School Engagement City Lecture” in the school auditorium. This was surely an extended celebration of the ambitious, inclusive, decisive and action-oriented vision of our presidency at G-20.

The K. L. International School Unit of StudoMatrix, convened this event to provide a platform to all the students to unleash their potential, show their talents, develop their skills and provide them with an experience of their participation in the ‘Jan bhagidari’ envisioned by our Prime minister.

To trickle down the importance of India’s milestone to lead the G-20 into the young minds we organized an interaction-cum-workshop, for students interested in International Relations, Global Affairs, Diplomacy and Geopolitics. Delegations of students from renowned schools of Meerut attended the workshop. Former Ambassador J.K. Tripathi and retired officer of Indian Foreign Service with 33 years of experience in Diplomacy presided over the function as the Chief Guest. Students also got an opportunity to listen to Ambassador Dr. Mohan Kumar, chairman of Research and Information System for developing countries virtually in a zoom connect. The delegates were also fortunate enough to hear a prerecorded video of Mohd. Mahdi Karim who talked about student participation in G-20. 

After a very informative and interactive question answer session with the chief guest all the delegates took a solemn oath to actively participate in voicing matters of global concern. The program culminated with the happy faces being captured in a group photograph. Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar applauded and encouraged the students for active participation in the successful completion of the event.




Celebrating Abhivyakti - The School Annual Day 2022

The best way to predict your future is to create it. Providing the best of facilities is the greatest strength of K.L.I School. With the aim to portray the talent and creativity of the students, the school celebrated its Annual Day “Abhivyakti 2022” which echoed the thought of “Expression”, in the school premises on 03rd Dec 2022. 

Vice Chairman, Mr. Tejinder Khurana, Directors, Mr. Manmeet Khurana & Mr. Harneet Khurana, the School Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar graced the occasion with their benign presence. The event commenced with the warm welcome – by a floral accord & the kindling of the lamp by the eminent personalities & dignitaries IAS, Mr. Surendra Singh, SECRETARY TO HON'BLE LT. GOVERNOR DELHI, Mrs. Garima Singh, IAS, Mr. Deepak Meena, District Magistrate, Meerut & his wife Mrs. Manisha and other distinguished guests Mr. & Mrs. G. S. Dhama, Mr. & Mrs. Rajiv Kumar Singh, Deputy Labour Commissioner, Meerut, Mr. & Mrs. Pankaj Verma, ADM F, Meerut and Mr. & Mrs. Piyush Kumar Singh, SP City, Meerut. 

The event proceeded with Retrospective - the showcase of the exhibition depicting Vedic Kaal – its art and culture, switching to Medival period highlighting the Darbar scene with 9 gems of Akbar’s court following the National movement and Renaissance of Indian Art & finally The Modern period displaying musicians, painters, Scientist, APJ Abdul Kalam projects, Science projects and Silicon Valley project.

“Cantare” sung by the school choir bequeathing a message of hope to everyone marked the further proceedings of the Cultural Bonanza. Further, beautiful dance moves and co-ordinated movements were at display during Litany – ‘Ganesh Vandana’ evoking God’s blessings. The students then sensitised the audience through ‘Euphonious Yoga’, the only place where life exists. The trailing ribbons and the shimmering props added more beauty to the little ones swaying like a flower to the alluring rhythmic music. The students walked the aisle adorning the mask depicting the Venetian culture celebrating the victory through the carnival. The audience was transported to the foreign land where they celebrated Macy’s thanks giving reflecting a deep sense of gratitude. A mystic dance form, Enigma on spirits and angles was performed by the students evoking a cryptic and magical aura. The astounding visual treat “Macbeth” representing a classic tragedy by “Bard of Avon” held the audience in awe. 

The School Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar presented the school report showcasing achievement of the school in academics and co-curricular activities. He uplifted the spirit and applauded the strenuous hard work of the students & teachers who had left no stone unturned to make the event a grand success.

The students gave an ebullient performance on the Hindi Ballad ‘Shauryagatha’ on one of the founding figures of “Hindi Cinema” Prithvi Raj Chauhan. Finally the essence of Christmas came alive. The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was amply visible on the faces of children.

Mr. Surendra Singh commended the stellar performance of the school in academics, sports & co-curricular activities. He also praised the schools effort in upgradation of academic facilities.

With pragmatic reactions and efficacious comments that kept flowing throughout the event, the celebration reached its crescendo where the vote of thanks was delivered to show gratitude and appreciation to all those who worked tirelessly to make this gala event a huge success.

Provoking the sense of patriotism amongst the audience, the National Anthem was the finest way to bring the curtains down on yet another magnanimous event.






"Bask in the warmth of poetry"

Poetry is a language most distilled and most powerful. It is the core of literature. To spread the fragrance of poetry amongst the kindergarten students an Inter-Class Recitation Competition was organised at K. L. International School with the purpose to build self-confidence, develop oratory skills and self-expression. 

Beautiful recitations were presented by the little poets who enjoyed the beauty of expression, thought, feeling, rhyme rhythm and the music of words.

Young poets were highly appreciated and applauded by the School Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar and the mentors.






Students of I&II wing present themselves as leaders in “Insignia” the “Badging Ceremony”

“Insignia” the “Badging Ceremony” was held in the K. L. International School for the young administers of I&II wing. The juveniles illustrated immense potential and confidence in carrying out the assigned duties as they pledged to take the ideals of the school forward with their discipline and character.

The ceremony marked the day of a remarkable significance which started with lighting of the lamp followed by welcoming of the guests. They were presented by the sapling as moments to grace the occasion.

The progression of the ceremony took place in the form a beautiful motivational dance performance by the students. Then came the long awaited moment of according the badges to the student council by the Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar and culminated by the speech of both newly appointed academic captains.

To mark the end, Principal Sir enlightening the spellbound audience with his words of wisdom and encouraged the students to keep going higher.







Champions are not generated from the championship. They are generated from their desires, dreams and visions. The aforesaid stands true for our Klites, Shivashish Chauhan and Bhavya Gaur of class IX who outshined with their performance in 'INNOTECH 2022' which was held by KIET Group of Institution. The theme for the event was 'Providing Solutions for Sustainable Development'. The actionable project of the wonderous prodigies named 'Medicare' bagged third position. They received certificates, a trophy and a cheque of Rs. 3000 as prize money.

The Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated them for their wonderful success and acclaimed this victory to be a steppingstone in their journey towards triumph.






Stupendous Victory at Behes Meerut Round 2022

“Debate and divergence of views can only enrich our history and culture.”

A sweeping victory for our students as they lifted the Champions Trophy in both cubs and lions category and also the Runners up Trophy in cubs category of Behes Meerut Round 2022

The Meerut round saw a participation of 24 teams competing with each other on 19th and 20th November 2022. Apart from the Champions trophy, our chiselled debaters, Himanshu Chaudhary of class XI and Ishaanvi Tyagi of class VIII gained highest points in the Best Speaker’s category securing first position and a trophy for the same. Overall champions (lions) were our articulate and suave speakers Tanav Bhatia, Dhairya Chahal and Shakti Sidhu. Whereas the cubs champions were vocative speakers Mohak Nagpal, Anushka Dalal and Kaushiki Bhardwaj. Also for its uniqueness, one of our team's name ‘Purnviram’ comprising of Ramya Singhal, kratika Singh and Bhuvi Chugh was awarded the prize for the Best Team name

Our super orators proved their mettle by grabbing 14 Gold medals, 11 Silver medals and 7 Bronze medals according to their performance standings on both debating days. It is indeed a matter of pride that eight teams from our school have qualified for the Maha Behes which is going to commence in July 2023. 

The School Management and Principal congratulated the entire team and conveyed best wishes for the coming up Maha Behes.





Winning isn't moving ahead of others, it is moving ahead of your own self

Winning is a state of mind that embraces everything you do. The statement undoubtedly reflects the victory of Triveni Dutta of class VIII who bagged the first prize in the opposition category of the XIV Ch. Narinder Singh Memorial Inter-School Debate Competition organised by GTB. 

Triveni flared the stage by venting her opinion on the topic 'Check on social media is the need of the hour' thus leaving behind the other participants from around 26 schools participating in the event. She was acorded with a trophy and a certificate for the same. 

The Management and the Principal applauds the unmeasurable efforts she has put in to make the school proud.






Klites stage a powerful performance in the Inter-House Skit Competition

Drama is a strong medium of communication. In order to exhibit their dramatic skills the young troupe of K. L. International School apprehended the enrapt attention of the spectators at the Inter-House Skit Competition. The event started with the welcoming of the Principal, Mr. Shudhanshu Shekhar along with the judges Ms.Poonam Chadda and Ms.Divya Bhatia.

The students of IX-X Wing encapsulated the varied works of the famous playwrights. All the four houses, Prerna, Prakash, Pragati and Prayas presented the skits with tremendous energy and enthusiasm.
All the participants put forth their efforts to make the competition a grand success. The first position was bagged by Pragati House, second position went to Prakash House and third position was obtained by Prayas House.

The Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated them and felicitated all the participants with the medals.




"Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better."

As India clocks 76 years of independence through its glorious history, the birth of Indian constitution is a testimony to this landmark milestone. November 26, every year is observed as National Constitution Day, also known as National Law Day. It resonates with the adoption and implementation of the most sacred document; a vehicle of life and the spirit of patriotism – India’s Constitution. 

The students of the school at KLI whole-heartedly observed the day through an illustrative presentation showcase and discussion on the significance of the celebratory occasion. A Preamble recitation activity was conducted for the students to gain familiarity with the essence of the Indian constitution. 

The School Principal, Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar, addressed the children and shared his views on the contributions made by eminent personalities in their respective fields. He also encouraged the students to abide by and imbibe the inclusions of the constitution to become morally conscious citizens of this country.




Maths wizard Pratyush excels in IACB 2022

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas!”

Performing exceptionally well in 7th International Online Abacus Competition - Brainobrainfest 2022 our student Pratyush Singh of class V secured the first position winning Gold medal and achievers certificate. His command over the subject and his zealous efforts has indeed brought laurels to the school. 

The School fraternity applauds his success and congratulates him for his achievement.





Fervent participation of commerce geniuses at G.D. Goenka Commerce Fest

Awareness of business and economics not only helps one take better financial decisions, but also facilitates more informed career planning. To enhance students’ awareness about the dynamics of the world of business, our students participated in a Commerce Fest organised by G.D Goenka School, Model Town, Delhi. The fest saw students of 20 schools from Delhi and NCR highlighting their perspectives and debating over different issues related to the world of business, economics, and finance. 

‘Business Magazine’, ‘Half-A-Minute’, ‘The Adverts’ and ‘Jaago Grahak Jaago’ were some of the highlights of the competition. Our students secured second position in ‘Jago Grahak Jago (Nukkad Natak)’. The School Management and Principal Sir appreciated the team’s enthusiastic participation.



Observance of National Cancer Awareness Day in KLI 

"Surviving cancer is not the end of a gruesome story but the beginning of a beautiful one ".

National Cancer Awareness Day is commemorated on the birth anniversary of the Nobel-prize-winning scientist Madame Curie. A plethora of activities were conducted to raise awareness about cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. A special assembly was organised with the aim of highlighting the brave battles of the cancer patients against the disease without getting disheartened and losing hope. It gives an inspirational message of fighting like a hero, facing all the storms and still living a quality life. Mime act on cancer theme ignited empathy and affection in students for cancer patients and made them realize that the patients need our love, care and support. Students also designed posters on this year's cancer theme 'Close the Care Gap' and put up them in the school to spread the much needed awareness about cancer prevention. Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar motivated the students to take part in such activities for a healthy nation and applauded students for putting up their best efforts for the success of the programme.



Students parade their calibre in the Inter-House Technovation Competition

The objective of harnessing the curiosity of the young budding minds led to an Inter-House Technovation Competition in the VI-VIII wing of our school.

Our junior pupils prepared the scientific working models with the materials given to them on the spot, showcasing their astounding innovative skills.

The techno-wizards employed their scientific skills while making working models like smoke absorber, rain detector, war ship, robot etc.

Students’ efforts were appreciated and encouraged by the Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar as the first prize was awarded to Prakash House, second prize to Prerna House and the third prize was shared by Pragati & Prayas House.




Klites' exceptional feat in Kurash Judo Championship

It was an exultant moment for K. L. International School when the budding judoists of K.L.I capped their consistency and carried forward the momentum with their phenomenal confidence as they stamped their victory in U.P. State Kurash Championship 2022.

Klites, took charge of their success and displayed incomparable pliability by winning 10 Gold medals, 18 Silver and 27 Bronze medals amongst the humungous participation which consisted of 400 judoists from 30 cities.

It was indeed, a proud moment for our school as we earned the State Overall Championship Trophy 2022.

In the chronology of success Vidushi Sharma of class VIII procured the Bronze Medal in 36 kg weight category in 7th SUB JUNIOR NATIONAL KURASH CHAMPIONSHIP BOYS & GIRLS 2022-23.

The School Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated the winners and motivated them for their future.




Echoes of Children’s Day celebration

On the occasion of Children’s Day on 14th Nov the Kindergarten reverberated with a fun session “Childrens’ Day Out”. The enthusiastic tiny tots participating in various fun games and activities enjoyed a lot. The icing on the cake was the participation of the parents along with their kids to boost their zeal and inhibit the importance of spending time with their kids in today’s busy scenario. The array of colourful stalls put up paved way for the toddlers to give an eye to enjoyment in every possible way. 

The aura of enthusiasm further engulfed the students of IX-X wing wherein they participated in the fun games which included aiming the target to score and win. An atmosphere full of joy and recreation prevailed in the school with the spirit of sportsmanship taking an edge over the other activities of the school curriculum. 




Night Sky Observation Activity at KLI

Stargazing with a telescope is always mesmerizing and brings the thoughts alive as to “how the stars look in a telescope”. To bring the experience live, the science club of the school Innovators organized a Night Sky Observation activity in the school premises. Thousands of students got a rare opportunity to look at the stars. A telescope was arranged on the terrace and the young astronomers witnessed the moon and the planet Jupiter. Teachers described them the science of astronomy with telescope. Students admired the evening sky and comprehended that it is a gateway to lifelong astronomy education. The star gazing helped students look at some very important celestial objects.

Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar stated that such events to be organised more after so that our young space enthusiasts can happily explore and connect with the universe more often. Overall this activity provided ample learning & was quite exciting for the students.



KLI Bags Top Schools of India Award

As an institution K. L. International School has left its imprints at various platforms. The School ardently believes in assimilating a strong value system, skills along with focusing on the academic excellence of students thus preparing them to succeed in 21st century. It is in recognition of the exemplary efforts of our dynamic Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar, City Coordinator, CBSE in the field of education that the school has been accredited with "TOP SCHOOLS IN INDIA" Award as acknowledged by 'Brainfeed School Excellence Awards 2022'. He has been felicitated with this award in the glittering award ceremony for his commitment and ardent fervour towards grooming the prodigies and equipping them with life skills. 

The School was awarded in the categories of Best Academic Excellence, Best Infrastructure, Excellence in Life Skills Education and Best Green Building School for enriching the standards in imparting excellence in education in GenNext learners. It is a matter of great pride to share the podium with India’s top-notch schools. 

Heartiest Congratulations to all the stakeholders for relentlessly working towards achieving this milestone.




Aloha the graduation ceremony - Bestowal of honours

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.

Graduation is a calendar marked event in a parent’s life. To see their child transition from one stage of learning to another, makes this day etched in the memory for a lifetime. Kindergarten graduation is a jubilee occasion when someone witnesses and reflects on the journey swayed by. The twinkling eyes emit the radiance of the beautiful dreams waiting to be achieved. The Pre-Primary Wing of K. L. International School held their Graduation Day Ceremony for the students of the little munchkins with grandeur and gaiety. The audience witnessed an amalgamation of talent amidst great euphoria and enthusiasm.
The event was presided by the revered School Chairperson Mr Kuldeep Singh Lamba, Ms Gurcharan Kaur Lamba, Mr Devinder Singh Lamba, Chief Guest – IAS, Divisional Commissioner, Meerut, Mr Surendra Singh, Ms Garima Singh, Vice-chairman Mr Tejinder Khurana, Ms Bhupinder Khurana, Mr Manmeet Khurana, Ms Parneet Khurana, Mr Harneet Khurana, Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar. The show was a roaring success with a culmination of myriad presentations, felicitation ceremony, dance and music renditions, heart-touching messages on women's empowerment and saving water, and the show's highlight play Snow White and UV dance which was thoroughly enjoyed by the parents and the guests. The special bond of father and daughter was highlighted through a special rendition. The juncture witnessed the quintessential representation of Amrit Mahotsav. The dignitaries felicitated the students with Certificate of Graduation. Children looked all pretty in their graduation robes and caps. 

The Guests in their address congratulated and motivated the young lads to work hard as success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. The School Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar graced the occasion with his encouraging words suggesting parents to stay positive and students work hard to achieve their dreams. The Coordinator Ms Geetu Gadhok culminated the programme with a vote of thanks extending her gratitude to the management, guests, parents, teachers and students. She also mentioned how each little effort made every day turned into big results. The School Management conveyed their heartiest wishes on this momentous day to all the wonderful graduating wizards of Little Steps and hoped for a future filled with joy and laughter for them. 

In the end, we all say proudly, Congratulations!
May God bless these tiny ‘Graduates’, as they aviate in their path to formal learning, to touch the sky with glory! 
You’re Kindergarten Grads!




Students startle with their performance in Vividhanjali-3.0 at DPS, Meerut

Another staggering victory came to be true as the students of our school, K. L. International exhibited their dauntless spirit and sports adroitness in Vividhanjali-3.0, A Spectrum of sports events organised by DPS, Meerut.

Our students Leysha Bhutani and Neelansh Garg won a Gold medal and a Bronze medal respectively in the U-17 boys and girls category and raised the flag of our school to greater heights.

The Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar applauded their victory and wished them luck for their future endeavours.



Illuminance of Prakash Utsav observed in school with great adherence!

The sacred festival of Guru Nanak Jayanti, also known as Gurpurab, Prakash Parv and Guru Nanak's Prakash Utsav, was celebrated with great ebullience in our school on 7th November 2022. Students with great devotion remembered the teachings of shri Guru Nanakji on his 553rd birth anniversary and presented a beautifully crafted devotional program comprising of shabad, a motivational story narration, and a hymns presentation. They also showcased the life and teachings of Guru Nanakji through a PowerPoint presentation. The entire school environs reverberated with the festivities of the occasion.




"Students should live in unity, live by unity and follow the footsteps of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in nation-building."

‘National Unity Day’ also known as ‘Rashtriya Ekta Diwas’ was celebrated by the students of the school on 31st October 2022 to commemorate the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who unified the country. In line with the celebrations countrywide, the school organized various activities in the school premises in order to extend their heartfelt appreciation about the life and the involvement of the great leader, Sardar Patel, in the veritable contribution during the freedom struggle and to lay a foundation of a unified country fused with oneness. The idea was to imbue in the young future generation with values integrated with the knowledge and adoration about the country’s rich heritage.

A special morning assembly was organized. The programme started with the impressive speeches made by the students in English as well as Hindi on the life, history and the role of Sardar Patel in the freedom struggle to establish a harmonious society. The school choir presented a patriotic song on National Unity. A Collaborative pledge on Peace and Solidarity was administered by the teachers and the students. PowerPoint Presentation on Sardar Patel-His Life and Achievements was exhibited in the veritable contribution during the freedom struggle and to pay tribute to his extraordinary attempt to build modern India. The programme ended with great enthusiasm with the students promising to work towards the unity of the country.



Commerce maestros marked victory at Bizgeist 2022

"Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in."

Keeping the same in mind the commerce enthusiasts of our School won the Overall Champion's Trophy in Bizgeist, an Inter school Commerce Fest. The fest was organized by the Cambridge School, Indirapuram and comprised of multiple intriguing events for commerce students. Our students emerged out with flying colors lifting the school's name even higher. 

Asavari Rastogi and Akshita Singh won the first prize in Strike Out (case study based activity). The Ad-Making team i.e. Manas Arora, Samarth Rastogi, Madhur Singhal and Anshika Chaudhary bagged first position in presenting the best advertisement in L’affiche event. Their advertising product was safety pins. In D-Street (stock market) our wizard Dhruv Rastogi secured the second position whereas Vansh Agarwal and Kavya Agarwal were also able to win the third position in the same segment. Last but not the least in IPL Bid segment our young Tycoons, Bharat Shukla and Naman Gulati grabbed the third position

The entire team was fortunate enough to receive their prizes and trophies through the eminent persona of renowned author Mr. T.S. Grewal. Our commerce team with their high spirited performance and great teamwork indeed did us proud. The School lauds their success and congratulates them for their good work. The Management and Principal, Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar applauded the entire team for their stupendous performance.




Education is a battle against poverty that everyone should fight

Poverty is the worst condition wherein a person is bereft of proper physiological and primary needs. To break the common belief that the poor are destined to be so, an array of activities was organised by the Young Tycoons of the commerce club of our school. The series of activities titled Umeed - A Fight Against Poverty was conducted with the aim of highlighting the need to put greater stress on offering guidance and encouragement to the poor to change their destiny through their own efforts. The students showcased their talents through the platform of these activities which included songs, street play, power point presentation etc. to project a message to the common people to step up in supporting the poor in their efforts to refine their way of living. It turned out to be a learning experience for our students as well, as it helped them to relate to the real life problems actually faced by the poor and the urgency to overcome it.




Klites mark another victory in Vyas Samaroh at CCS University

Treading the path of success, our students believe that victory comes to those who make persistent and steadfast efforts while being dedicated towards their goals. This notion came true as the pupils of IX-X wing of our school participated in a grand event named ‘Vyas Samaroh’ hosted by the Sanskrit Department of CCS University. 

The occasion commenced with a debate where the students exhibited their commendable oratory skills and made the school proud by standing at the first position and winning a certificate, medal and a trophy. The audience found themselves spellbound as the students presented a play on the story of Raja Harishchandra. Students also made a mark with their singing and dancing skills as they stood at the second and the third position in the Sanskrit song competition and the dance competition respectively.




Mesmerising performance of our students in RJ competition

The Sankalp Club organised a Radio Jockey Competition titled KOFFEE WITH RJ for the students of classes XI and XII. Renowned personalities like RJ Zeeshan and RJ Anshika from radio nageen 107.8 FM were the chief guests for the occasion.

The event commenced with a graceful welcome dance followed by the accordance of a token of gratitude to the judges by our coordinator. All the eight teams that made to the finals were judged on their communication skills, teamwork, critical and imaginative thinking and social skills.

With their spectacular dramatics, confidence, resilience and teamwork team Jholi Wale Baba stood at the first position with team Fix You and team Vivify KLI stood at the second and the third positions respectively.

The event concluded with the inspiring and encouraging words of RJ Zeeshan who made the students aware about being an RJ, and how one can get into this non-conventional field. He also cited his own life experience as an RJ.





Students are the blossoming flowers who need to be nurtured diligently for comprehensive development. Counselling is success-imperative when it comes to shaping the career path of students. KLI comprehends the value of guiding students with an unbiased approach to mould them into personalities that reverberate with their inner aura. It is crucial to introduce students to the career choices tailored to their interests and capabilities for building a happy, satisfactory, and prosperous future. Keeping the same in view a successful, informative and interactive Career Counselling Session was conducted by school in the auditorium for classes XI and XII. 

Certified and renowned career coach Miss Tanvi Dhingra uprised the students with conventional as well as new age futuristic career options. She stressed on the fact that your personality traits and your lifestyle should compliment your career choices. She mentioned that now the demand is for integrated combinations of careers like amalgam of business knowledge and technology or engineering and design etc. The session greatly helped the students in clarifying their doubts about various courses and turned out to be quite successful.



School excels in State Roller Sports Championship trials

Talent can never go unnoticed. Our very zealous students participated recently in the 8th UP State Roller Sports Championship 2022-23 trials for the Meerut District team. It is indeed a matter of elation that out of 300 competitors three of our students came out with flying colours at the trials getting selected for the 8th U.P. State Roller Sports Championship 2022-23. Participating in Quad RR and Inline RR events Leysha Bhutani of class IV won Gold medal, Anshika Verma of class IV secured one Silver and one Bronze medal and Ameya Jayant of class IV was able to win two Bronze medals in various events. 

The School Management and Principal congratulated the selected squad and wished them the very best for the upcoming state events.




School celebrates Effervescence 2022, an award ceremony

Excellence is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution and the vision to see the obstacles as opportunities. Such excellence has been proved time and again by the students of our school K. L. International and in order to elevate their spirits to continue their triumphant journey, Effervescence 2022, an award ceremony was organised in the school on 22 October 2022.

The felicitous ceremony commenced with the welcoming of the chief guest and the guest of honour, Respected Chairman Mr. Kuldeep Singh Lamba and Mrs. Gurcharan Kaur Lamba, who were presented with planters by the Management. The welcome was followed by lightning of the lamp and the felicitation of the Vice Chairman Mr. Tejinder Khurana and the Members of the Management Mr. Manmeet Khurana, Mr. Harneet Khurana and Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar for their recent accomplishments.

Meritorious students of class X and XII were awarded with cheques and momentos as recognition for their performance.

A cheque of amount 75000/- was given to Manvi (XII) and Aayush Singh Faujdar (X) at AIR-2, 51000/- to Parv Singhal (XII) at AIR-3, 31000/- to Sparsh Rastogi (XII) and Panna Tyagi (X) at AIR-4. 5 students at AIR-5 were awarded with the amount of 21000/- followed by 4 students at AIR-6 who got 11000/-. Along with these, 10 other students were awarded with a prize of 5100/- with 2 students getting 3100/- each. Prize amount of 2100/- was also given to the students who got 100 marks in any of the subjects.

Apoorv Bhardwaj from class XII was also awarded with a cheque for clearing NTSE stage II exam along with 9 students from class XI who got scholarship cheques. 

Teachers who have completed 15 years in the school were also given momentos for proving their mettle in nurturing the students. 

The ambience was filled with cheers and exuberance with the performances of the students in the form of a cultural program which enthralled the audience. The ceremony culminated with the speech by the chief guest, Mr. Lamba, distribution of the cock house trophies and the national anthem.





It is time to remove the darkness of ignorance within us and replace it with the light of hope and happiness. KLI cherished the pious occasion of Diwali with gleams of diyas, echo of chants, delight of sweets and infinite goodness. The day started with a special morning assembly wherein students delivered speeches on the significance of the festival and the relevance of eco-friendly celebrations. Students were briefed on ill-effects of burning crackers and were advised to celebrate the festival with non-polluting eco-friendly crackers. Candle holder Making, Diya Decoration, Festoon Making, Lantern Making and Rangoli designing competitions were held to enhance the creative skills of the students. The creative extravaganza of skillful activities pervaded the unique message of Made in India by encouraging the use of Indian products/diyas on Diwali. The whole school immersed in serenity to relish the ecstasy.

The celebrations ended with a message by the principal who expressed his deep concern about the environment and advised the students to celebrate Eco-friendly Diwali.



Stupendous Coup of Klites at Bharat Ko Jano Quiz  

The winning streak continues as Klites Tanav Bhatia (class Xl) & Akshita Singh (class XII) emerged as Second winner in Senior category while Abhinav Kaushik & Lakshay Arora of class VII stood Third in Junior category at State Level Round of  Bharat Ko Jaano Quiz Competition organised by Bharat Vikas Parishad. The quiz consisted of six rounds covering History, Science, Religion, Economics, Sports, Politics and technology. It had a rapid fire round which made it more exciting for the students and audience both. It was designed to acquaint the students with rich cultural heritage of India and inculcate among them the true and glorious picture of our motherland. A cut-throat competition was witnessed among the participants. The prodigies were accorded with certificates and trophies. 

KLI fraternity congratulates the winners for achieving this feat.



Global Handwashing Day celebrated with merriment!  


Emboldening the munchkins of K.G Wing to embrace good habits and ensuring the highest standards of personal hygiene, the Global Hand Washing Day was celebrated amidst loud cheer and excitement. Inculcating the necessity of washing hands and embracing cleanliness, the facilitators guided the tiny tots to use liquid soap to eviscerate the germs that cause several diseases. The children acquired a profound insight into the ways of leading a happy and healthy life.



Klites celebrate International Girl Child Day

A girl deserves a life where she should be treated equally as boys. She must be cherished, cared and respected by everyone as she participates in the development and growth of the nation. With this perspective held high the students of our school, K. L. International conducted a special assembly to emphasize the importance of a girl child in the world.

The special assembly conducted by the students consisted of a prayer, thought, a short story and a dance performance followed by the poems both in Hindi & English and information about the goddesses. The assembly culminated with a patriotic song and a display of the posters with slogans on save the girl child.




Klites celebrated World Food Day

World Food Day is an event celebrated to draw attention towards the growing concern of health these days. This day inspires people about healthy diets and how nutrition effects the human body.

To celebrate World Food Day an assembly was held at KLI by conducting prayer, song, speech and a dance on healthy food habits.  Various types of nutritious foods were displayed. A Nukkad Natak was performed beautifully that showcased the importance of nutritious food.

This day highlights to build a sustainable world where everyone, everywhere has regular access to enough nutritious food.




Young debators victorious at Behes Indirapuram Round

Our silver tongue debating team added yet another jewel to the school crown by winning the Behes Indirapuram Round in the cubs category defeating 40 teams from Delhi NCR region in smashing knockout rounds. Along with the Champions’ Trophy Mohak Nagpal, Anushka Dalal and Kaushiki Bhardwaj bagged gold medals as best Speakers in cubs category.  

Our students competing in the Lion’s  category won three silver medals and two Bronze medals as best speakers exhibiting stupendous performance reaching the semifinals  and qualifying for the Maha behes that is the National Level to be held in 2023.

Behes tournament was a celebration of ideas, with students exploring a wide variety of topics and critically examining them. All the debate topics at the events were given impromptu and based on a suggested reading (and viewing) list. The school is immensely elated on our oratory victory. 

The School Management and Principal congratulated the team and they also extended good wishes for the forth coming Maha behes.




Remembering India's Missile Man and People’s President 'Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

'World Students’ Day' was comemorated at KLI, as the birth anniversary of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. He was an Indian scientist, politician, writer, poet and educationist who played an important role in the development of India's missile and nuclear weapon programs.

The students participated in 'Little Scientists' activity in which they did various experiments and learnt to have trust and faith on oneself. A special assembly was conducted in the memory of Dr. Kalam where prayer, pledge, speeches, thoughts by Dr. Kalam and his real life incidents were represented by the students.

Dr. Kalam was such a patriotic personality that he will always be remembered by the people of India for the extraordinary contributions he had made, in almost all the leading spheres of our country.



Spectacular Performance of Klites Prodigies in Bharat Ko Jaano Quiz Competition 

K. L. International School's achievement list has once again registered a distinct victory as its bright students took home top honours by winning the II Round of 'Bharat ko Jaano' Quiz competition organised by Bharat Vikas Parishad. 

Prodigies Tanav Bhatia (class XI) & Akshita Singh (class XII) in Senior category and Lakshay Arora (class VII) & Abhinav Kaushik (class VII) showcased their grit and determination  in all the rounds of the quiz based on Science, Religion, History, Geography, Political Science & current affairs and qualified for the next round which is on 16 October by defeating 11 renowned schools teams. Trophies and Certificates were bestowed upon the winners.

KLI fraternity is extremely proud of their outstanding achievement and convey their best wishes for the upcoming future ventures.




KG Enthusiasts celebrate Vijayadashami

“India is known as a land of festivals and celebration, Dussehra is one of them which is unique in its perception and significance.”

In order to acknowledge the glorious heritage, culture and traditions of our native land our KG wing held Dussehra celebration  which included a role play by the little ones in which children were beautifully dressed up to play the role of their favourite character from Ramayana. The children who enacted these roles were perfect in their poise, confidence and expression. Children also recited Dussehra poetry and indulged in various craft activities later they enjoyed the Ravana Dahan enthusiastically. Keeping the festive spirit alive, the teachers conveyed the message of victory of Lord Ram over Ravana and reinforced the message that good always triumphs over evil.

The celebration was a part of our philosophy of ‘learning by doing’. Children learnt values of honesty, respect, humility and obedience, which are the core of our Indian epic, Ramayana.




A gripping exhibition allured the visitors

Aazadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav is an initiative by Indian Government to celebrate 75 glorious years of free India.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion a profusion of activities are being held all over the country.

An enticing exhibition was held at KLI, where the students showcased their talents by making brilliant and beautiful objects such as mats, envelopes, spoon candle holders, CD work, potlies, wrist watches, wooden light stands, phone covers, tie & die frames, divas etc. Mesmerizing jewellery sets were the attraction of the exhibition.

The students represented their culinary skills by preparing ambrosial and appetizing dishes, all full of vibrant colours and flavours.

The exhibition was captivating for the parents as all the decoratives, jewels and dishes were prepared using the colours of Indian Tricolour, that gave a pious and patriotic feel to the exhibition.




Testimony of Eminence

The apt intensity of eminence and a prestigious platform is all it entails to bring the exceptional efforts taken by innovative leaders for inspiring the future education of the industry to their due adulation. 

To the pride of K. L. International School Meerut, The most reverential Vice Chairman Mr. Tejinder Khurana was honoured by Shri Sandeep Singh, Minister of State (Independent Charge), Basic Education, Government of UP, at Lucknow on 17 September 2022.

Mr. Khurana’s steadfast approach toward the progress of the school, and his consistent efforts to provide the best education and learning opportunities to the 21st-century learners, were certainly the distinctive factors to catch the jury’s eye. 

School wheezed the essence of pride as the K. L. International School has been awarded for its selfless, dedicated and committed contribution in grooming the young leaders of tomorrow to shape a new India. 

Two distinctive Awards were added to the bouquet of the school - The exceptional Innovation in Sustainability and Digitalization Award, and The Outstanding Leadership in School Education Award. The distinguished and cardinal presence of Shri Sandeep Singh, Minister of State (Independent Charge), Basic Education, Government of UP, added a whole new dimension to the event with his thought-provoking ideas on the dissemination of knowledge and peace.

Mr. Khurana was lauded for his unquenchable thirst for knowledge, commitment to innovation in teaching-learning processes and his dedicated services to the cause of education. The award is a recognition of his selfless services to provide meaningful education for a better world.

The award is truly a testimony of the high spirits, teamwork, and dedication of the school fraternity and has further propelled everyone to work more and cherish the essence of this grand and glorious achievement.




Klites achieve the best results in CUET

Even the greatest challenge becomes feeble when one has the resilience and the tenacity of being a winner, which seems identical to the students of K. L. International, who never cease to set high standards and raise the bar of success of the school through their astounding performance. The consistency of the accomplishments of the students of our school continued in the CUET Exam as well.

Manvi proved her mettle once again by scoring 100 percentile in CUET synonymous to the exceptional result she attained in the recent board exams by standing at AIR 2. The other students who trailed behind her in the same exam were Divye Bansal, Avani Singh, Aaradhya Vasistha, Abhyudya Gupta, Zoya Rehman and Prithvi Raj Gupta.

The Management and the Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar acknowledged the efforts put in by these marvellous achievers as they made the school proud and also wished them luck for their bright future.




Enlightening celebration on Gandhi Jayanti

2nd October is comemorated as the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri. Both of these eminent personalities were great Indian political ethicists. Their visionary leadership skills made India free from the shackles of colonialism.

KLI celebrated this day as 'Shradhanjali' by conducting a plethora of activities. The students made mesmerizing sketches, caricatures and wrote beautiful slogans about these leaders. The students dressed themselves as Shastri ji and imbued the audience with his teachings and principles.

The students represented Gandhi ji’s three monkeys in their own creative ways and portrayed the values they convey. He promoted 'Hathkarga' as a vocation. So keeping the same in view the students made attractive jewellery, various decoratives and mats using thread, wool and cloth.

The celebration instilled the power of truth, fearlessness, love and justice in the hearts and minds of the students.




Success gets sweeter with remarkable recognition

Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar, Principal, K. L. International School and City Coordinator has been conferred with the prestigious Pride of India Award 2022. This special award was conferred by Shri. Bandaru Dattatraya, the Honorable Governor of Haryana on 27th September 2022.

Haryana Educators club Felicitated Mr. Shekhar for his for infusing outstanding leadership skills among students, mounting dedication and outstanding contribution in the field of education and social responsibilities. Accredition of this prominent award has been an encouragement for the school to surge further ahead.

Mr. Shekhar has a long list of awards which he has bagged in for a stellar and commendable academic performances of students in last several years. He is known for his relentless efforts and smart innovations in the field of education, co-scholastic areas and imparting leadership.

KLI family congratulates the proud recipient of Pride of India Award and appreciates his exemplary services and meritorious achievements!




Inter Class Skit Competition

The young brigade of our school once again caught the rapt attention of the audience, at the Inter-Class Skit Competition, which was organized by Sanskriti Club for the students of class IX. The powerful performances of the budding actors transported the audience to the realm of drama. The event though was thoroughly entertaining but it was also hugely successful in providing food for thought. The thunderous applause that each team received by the gathering was testimony to the fact that each one of them was a winner, as all the skits had conveyed a powerful message. The judges pronounced IX H as the winner of the competition followed by IX G and IX F respectively on II and III position. 

The winners were felicitated by Principal Sir at the end of the event. 




A perspicacious expedition for the students

An educational excursion to Prestigious Parliament House and National Science Centre was organised for class XII humanities students. It was a productive trip for the students.

In the National Science Centre students learnt about water - an elixir of life, nuclear power, human biology, pre-historic life, oceanography and earth sciences etc. Magic tap, stringless piano, Tesla coils, energy ball were the main attractions. It was a great learning experience for the students to watch - The Tragedy of Partition and Integration of Indian states by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

To explore the Parliament House was an extremely auspicious experience for the students. They visited the red carpeted Rajya Sabha and the green carpeted Lok Sabha. At the time of British rule, the Lok Sabha was known as the Common House and the Rajya Sabha was known as the House of Lord. 

The students witnessed the Parliament Library which is the second largest library of India.

The House consists of various galleries that are meant for the legislative members and a public gallery for general public.

The overall visit to the Parliament House and the National Science Centre was knowledgeable and memorable for the students.




An Inter-house Dexterous Fingers Competition conducted at KLI

“Art expression is a unique way of linking imagination and creativity with the shades and tints of life experiences”. 

In order to make our students learn the re-use of waste material an Inter-House Competition "DEXTEROUS FINGERS" BEST OUT OF WASTE WORKING MODEL was organised for the students of classes III to V.  The young wisdomites used waste material and made various working models. The students showcased their talents by turning waste material into innovative objects.

The result of the competition was -

Prayas house bagged first position by making a washing machine. Pragati house obtained second position, they made a juicer. Third position was secured by Prerna house.

The presence of the Principal, Mr S. Shekhar motivated the blooming buds.




KLI received 'The Educationist Award'

K. L. International School, one of the highly prestigious institutions in the city and Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar, the Principal as well as CBSE City Coordinator have been conferred with 'The Educationist Award 2021-22' in the category Innovative Practice & Team Work for Academic Excellence

This award has been presented for the impeccable contribution in the field of education and a harbinger of semblance in the society. 

The award has been the result of exemplary work done by the management, the teachers' and staff of the school who successfully collaborated through their team work to upgrade the facilities so as to assure continuous education for the children during the pandemic times. The streamlining of education and activities have been a result of leadership and team strength of our school.

Heartfelt Congratulations!




Exulting success at Inter School Debate Competition 

Another glittering feather added in the cap of KLI, as our young orators participated in 7th Patrician Bi-Centenary Memorial Inter School Debate 2022 organised by St. Mary's Academy, where 20 schools participated. KLl bagged the First Position Trophy in the competition. Our budding orators Triveni Dutta and Kaushiki Bhardwaj proved their mettle by achieving the top most position in the competition. 

Triveni Dutta also received the Best Speaker Trophy. Our orators proved their competent debating skills by putting the facts and issues in a coherent and convincing manner.

The School Management and the Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar, congratulated and wished them luck for their future endeavours.

Congrats to the winners!




Confident Student Council of KLI embark upon their responsibilities

A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. Being a leader requires having a vision and the courage to transform that vision into reality. Such was the level of grit and determination of the students of our school K. L. International when they set out to deck themselves as the flag bearers of the school in the Investiture Ceremony for the session 2022-23.

The ceremony initiated with the welcoming of the esteemed Chief Guest Mr. Piyush Kumar Singh SP City, Meerut followed by the illumination of the lamp. The presentation of the cultural programme further added colours and joy to the spirit of the day. After the melodious and graceful singing and dancing performances was the time to adorn the newly formed apex body with their badges.

Head Boy Atharv from the senior wing stood proud matching the pace with Shrasti Hans, the Head Girl of the school. Following the footsteps close behind were Tanav Bhatia the Vice Head Boy and Panna Tyagi, the Vice Head Girl.

An oath was taken by the newly devised student council to administer their responsibilities with full-fledged honesty and devotion. Their confidence seemed to be a remarkable sight as they addressed the school as the fresh leaders.

The function culminated with the words of wisdom by the Chief Guest to inspire and evoke the urge of dignity and responsibility among the students. The Management and the Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar expressed their gratitude to the dignitary for gracing the occasion.




Mesmerizing activities on Hindi Diwas left an enduring impact

Languages play vital role in communication, but the charm and love for mother tongue is ecstatic to all the countrymen. 14 September every year is celebrated as Hindi Diwas. This day gives a feeling of patriotism and auspiciousness to all the Indians.

KLI celebrated Hindi Diwas by organising various activities round the week. The students of classes KG to VIII learnt the importance of our mother tongue and performed mesmerizing activities where Hindi poetry competition was held, antakshari was played in which different shlokas by famous poets were recited, speeches, short  skits, dance performances made the week delightful and enjoyable.

In classes IX-X 'SWARANJALI' an Inter-house Doha Recitation Competition was conducted. The students recited dohas of popular poets. The essence of Hindi poetry was depicted through a PPT. Dr N.K. Lohani, Head of Hindi Department, CCS University, was the chief guest of the Inter-house competition. He appreciated the students for their marvellous performance. 

The Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar, applauded the students and also told them the importance and value of our mother tongue.




Klites celebrated Nutrition Triduum

Nutrition play a great role in our life as it is very essential for our physical and mental growth. Therefore, it is vital that we should know that how much and what food we have to take, and what type of nutrition is found in a particular food. So, in order to raise awareness about such an important part of our existence, the students of classes I-VIII of K. L. International School stood united to celebrate Nutrition Triduum

The kids of I & II wing celebrated by bringing nutritious tiffins to school. They also prepared a chart on balanced diet and emphasized on the importance of eating healthy. 

The students of III-V wing celebrated the triduum by indulging in the fruit decoration activity on the first day and then the sandwich making & salad decoration activities on the following second and the third day respectively using nutritious food.

The VI-VIII wing had students making a Health Capsule on the first day, the Innovators Gabfest on the second day on which they gave speeches regarding the importance of nutrition. The third day culminated with the Talk Show – Innovator’s Docudrama where a workshop on health and nutrition was conducted by Ms. Anshu Mehra, a nutrition counsellor and an Associate Professor at Meerut College.

The triduum ended well with students being imparted with knowledge about health and nutrition and the efforts of the students and the teachers involved were praiseworthy.




An informative counselling session for girls in VI-VIII Wing

Adolescence is about digging out the iron inside the irony.

Adolescence can be a time of both disorientation and discovery. The transitional period can raise questions of independence and identity; as adolescence  cultivate their sense of self, they may face difficult choices about academics, friendship, gender identity etc. Keeping this in mind an instructive counselling session was organized for the girls of VI-VIII Wing. 

The guest speaker, renowned writer and psychologist Dr Preetika Chandana addressed the issues of increased social media usage and peer pressure, self image, anxiety, depression and relationship problems.

Her friendly attitude, use of funny pictures and some simple activities helped the students to understand the various causes of the problems and made them learn how to tackle them and develop their skills and potential to lead a happy and successful life.




Adulation to Neeraj Chopra for securing Diamond League Trophy


Heartfelt congratulations to India's javelin star Neeraj Chopra for clinching the Diamond League Trophy

There is a joyous celebration in the country as he is the First Indian Athlete to record his name for this trophy. By winning the trophy he has created history. 

This achievement is a moment of pride and glory for Indians as well as our motherland.




Exemplifying Success in IIT JEE Advance


"The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."

The meteoric success in mapping the potential and knowledge of the learners has added another jewel to the crowning glory of the School. Ritwik Manohar who qualified IIT JEE Advance by scoring 3135 rank

School Management and Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated him for his phenomenal achievement and also applauded him for maintaining the legacy of success and wished him to soar high.




Most Influential Teacher's Award

We are elated to share that Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar, CBSE City Coordinator & Principal of the School has been accorded with a prestigious award "MOST INFLUENTIAL TEACHER'S AWARD" by an NGO, Arunodaya Foundation held on 9 September 2022. He was felicitated by Dr. Somendra Tomar, State Minister Power, UP Govt. for his remarkable efforts. 

Arunodaya awards felicitate leaders for global innovation and excellence in education. It demands resilience, adaptability & relentless zeal to stay up to date on the latest educational research, technology, pedagogy and trends. He is indeed a true personification of leadership as he believes in assimilating a powerful value system in the students along with focusing on their academic and co-curricular excellence. 

KLI family feels proud and congratulates him for his remarkable achievement.




Klites celebrate International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day is celebrated every year on 8th of September to raise awareness and concern about literacy issues that exist both locally and globally. This day was declared by UNESCO to remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights.

Like every year, this day was celebrated in K. L. International School with utmost significance. A reading session was conducted for the students of the school and they were also told about the importance of this day. The children were also apprised about the need to be a literate and inculcating the habit of reading, studying and instilling moral values in our lives.

The day ended well on an enlightening note as the children learnt a lot about literacy and adopting such values for their betterment.




Hard work pays dividends not once but ad infinitum

Under the abled Leadership of honourable Chief Minister, Shri Yogi Adityanath ji, UP Govt. felicitated the Principals of the schools wherein students performed meticulously and achieved ALL INDIA RANKS in the Board Examination 2021-22. The award ceremony was held on 5 September 2022 where in Mr. S. Shekhar, Principal & City Coordinator, Meerut was conferred with the Award for his outstanding and marvellous contribution in guiding the young minds.

He was presented a certificate, memento and a shawl as the honour for school's excellent performance by M.L.A. Shri Amit Agarwal ji and M.L.C. Shri Dharmendra Bhardwaj ji.

Mr. Shekhar has already been awarded with numerous awards like CBSE Award by former HRD Minister Ms. Smriti Irani and Principal of the year 2022 etc.

Heartiest congratulations to Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar!




Students compete in recycling of waste

Waste management is the managing of waste by disposal and recycling of it. The method of recycling does not need any resources and basically involves reusing the waste and converting it into useful resources. With this perspective in mind, an Inter-House Waste Management Competition was held in K. L. International School letting the students of XI and XII wing to explore their creative skills. 

The competition proved to be a huge success as the students put in their best foot forward in generating the best out of waste. The first position was bagged by Prayas House followed by Pragati and Prerna House at the second and the third position respectively.




Obeisance towards Teachers

Teacher’s day is celebrated every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. It is a day to honour the selfless contribution of teachers in the field of education. Like every year, this year also saw a celebration in the K. L. International School. The students compiled a breath-taking programme for the teachers based on Rajasthani theme in order to pay respect and gratitude for their work.

The fun-filled show had everything ranging from the welcome song to the qawwali, fusion dance etc.

The day concluded with the inspiring words by Principal sir Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar and the Management. They encouraged the students to keep up the good work and continue their winning streak.




Smashing victory at “Behes” an Inter-school Debate tournament

“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument and debate.”

Klites participated in the prestigious Debate Tournament ‘Behes’ on 26-27 August 2022 organised by DPS RN Extension and secured Second position overall in the tournament. The coveted Best Speaker’s Trophy was bagged by Dhairya Chahal of class IX. The orators of the school passionately expressed their perspectives and personal experiences regarding the topic. 

Ripping the opponents to shreds, Tanav Bhatia, Anushka Dalal and Mohak Nagpal won gold medals in Best Speaker’s category and Kaushiki Sharma acquired silver medals. Shakti Shiddhu also made her mark by grabbing the Bronze medal in the Best Speaker’s category by defeating the teams of Delhi and NCR regions. The Behes Debate saw the participation of around 400 participants, with each team comprising of three students in Lions as well as cubs category. The speakers were judged on the basis of their research, content of their arguments, delivery, relevance to the topic, and participation in the rebuttal round. 

The Management and the Principal, commended the extraordinary efforts of the students for their well-constructed public speaking skills.




Sports Carnival held on 'The National Sports Day'

India celebrates National Sports Day on 29th August to commemorate the birth anniversary of hockey legend, Major Dhyan Chand. Our sports stars are honoured on this day. The President gives away sports awards such as Arjuna Award, Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna and Dronacharya Award on this occasion.

To celebrate the occasion of National Sports Day various activities were performed in our school. In III-V wing an assembly was conducted in which students mediated, recited poetries based on sports, performed dance on the song 'Chak De India'.

In VI-VIII wing Inter-house sports events were organized. The sports carnival started with Inter-house Chess Competition where, in boys' team, Prerna house bagged first position, Prakash house secured second position and Pragati house obtained third position. The girls also proved themselves in Chess where Prayas house obtained first position, Prakash house secured second position and Pragati house stood at third position. 

Inte-rhouse Aerobics was organised where the students participated with full enthusiasm. The results were, Pragati house bagged first, Prayas and Prakash house bagged second followed by Prerna house at third position.

Next in the series were Athletics in which various races were held. In class VI 100 m sprint for boys was held where Prakash bagged first and second position, Prayas bagged third position. Lemon Spoon Race was held for girls where Prerna stood at first and third position and Pragati stood at second position. In class VII Relay race for boys was organised in which the students of Prakash house obtained first position, Pragati house obtained second position and Prayas house obtained third position. For class VII girls 100 m sprint was held, in which   Prakash house secured first and second position where as Pragati house secured third position.

The races held for class VIII were 200 m sprint for boys where Prerna house bagged first position, Pragati house was at second position and Prayas house stood at third position. Relay race was held for girls in which Prayas house obtained first position, Pragati house secured second position and Prakash house bagged third position.

Overall the carnival was enjoyed by the students as sports keep us mentally and physically healthy. It teaches team and competitive spirit.




Illustrious performance of Klites in Psych-fest

Success after success builds upon itself until winning becomes the norm rather than anomaly. It is this norm of taking advantage of the abilities and the opportunities to the fullest set by the students of K. L. International School that leads them to victory. 

One such example of their triumph proves to be their recent accomplishment in the Psych-fest organised by Dewan Public School.

The Project Presentation compiled by Gurleen Gauhri, Khyati, Riya Garg, Yashik Nimi and Amandeep was awarded with the first prize. The first runners up trophy was shared by Radhika Singhal and Ritika Kajla in Quiz & Ambika Jain and Samridhi Gupta for submitting the movie review. The students of our school were also given the overall Champions trophy adding yet another feather to their cap.

The School Management and the Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar applauded the efforts of the students and the teachers involved and wished them luck for their upcoming ventures.




Vaidik Ganit workshop held at KLI

Vaidik Ganit (Vedic Maths), an ancient technique, is an amazing way of boosting the speed for calculation and ensuring the techniques to undertake complex calculations accurately. It helps in making intelligent decisions to both simple and complex problems. It also helps to improve the spiritual side of child's personality and helps in boosting confidence.

An extremely effective Vaidik Ganit workshop was conducted at KLI. The resource person was Dr Kailash Vishwakarma, an associate professor, who had conducted workshops at IIT's, IIIT's, different universities etc. The students of classes VI-XII attended the workshop and came to know about 16 sutras and 13 sub sutras of Vedic Maths. In this workshop students learnt interesting ways to calculate Square, Cube Root and Square Root by applying different sutras. These sutras in Vedic Maths are in the form of shlokas that can be easily remembered by the learners. Overall it was a constructive and productive concept for the students.




Janhit foundation organizes a workshop on Water Conservation 

Every inhabitant of planet Earth is dependent on water for their survival and their day to day activities. Clean and safe water is essential for all living organisms to be able to live healthy and long lives, and with the increasing rate of water pollution, the conservation of water for basic needs is very important. Therefore, an interactive session was organized by Janhit Foundation for the students of K. L. International School in order to explain, emphasize and make them aware about such a grave issue as the shortage of drinking water and how to overcome it through water conservation.

Ms. Anita Rana, the Director of Janhit Foundation, Mr. Nipun Kaushik, the Assosiate Director and Mr. Ajay found the students interactive and also asked them to take a pledge for the same. The students also affirmed to make their family members, relatives and friends aware about water conservation.




Phenomenal Performance of Klites at 'Manthan' national quiz competition

Kite Group of colleges conducted National level quiz 'Manthan' on the theme 75 years of Independence - Amrit Mahotsav wherein 150 renowned schools of the country participated with zeal & enthusiasm. After 2 rigorous rounds K. L. International School prodigies made their way for the finale round. Klites proved their mettle in the different rounds like visual, audio, buzzer & rapid fire rounds. Rapid Fire round lifted the level of interest of not only the participants but also the audience. The competition was tough and the children held their nerve and contested keenly. The quizzers of KLI attained Third position at National level. The winners were felicitated with Rs. 5000/-cash prize and certificates.




World Humanitarian Day celebrated at KLI


World Humanitarian Day focuses on bringing together people from across the humanitarian system to advocate for survival and well-being of the people.

VI-VIII wing of KLI celebrated this day by conducting assembly that was infused with speech, song, dance, poem and quiz. The students learnt many human values, etiquettes and manners which is the need of an hour in today's world. Overall it was a great learning and teaching experience.





A Precedent Success

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. Employing effective pedagogy approaches enables students to reach their full potential and provides a strong foundation of learning and aiding students realize their own capabilities which improve their self confidence and self esteem. 

The Director K. L. International School Mr. Manmeet Khurana has been felicitated with an "Outstanding Pedagogical Approach in Teaching and Learning Award” at The 12th Edition of The Education Summit hosted by Time2Grow Media at the Leela palace, Bengaluru on 6th Aug. 2022.

The School Principal and the City Coordinator, Meerut Mr. S. Shekhar, who believes that “opportunities don't happen we create and there is no limitation to what we can achieve if we can believe”, has also been felicitated for "Leading School Principal Award". On this great achievement he also addressed the gathering highlighting an Ecological perspective to understand the opportunities and complexities of spreading and sustaining educational innovations.




World Photography Day

The beautiful elements of nature serve as a driving force to capture the most wonderful creations of God, be it a scenic beauty or an evening in a wild. What inspires or motivates you to click the design of God, no one knows. But the attraction towards beautiful patterns and designs of nature drives you towards photography.

Students of Classes IX & X at K. L. International School celebrated World Photography Day by presenting collage of their beautiful pieces that they once captured and relived those amazing moments sharing their memories with their friends. Hence, motivating other students to treat photography as a career. 




The Football team triumphs in the Interschool tournament

An Inter School Football Tournament for boys (U-17) named Vesta-Festa 2022 was held at St. Francis World School. A total number of 13 teams participated from the schools all over the city in which the hard work, team spirit and the motivation became a testimony of the proud winning moment of our school K. L. International.

The team was congratulated by the Management and the Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar as they tasted the sweetness of victory. They also wished them luck for their future endeavours. 





Avni and Shivansh outshined in 10th South Asia Karate Championship 2022

Karate, a martial art practice that strengthens the mind, develops composure, a clearer thought process, deeper insight into one's mental capabilities and self confidence.

10th South Asia Hakuakai Karate Championship 2022 was held in which total 150 students participated from different states such as UP, Punjab, Himachal, Delhi, Bihar, Rajasthan and Harayana.

Our sports enthusiasts, Avni Vashistha of class V and Shivansh Vashistha of class IV bagged Silver Medal and citation in the first round of the championship.

Both the students will go to Azusawa Gymnasium, Tokyo, Japan on 18 and 19 September 2022 to participaye in the second round of the championship.

The School Management and the Principal, Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated the winners for their promising performance.




Blissful Birthday celebration of Lord Krishna at KLI

Krishna Janmashtami, the auspicious festival that brings joy and pleasure in the hearts of kids as well as adults is in the air. It is held on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha of the Bhadrapada Month, according to the Hindu Lunar calendar.

The celebrations of Janmashtami took place at KLI with great zeal and enthusiasm. Special assembly was conducted where the birth of Lord Krishna was presented through a skit. A group of students enchanted the bhajan, 'Achyutam Keshavam Krishna Damodaram'. A 'Flute Decoration' activity was held, mesmerizing dances were performed based on the life of Radha-Krishna. An enlightening speech made everyone aware about the hardships faced by Lord Krishna in his childhood, thus it gave the message that hardships and struggles of life are same for both human beings and God. 

The middle wing of the school celebrated 'Sanskrit Pakhwara' as Kathasagar along with Janmashtami. An enactment related to the incident of the life of Shishupal was beautifully depicted. The importance of Lord Krishna's Flute was explained impeccably by the students.



Triveni's impromptu oratory bags II position in Prastuti


Speech is power: speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel. With her compelling and powerful speech Triveni Dutta of VIII fanned her inward oratory fires and bagged the second position in an Inter-school Extempore competition “Prastuti”, held at BNG International School. She successfully impressed the panel of eminent judges with her impromptu eloquence. 

Management and Principal congratulated her on her achievement and wished her success in future endeavours.




Art appreciating K.Lites celebrated National Handloom Day with great zeal

The environs of our school reverberated with the festivities of National Handloom Day which was celebrated in our school to mark the day the Swadeshi Movement was launched in 1905. This day is observed annually to create awareness about the Handloom Industry amongst the public at large and its contribution to socio-economic development. The handloom sector depicts the nation’s glorious cultural heritage and is also an important source of livelihood for people in the country. 

A special assembly was conducted followed by a series of cultural performances through the form of poems and speech by the students, to express their love and gratitude towards the varied cultures of India as part of the National Handloom Day celebration. Students also displayed tie and dye fabric craft articles and other creative displays reflecting the traditional fabric of India paying tribute to the magnificent art and heritage of the country.

The event culminated on a high and positive note with a determination to promote khaki in our lifestyle so that we can promote our handloom industry and aid our weavers.




Biswajeet emerged Winner at KBC 

Kudos to Biswajeet Shekhar of class XII who has secured a phenomenal victory in the Inter-school GK quiz 'Kaun Banega Champion' competition organised at MPGS for the students of grade IX to XII. It comprised of ten intuited and mind boggling questions from science and technology, art and culture, Indian scholars, constitution, animal kingdom, global warming, books and authors, mythology etc. Prodigies from renowned schools of Meerut participated in the quiz. Through Fastest Finger's First round Biswajeet Shekhar of class XII got chance to be on the hot seat wherein he enthralled the audience with his knowledge, promptness & information and conferred with the title of Champion of Champions.

The School Management and entire KLI fraternity extended their heartiest congratulations to him on this remarkable achievement.



K.G wing enjoyed a Rumble in the Jungle aiding wildlife conservation

The entire K.G wing joined hands to create awareness about wild flora and fauna and to celebrate the diversity they have. They celebrated Rumble in the jungle activity. A jungle safari and a story with a puppet was organized for the students to spread the message of wildlife conservation in a fun way. Our students not only enthusiastically participated in the activity but also enhanced their knowledge inspired to play their bit in wildlife conservation in their own unique way.



Let’s Salute the Spirit of 75 years of Independence 

Independence Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor on 15th August, 2022 in the school ground with the staff and students to mark the 75 years of freedom from the British rule.

On this special occasion, the programme started with flag hoisting by the Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar. The programme started with patriotic messages from the students.

The Principal addressed the gathering appealing to their nationalistic spirit and urging them to take pride in being an Indian and fulfilling one’s duty with responsibility. He also emphasized the role of youth today as the true wealth of a country.

This was followed by a musical rendition by the school choir which sang patriotic songs that awakened everyone’s feelings towards the motherland. The students also depicted yoga poses to commemorate the occasion. Swami Vivekanand's sermons were recited by the young patriots filled the atmosphere with exuberance. Indeed, it was a day of joy, a day to love and respect our country and make it a better place for Indians to live and experience the freedom, peace and unity in diversity.



Outshining others Atharv wins first prize in fancy dress competition

In a fancy dress competition organized by Amar Ujala, Mashal - Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav our student Atharv of class II won first prize. He was dressed as Mangal Pandey beautifully projecting the personality of the eminent freedom fighter. 

The School Management and Principal lauded his achievement and wished him success for future endeavours.





Quit India Movement Day

In remembrance of Legends that refused to give up, Quit India Movement Day was commemorated at K. L. International School.

On the occasion of August Kranti Diwas students of Classes IX & X gave tribute to the selfless soldiers of Quit India Movement, whose struggle led to the dawn of our freedom. Holding slogans and placards they presented monologues depicting all the freedom fighters who played an important role in Quit India Movement. Classes XI & XII paid homage to the freedom fighters by performing role plays, dance on patriotic songs and a march on Quit India Movement. They also presented the glimpses of India’s freedom struggle through presentation and also highlighted the current problems like corruption, pollution and import of foreign goods in India that’s still need to be wiped off the face of the country.



Students observe Amrit Mahotsava week with great zeal

The Independence Day is significant as it stands as a reminder for the sacrifices of our freedom fighters to gain independence from the British rule. It is the day to honour the contribution of those who made our country stand tall and proud and made it free from the clutches and the marred memories of bondage for our people, our Nation which was once called a ‘Golden Bird’.

This year, being the 75th year of our freedom made it more precious as we celebrated a week of ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsava’ in our school K. L. International. The students of our school collaborated to effectuate numerous activities for the same.

An activity was conducted wherein the students explained about the five main pillars of Amrit Mahotsava and narrated the ideologies of the famous freedom fighters, also mentioning about the historic events in the course of freedom struggle like Dandi March. A quiz was organised based on the patriots of our nation and the winners were awarded with the gifts.

Another activity comprised of a special assembly where the students recited the prayer, poems etc., enacted a skit, delivered speeches and danced on the theme of patriotism.

The special week also brought forth an activity where the children showcased the journey of 75 years of our Country which started with yoga followed by the significant speeches of Swami Vivekananda, Rani Lakshmi Bai etc. and concluded with a glimpse of progress in the years post-independence showing women empowerment, ISRO, Mangalyaan etc.

Next in the row of activities was an Inter-House Declamation Competition organised in the VI-VIII wing of the school where the speeches of Sarojini Naidu, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Bal Gangadhar Tilak etc. enabled the students to inculcate the patriotic fervour.

Tiny-tots of the Sankalp Club were engaged in the fancy dress competition with the theme of ‘Freedom Fighters’. The little ones dressed like Subhash Chandra Bose, Jhansi ki Rani etc. aroused the feeling of nationalism in everyone who witnessed them.

Children, in another activity explored their creative skills as they performed a Logo making and a Slogan making activity which proved to be a sight to behold.

The week culminated with a spirit of patriotic enthusiasm aroused by these activities and the students and teachers acclaimed it to be a prolific experience.



Prakash House triumphs over the Inter-house debate

An Inter-House English Debate was organised for the students of classes XI and XII in K. L. International School on Saturday, 16 July 2022. The topic for the debate was - Indian entertainment media: a tool of puissant or a true reflection of society.

Two participants from each house took part in the debate voicing their views ‘for’ and ‘against’ the motion. Dr. Monika Bhatnagar, the Associate Professor, Department of English, Meerut College graced the occasion as the judge for the debate. Both the judge and the audience were captivated by the confidence of the students speaking for the motion and the others opposing them as they put forward their views. 

Dr. Monika Bhatnagar announced the results along with appreciating all the participants of their confidence and oratory skills.

Prakash House was declared as the winners of the debate while Prerna House and Pragati House settling for the first and the second runner ups respectively.  Samridhi Gupta was proclaimed as the best speaker for the motion with Meenal Tyagi getting the best speaker award against the motion.



Klites make the school proud in Commerce Wizard: The Talent Search Test

The institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is the World’s largest professional accounting body of India under the control of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

A Talent Search Test known as Commerce Wizard was held under the guidelines of ICAI and we feel delighted to announce that Nakshatra Gupta of our school came out with flying colours and secured 78th rank at the All India Level. He was awarded with 1500/- as the cash prize. 

The other students who were awarded with the participation certificates were Kashish Singhal, Khushi Malhotra, Hrithik Chhabra and Abhyudya Gupta.

The Management and the Principal appreciated their performance and wished them luck for their future endeavours.



Sanskrit Diwas

A celebration of one of the most ancient languages in the world was observed at K. L. International School. Sanskrit Diwas is celebrated with the objective to promote and revive the ancient Indian language. 

Students of classes IX and X participated in the event sharing the importance of learning and knowing the language. The programme started with the welcoming of the guest Mrs. Santosh Kumari, HOD Sanskrit from Ch. Charan Singh University. Hence forth lightening of the Panchdeep and welcome dance by the students. 

The students recited many famous and self composed sanskrit shalokas and staged the life history of Raja Harish Chandra. They also dramatized the important incidents and scenes from Raja Harish Chandra's life. 

This gave all the students a new motivation and inspiration to work towards the vast language. 

Mrs. Santosh Kumari congratulated and applauded the ever confident participants, summarizing the essence of the programme and mentioning the significance of the celebration. 

The School Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar too addressed the audience and advised the students to promote one of the oldest languages in the world which protects our culture, social system, as well as lead us towards the real knowledge of life. 



Klites presented TIRANGA and Rakhis to honorable I.G. Meerut Range Shri Praveen Kumar

It is this bond which comes out beautifully on the occasions like the Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan, where one presents the patriotism and admiration one has for the nation and the other showcases a bond of love and affection between a brother and sister.

In the pursuit of these heart-warming feelings the students of K. L. International School extended their wishes to the Honorable I.G., Meerut, Mr. Praveen Kumar on the occasions of Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan as they gave the National Flag, tricolour as a symbol of unity to promote the “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign and tied Rakhis on their wrists in order to strengthen the bond of protection.

Both the officers were pleased to receive the valuable souvenirs and felt delighted to be entrusted with such great responsibilities.


Klites presented TIRANGA and Rakhis to honorable D.M. Meerut Shri Deepak Meena

It is this bond which comes out beautifully on the occasions like the Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan, where one presents the patriotism and admiration one has for the nation and the other showcases a bond of love and affection between a brother and sister.

In the pursuit of these heart-warming feelings the students of K. L. International School extended their wishes to the Honorable D.M., Meerut, Mr. Deepak Meena on the occasions of Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan as they gave the National Flag, tricolour as a symbol of unity to promote the “Har Ghar Tiranga” campaign and tied Rakhis on their wrists in order to strengthen the bond of protection.

Both the officers were pleased to receive the valuable souvenirs and felt delighted to be entrusted with such great responsibilities.



Auspicious celebration of Rakhi at KLI

Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of love and bond between brother and sister. It is one of the auspicious festivals of India celebrated with fun and excitement all over the country.

To celebrate this bond of love and togetherness, the students projected their creative skills by making attractive Rakhis. Their teacher told them about the importance of this day.

An assembly was conducted where strange but true facts related to the festival of Rakhi were told.  An enactment depicting the celebration was beautifully performed.

An activity 'Siblings Love Pouches' was held in which students made envelopes and decorative pouches with papers, cloth and other creative material. The students gave these pouches to their siblings by keeping Rakhi, money and gifts in them. A table layout for the festivity was held that added glaze to the festival.




"While most are dreaming of success, winners wake-up and work hard to achieve it.”

The students of K. L. International School have proved it true time and again by getting hold of one achievement after another. The same corroborated as Klites of class 10th showcased an outstanding execution of hard work with laudable 100% result in AISSE examination. The dedication and perserverence of the students, teachers and parents have paid rich dividends. 

We hail the achievements of Aayush Singh Faujdar who has accomplished splendid AIR-2 with 99.8%, Anushruti and Panna Tyagi obtained a whopping 99.4% and following the suite Abhinav Banerjee, Aaradhya Sharma, Riya Singh and Aditya Chaurasiya secured stupendous 99.2%. The scholars of KLI have scaled new heights with their outstanding performance as 200 students scored aggregate 90% & above. 

120 students magnificently acquired full 100% marks in different subjects: 34 in Social Studies, 24 students in Stdandard Maths, 24 in Science, 15 in IT, 10 in Sanskrit, 7 in English, 5 in Basic Maths & 1 in Hindi. 

The Management and Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar acknowledges every student for their praiseworthy accomplishments and extreme passion to score creditable marks.



Astonishing Success in Class XII Term 2 Board Results

Best compliments to the HUMAN DYNAMOS of AISSCE TERM 2 EXAMINATION 2021-22.

The proud protégées of K. L. International School stood tall to testify the school motto 'Knowledge, Discipline and Character’ by continuing their extraordinary journey of comprehensive learning and reached towards the zenith of success yet again, proving that the unyielding streak of our school never ceases to exist. The young achievers of Grade XII batch 2021-22 gave coruscating results in the CBSE Grade XII Board Examinations. The highest score of the school is a stupendous 99.8%.

The toppers who made the school proud are: Manvi of Humanities stream who epitomised success at AIR-2 by scoring 99.8% with Prithviraj Gupta scoring a meticulous 99%, Avani Singh and Zoha Nasir marching the way to triumph with 98.6%, Srishti Agarwal at 98% and Vrinda Gupta scoring 97.6%.

Parv Singhal defining success at 99.6% attained AIR-3 in the Science stream followed by Sparsh Rastogi at 99.4% obtained AIR-4, Vyomesh Goel at 99%, Riya Aggarwal at 97.8% and Aakriti Vishnoi at 97.6%.

Accelerating on the same path of success Divye Bansal of Commerce stream magnificently scored 99.2%, Kavya Ujjwal at 98.8% and Gungun Tekwani at 98.2%, Arushi Narula scored 97.8% and matching the pace Shreya Pathak and Anshita Sharma scored 97.4%.

There are 87 students who have scored full 100% marks in different subjects: 26 students in English, 15 in Music, 2 in Chemistry, 13 in Psychology, 5 in Economics, 6 in Maths, 4 in Business Studies, 4 in Physical Education, 3 in Geography, 5 in History and 1 in Political Science, Physics, Painting and Home Science.

An astonishing number of 116 students scored Aggregate 90% and above.

The Management and Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar applauded the students and appreciated the teachers and parents for being their pillars of strength and support in the challenging times.

They also asserted that our young adults stand at the threshold of greener pastures and wished them the very best in all their future pursuits hoping that they keep adding new feathers to the cap of their alma mater.



Treasure Hunt Competition thrills the toddlers of I-II wing

The idea of hunting the hidden treasure has always been exciting and adventurous for young toddlers.

Keeping this concept in mind an Inter-House Treasure hunt Competition was organised in the I-II wing of K. L. International School.. 

The competition aimed at offering the students a wonderful experience to imbibe the creative and mathematical skills in a play-way method. Corners like Toy shop, Cafeteria, Library, Theatre etc. were designed with hidden treasure from which the students were supposed to not only search but also prepare the bill of their found treasure.

Pragati House stood first in the competition with second position shared by Prerna and Prayas House. The third position was however bagged by Prakash House.

The students acclaimed the competition to be an exciting experience where they learnt mathematical calculations like addition and subtraction in a distinct and vivid way.


World Web Day celebrations by our cyber enthusiasts

The World Wide Web is a revolutionary technology that led to the creation of thousands of other inventions that rule the world today. However, it took a few years before the World Wide Web was noticed by the masses. The proposal for the WWW was developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989 and was further enhanced with the help of Robert Cailliau, a Belgian informatics engineer and computer scientist. To celebrate this day our students of VI-VIII Wing participated in an Inter-House PUBLICITE Competition. A team of two students from each house prepared an advertisement using Adobe Flash on artificial intelligence products to compete with each other. The arduous show from each house left the judges spellbound making it all the more difficult to pass a judgment. The AI products ranged from Gita Cargo, Adibot, AI Vacuum Cleaner to AI Mirror. The students competed with each other with great zeal. 

Pragati house with its fantastic performance bagged the first prize followed closely by two houses Prerna and Prayas house both grabbing the second position at the same score. The Management and Principal appreciated the toil and efforts of all the students and wished everyone a Happy World Wide Web Day 2022!


Tabloid Competition a peek in the world of journalism

The ever curious minds of our students of class VI participated in an Inter-House Tabloid Competition wherein their literary as well as creative writing skills were put to a good use. Students of each house were made to design a newspaper in one of the state language of our very diverse nation furthering the thought of Ek Bharat Srestha Bharat. The competition not only upskilled our students but also established the importance of newspaper in our lives. The tireless efforts of the students brought life to the newspaper. 

Team Candour of Pragati house bagged the first prize followed by team Prernank of Prerna house and team Rashtriya Swaroop of Prayas house at a close second position. The competition was indeed a great learning experience for the budding journalists!


Captivating Celebration of Friendship Day

First Sunday of every August is a day full of life and energy for all, as it's Friendship Day. This day encourages us to connect with friends. Through friendship, we grow and broaden our horizons. This is the most beautiful relation on the Earth.

The students of KLI enthusiastically celebrated this day with an aim to create harmony and celebrate friendship. The story of Shri Krishna and Sudama was projected, that depicted the mesmerizing bond of friendship between them. The students gave speeches, recited poems, made craft articles and concluded the celebration by an admirable dance based on the theme of friendship.



World Nature Conservation Day observed at KLI

World Nature Conservation Day is observed every year on 28 July to spread awareness regarding the preservation of nature and biodiversity. To save plants and animals from the threat of extinction, is an essential goal of observing this day. It acknowledges that a healthy environment is the foundation for a stable and healthy society.

Our school took initiative to make the students aware of the importance of this day by conducting assembly, where the students portrayed the prevailing concerns in terms of nature i.e. Air, Water, Land pollution.

Forest conservation and Electricity conservation were also the highlighted concerns of the program. Mesmerizing poetry on conservation and importance of Natural Resources was the attraction of the celebration.

Let us Nurture Nature to have a Nurturing Future.



KLI organised A Badging Ceremony

'Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.'

To inculcate the leadership qualities and to give edge to the students, KLI conducted, Insignia - The Badging Ceremony for classes VI-VIII on 14th July 2022. 

The prefectorial board was formed after scrutinizing interviews for various posts. The ceremony began with the floral welcome of the dignitaries. A group song was performed depicting the seven leadership qualities.

The principal, Mr. S. Shekhar, honoured the young leaders with badges and sashes, followed by the oath taking ceremony.

The Management wished the student leaders, luck and blessings for the new responsibilities that they have shouldered.



Glorious Moment

"A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work." 

Heartiest congratulations to Malvika Sharma, an alumnus of K. L. International School for securing Rank-2 (454/800) Meerut vicinity in both Groups of CA Final. The entire KLI fraternity is extremely proud of her for outstanding achievement and conveys their best wishes to the determined & dedicated young persona in all the future endeavours.





Etiquette Week conducted at KLI

Etiquette is the quintessential element to deal with different situations in life. It teaches us life skills, promotes kindness, modesty and courtesy.

Etiquette week was celebrated in KLI to groom our students to behave well at home, school and society. A plethora of activities were organised in the school campus for the whole week, to teach the students to represent themselves wherever they go. 

In I-II wing the tiny-tots learnt the ways to dress and carry themselves appropriately. They learnt the importance of being disciplined.

In III-V wing the students were taught to sort waste in Red, Blue and Green garbage bins. The students made stupendous table mats. Table manners were taught to inculcate mannerism while eating food. They were taught that by being alert today how they can lead a happy life tomorrow. At the last day of the week, a quiz was conducted to recapitulate what all they had learnt the whole week.

In VI-VIII wing the students learnt how to be soft and polite with others while conversing at school and in public. They learnt the importance of self grooming. Attractive greetings were made by the students for their elders. They even learnt the etiquettes required while playing sports. A questionnaire was done by the students for their self assessment at the end of the week.

Etiquette gives us the confidence and smartness to deal with life. It teaches us to nurture a collaborative environment. Etiquette week came out to be a productive effort to make the students learn to present themselves in the world.



Creativity in abundance amidst the celebrations of World Emoji Day! 

Emojis have quintessentially replaced written expressions to a large extent. Emojis have become an indispensable addition to human communication. In a time where we communicate verbally lesser, opting for emails, texts, even dictating messages through our devices, an emoji is a great way of expressing the sentiments behind our messages when they can otherwise be lost. 

Celebrating the World Emoji Day, the very exuberant kindergarten, students of Classes I-V participated in various activities. They drew and discussed their favourite emojis immensely enjoying the experience. Students also pasted their chosen emoji on ice-cream sticks and talked about it. The students of III-V wing even went further to create their own emojis to express their feelings better in the pictorial way. The activities planned for the celebration of World Emoji Day proved out to be informative and interesting for our students.



World day for International Justice

People worldwide aspire for peace and justice. They live up to the respect of the rule of law and human dignity. 

17th July every year is observed as World day for International Justice and celebrated to give recognition to the emerging system of International criminal justice and to recognize the work of International Court of Justice.

Students of Classes IX & X engaged themselves in a role play wherein they portrayed the characters of Lady Justice, African American, consumer etc. and reflected on social, economic and criminal justice, highlighting issues on consumer rights, racial discrimination and gender division. 



KLI celebrated French Day

The French Day is the national festival of France also called Bastille Day. France became independent on 14 July 1789.

The celebration of French Day at KLI, was blissful and euphoric. The students performed melodious French songs. The students presented their speeches and thoughts on French Day. A mesmerizing dance was performed by the students, that became the attraction of the celebration. It graced the occasion with cheer and glee. 

The celebration was culminated by the French parade.




Paper Bag Day celebrations zealously by creative geniuses of the school

“Use and reuse paper bags and contribute your bit to the environment.”

Paper Bag Day was celebrated in our school to raise and create awareness about paper bags. In terms of usage, paper bags are not only sturdy and durable but are also eco-friendly. Since climate change is one of the biggest concerns across the world in today’s time, a switch from plastic bags to paper bags is more important now. Paper Bags are biodegradable and so when they are disposed of they leave less carbon footprint. Furthering the same thought the students of our KG and I-II Wing participated in paper bag making and paper bag decoration activity. The students not only used old news papers and old used papers or charts to create beautiful and artistic bags but also embellished them with beads and other decorative pieces from used or dumped material to bring out the best out of waste concept. 



Commercial Advertisement Activity conducted by Commerce club

The purpose of organising various activities time and again is to fuel the students' learning and to inculcate important life skills in them.

Keeping the same thoughts, "YOUNG TYCOON" Commerce Club, conducted a Commercial Advertisement Activity for classes XI - XII. This activity was held in two rounds. In the first round students worked in groups and presented the thoughts about their products in a written form. Ten teams were shortlisted for the second and the final round. All the teams beautifully advertised their products through enactment and PPTs.

The first position was bagged by the team 'Kaagaz Junction Pvt. Ltd.', the participants were Aaradhya Sharma, Himanshu Chaudhary, Vinayak Tandon and Ishani Bhardwaj. They presented products made up of paper instead of non-biodegradable materials.

The second position was obtained by the team 'Finesse Venduers', the participants were Akshita Singh, Kavya Agarwal, Pragati Negi and Dhruv Rastogi. They showcased to opt wallets made up of environment friendly material in place of leather.

The third position was secured by the team 'The Trend Makers', the participants were Alok Kumar, Shakti Siddhu, Pari Shree Gupta and Vidhi Krishna. They advertised about various fashion style attires and accessories.

It came out really well, the students showcased their innovations, leadership skills and learnt to work in teams through this activity.


Proud achievers of KLI clear JEE-Main

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is an engineering entrance assessment conducted for admissions to various engineering colleges in India. It is constituted by two different examinations: the JEE-Main and the JEE-Advanced.

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that the students of KLI School who have showed their potential and cleared the JEE-Main Exam. The students who made us proud are Ritwik Manohar (99.38), Aksh Chauhan (99.03), Madhav Nagpal (97.83), Sparsh Rastogi (96.75), Samarth Tomar (95.64), Arsh Gupta (94.45), Parv Singhal (94.8), Tarush Agarwal (93.8), Lakshay Pahwa (93.4).

The Management and the Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar appreciated their efforts and wished them luck for their future endeavours.



Batting a thousand 

Dedication, hard work and unremitting devotion of alumnus Parv Singhal have provided him remarkable AIR rank 20 in prestigious NID exam

Design Aptitude Test (DAT) is a national-level entrance exam through which aspirants are shortlisted for admission to UG and PG Design courses offered by the prestigious National Institute of Design (NID) campuses. This hard-earned feat has provided him wings to soar high as he got admission in prestigious NID Ahmedabad which was founded in 1961.

The KLI family is proud of his tremendous efforts and achievement and wishes him all the best for his future endeavours.



Scientia Tech held in classes IX-X

A science activity 'Scientia Tech' was held on 11 July 2022 in the IX-X wing of K. L. International School. The students took the topic of space science and gathered information on the formation of Universe. The students were shown the experiments based on black hole and the colour of the space suits in the form of ppt. The excitement and enthusiasm of the students was evident when they were shown the astro photos. The activity also included of the students of class IX speaking about the life and achievements of one scientist during the assembly.

The activity proved to be a wholesome experience as all the students whole-heartedly enjoyed it along with learning.




On the occasion of World Population Day, let us make a promise to ourselves to be more responsible towards the increasing population.

An Educational session on World Population Day was conducted on 11th July in school to spread awareness among students about the impact of growing population and issues including poverty, gender equality, maternal health, human rights etc. UNFA - this year focuses on how to safeguard the health and rights of women and girls now and putting the brakes on COVID-19.

The Students of K. L. International School took the initiative to provide the information and put forth their thoughts and views with the help of placard, posters and slogans to acquaint the school regarding prioritizing the reproductive health and rights of all.


Commencement of Etiquette Week in KLI

Etiquettes are the conventional rules of personal behaviour in society. It is a form of an ethical code that delineates the accepted social behaviours. 

To inculcate the social attitude i.e. etiquettes in the students, KLI is conducting 'Etiquette Week' from 11th July to 16th July 2022.

The etiquette week commenced with admirable activities. On the first day, the little munchkins of I-II wing made attractive Greetings for their elders, to show their love, care and respect for their grandparents and parents. By making these greeting cards the students learnt to say thanks and to show gratitude towards the elders for all they do for the kids.

The students of III-V wing conducted the activity named 'Kind Hand Kind Words' and learnt to help others in the time of need as well as the importance of being kind and polite towards others.

In VI-VIII wing the students learnt about table etiquettes. As table etiquettes play an essential part in making a favourable impression on others. The students were excited to participate and learn from this activity.

Manners and etiquettes play an important role in overall grooming of the students. The day was full of learning.



Exemplary leadership qualities of our Principal sir applauded by the 3rd EduLeaders Summit 2022

"Achievement does not require extra ordinary ability. It comes from ordinary abilities applied with extra ordinary persistence"

With immense pleasure we are delighted to announce that the concerted efforts of Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar, Principal of the school, were recognized in a prestigious Award Function 3rd EduLeaders Summit 2022 on 8 July 2022 in New Delhi. He is honoured with the Principal of the year 2022 award for his visionary approach. The award is truly a testimony of high spirits, devotion and dedication of the principal towards holistic education. The management cherishes the essence of this grand and glorious achievement.

The recognition has instilled a sense of pride in the KLI fraternity.


klites celebrate PV Sindhu's birthday

Discipline is the practice of training our mind and body so that we control our actions and obey rules for our betterment.

Such discipline can be a source of success in our lives. One such example of a disciplined life is the renowned Padma Shree and Padma Bhushan awardee PV Sindhu whose birthday was celebrated in the III-V wing of our school. The students prepared a special dance performance on theme of discipline. A speech was also delivered by the students in order to reiterate the glorious achievements of this extraordinary player.

The Principal Mr. S. Shekhar appreciated the efforts of the students and motivated them to follow the foot steps of such an exceptional talent like PV Sindhu.


Klites campaigned to publicize Plastic Bag Free Day 

International Plastic Bag Free Day, is a global initiative that aims to eliminate the use of plastic bags. This day was celebrated with great ebullience in our school. 

Our students actively participated in a series of programs sensitizing and spreading awareness about the importance of discarding the use of one time use plastic materials. Our students spread awareness about the same through a series of positive talk. A special assembly was also conducted which included heart touching skit on the plight of mother earth followed by a thought provoking speech and very next to real enactment of the grave issue. Students later pledged to embrace a healthy lifestyle that would say no to the use of one time plastic bags and also minimize other plastic usage stressing on the important concept of reduce and reuse. Last but not least students also made paper and cloth bags giving a practical alternative to the use of plastic bags.

All activities conducted by our alert and active students are clearly a reflection of their belief that change can only brought about with self initiative.


National Doctors' Day celebrated in KLI

KLI organised Doctors' Day celebration to highlight the importance and the special awareness about the role of the doctors in our society.

The little munchkins of KG wing celebrated the Doctors' Day by making attractive collages on placards. They saluted the doctors for their never ending help and support.

The students of classes I-VIII organised a quiz, to gauge the equipment’s used by the doctors. “Thank you note” making activity was adhered by the students to express their heartfelt gratitude towards the doctors for the selfless service they provide to the humanity. A special assembly was conducted, in which they focused on the importance of the day highlighting the reason of celebration and the relentless services of the doctors.

The celebration was an attempt to emphasize on the value of the doctors in our lives and to express our gratitude towards them.




Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." -- The Bhagavad Gita

Celebrating International Yoga Day is a fabulous opportunity to inhale the future and exhale the past. The innumerable benefits that yoga can provide can be summated up in one word – freedom. Yoga teaches freedom from psychological limits, freedom from physical limits, freedom from a negative self-image, and freedom from all other bondage that limits us to a mundane life.
It’s a known fact that yoga relieves stress, improves flexibility, and builds confidence. To make students aware that yoga is not about being good at something, it's about being good to yourself, our students of standard NUR to XII have been made to study, practice, perform and were enlightened on yoga practices and benefits through a myriad of activities.
The activities conducted while celebrating International Yoga Day were: enactment of yoga guru, non-living things yoga poses maintaining balancing the body (chair pose, bridge pose, triangle pose bow pose etc.), survey on member of people practicing, demonstration of asanas, pledge, practice of pranayama and many more. Students were apprised of asanas in Surya namaskar. A session on meditation was held for students. A seminar organised for students and teachers was helpful in expressing that yoga is not a work-out, it is a work-in. A group of students visited SHAHEED SMARAK which was built in Meerut to commemorate the revolt of 1857. 
Prodigy club of school organised BLISS YOGA: a quiz competition to encourage the students to espouse a positive and healthy life style practising yoga. BREATH OF LIFE: a documentary based on yoga to spread awareness was shown to students followed by a questionnaire for enlightening them that “You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside."
A street play was performed by the students of class XII demonstrating yoga asanas, explaining history of yoga, place of yoga attained in modern life style. Rhythmic yoga was practised by the teachers exhibiting that true yoga is not about the shape of your body, but the shape of life.
8th International Yoga Day was celebrated as a great festival in school elucidating the students and teachers that yoga is not to be performed; yoga is to be lived. The enthusiasm for yoga escalated among students that made them curious and excited while enhancing their yoga skills.



Klites celebrated National Reading Day

Reading helps in the development of thoughts. It teaches new words and perspectives. It helps strengthen language and sharpens sentence structure. 
India celebrates 19 June as The National Reading Day in honour of PN Panicker, the father of library and literacy movement.

KLI celebrated The National Reading Day by conducting various online activities. The tiny- tots of I-II wing read different story books and spoke about their favourite character from the story. The learners of III-V wing read different books of their choices. It enhanced the culture of book reading in the students.
The students of VI-VIII wing conducted 'Reading Circle Activity' in which they read books to enhance their vocabulary and reading skills. They even discussed about the title, author, characters, popularity, theme etc.

Reading turns an individual as a storehouse of wisdom and knowledge.

Happy Reading!


Exultant celebration of Father's Day

Father's Day is the occasion of celebrating fatherhood, paternal bond and the influence of fathers in the society. It is a day to celebrate fathers and all that they do for us. Father's love is unconditional, sacrificial, forgiving and selfless.

Klites wished their father’s on this special day by making Mint Mojito for them. The students conveyed their love by making composition of their and their father's handprint and footprint. The children expressed their emotions for their superheroes in a self composed poem. These activities made the day full of excitement for the fathers as well as the children.




Science exhibition exhibited in KLI

A science exhibition is an interface of science and society, it creates awareness and interest about science in the students.

Our science club ‘Innovators’, organised a science exhibition to inculcate a scientific attitude in the students.

The students showcased various static and working models on the topics viz. usage of natural products, save soil, bio fuel, best out of waste, save energy, water management, seed bomb etc.

The exhibition turned out productive and constructive for our learners.



Klites observed World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated across the world on 5 June, to raise awareness and describe the importance of Mother Nature. We all know the earth is our only home and we need to save it for upcoming generations.

The students of KLI celebrated World Environment Day by performing various activities and taking small initiatives such as planting saplings, tiara making, stop using plastic, conserving water, pondering upon sustainable development etc. Through these activities students became vigilant to keep the environment clean, green and eco-friendly. 




Yet another successful feat by our Karate Champs

“Success in life is not for those who run fast, but for those who keep running and always on the move.” 

It is a matter of pride to announce the triumph of our robust and super committed Karate team that has won three Gold, three Silver and two Bronze medals in the First Invitational North India Karate Championship 2022 held at CCS University, Meerut. 

The school Principal and management applauded the efforts and winning attitude of Aadya Kalra, Atharv Kalra, Akash Pal for winning the gold medals and also appreciated Arjun Joneja, Swati, Akash Pal, Rudraksh  Pundir and Hridul Gupta for bringing back Silver and Bronze medals respectively. 

Accolades to our victorious pupils for his phenomenal achievement in the field of sports.



Inter house designing budha competition conducted in KLI

Buddha is said to be a sign of spirituality and peace. He is known for serenity and calmness of mind and soul. An Inter house Designing Budha Competition was held in KLI for classes XI-XII. This activity was held to develop designing skills of the students. 

The efforts of the students in the competition were beyond the expectations. Pragati house obtained the first rank.  Prayas house achieved the second rank.  Prakash house secured the third rank. 

Felicitations to the winners!




KLI conducted Inter house Science Quiz Competition

KLI conducted an Inter house Science Quiz Competition for the students of classes IX-X. The main aim of this quiz was to inculcate a spirit of scientific enquiry and analytical thinking in the minds of students. The session was quite interactive where the students exchanged their views and knowledge based on science. 

Out of the four houses, Prerna house bagged the first position, Prakash house secured the second position and Prayas house achieved the third position. 

Kuddos to all the winners!! 




Junior Klites take charge of their responsibilities

The INVESTITURE CEREMONY is a solemn occasion where all the young leaders are prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted on them by the school. 

The establishment of Student Council gives students an opportunity to acquire the sort of communication, planning and organizational skills which prove beneficial to them in their future. Our school acknowledged the budding young leaders and reposed the trust in them by conducting an Investiture Ceremony.

A prefectorial body was formed after testing their creative skills as to how they roll a story, think and project themselves in an extempore. Their ability to make logical connections between different concepts as per their mental ability and how they involve themselves in the rigorous group discussions was also checked.

The selected students were awarded the badges in accordance to their respective posts. Nirbhay Pratap Singh of V B and Priyanshi Verma of V C were selected as the Junior Head boy and the Head girl for the session respectively.

The other posts were allotted to Karman Khurana (Junior Vice head boy), Rishita Jaiswal (Junior Vice head girl), Kanak Katheria and Arham Khan (Pragati House Captains), Manasvi Rajvanshi and Vivaan Venwal (Prayas House Captains), Kakshi Trar and Vinod Kumar Sharma (Prerna House Captains), Trinabh Tomar and Lavanya Dhankar (Prakash house Captains) and Om Chauhan and Aayat Ansari (Discipline Incharges).

The occasion began with the welcoming of the honourable Vice-Chairman, Mr. Tejinder Khurana and the members of the management, Mr. Manmeet Khurana & Mr. Harneet Khurana followed by acclaiming the work of Rabindranath Tagore. Inspirational impulse was yet another addition to the programme which led to the badge ceremony and then the administration of the oath. The flavour of the ceremony was enhanced by a performance of the classical dance. The speech delivered by the Head girl and the Head boy conveyed the dedication they had for their duties concluded by the words of wisdom by the Principal Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar.



Enjoyed Fun-filled Ice-cream Party

Summer vacations are welcomed with great excitement and enthusiasm by the children. It is the time when children explore their hobbies.

Kindergarten of our school celebrated their last working day before vacations as 'Fun Day with Cool Treat'. On this occasion an ice-cream party was planned for the little cherubs. They learnt various ways to keep themselves cool in hot summers. Our tiny-tots relished the different and delicious flavours of ice-cream. They enjoyed the party and had fun with their friends and teachers.




Klites outshine for selection in NIFT

Fashion is a competitive arena to break into but the burning desire to compete, achieve success and also carve a niche for oneself allures a person to step into this industry and take a leap towards future.

Such was the confidence and determination of the stalwarts Mudita Singh, Gauri Agarwal and Vaishnavi Saini of our school, who not only secured admission in the prestigious NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) but also proved that nothing is difficult if one sets the motivation to achieve it.

The School Management and the Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar congratulated them for their accomplishment and wished them luck for future endeavours.



Save Soil Awareness Campaign

“The greatness of a community is measured by the compassionate actions of its members”.

Responding to the clarion call by Sadhguru to 'Save Soil', a special session was organized by the true Samaritans of K. L. International School to encapsulate the need to conserve the soil. 
Myriads of well thought out activities were executed to familiarise the students of all age groups with the “Save Soil” movement. Students of Primary and Senior Wings took the pledge to protect Mother Earth. Advocating the message to invest in Our Planet a rally with placards was carried out. Igniting the idea of Saving soil Poster making, slogan writing, reciting rhymes, fabricated stories on save soil and its importance, enchanting dance and songs on save soil were executed well and touched the message beautifully. Students also watched a special video of Sadhguru on the tree plantation drive. The initiative was to increase students’ interests and inclination towards saving soil and the planet as a whole.

To sensitise the students Eco club of the school Organized a Special Assembly, the students pledged to plant, nurture and take care of the environment. Students participated in the campaign in a very cheerful manner. They also wrote a letter to the PM and requested to launch initiatives to save soil for a better and healthier Planet Earth.

School Management and Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar appreciated everyone for their fantabulous efforts. He asserted that it was indeed a very informative and eye-opening session where everyone understood the importance of protecting and nurturing our Mother Earth and soil for a better tomorrow.



Herculean victory for our super karate champs at MDKC 2022

Another magnificent achievement of our super karate kids as they exhibited their martial arts skills with great finesse at the Meerut District Karate Championship 2022 at Karate Association of Meerut MAK Academy of Sanshin Kan Karate. Competing with 60 seasoned participants from various renowned schools of Meerut our students exhibiting stupendous performance extracted 4 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 4 Bronze medals with certificates. 

Our zealous students brought laurels to the school and did us proud by their excellent performance. The management and Principal of the school congratulated Avika Vashistha, Avni Vashistha, Atharv Kalra and Aakash Pal for winning the gold medals and also lauded the efforts of the second and third position holders. 



Bond of love weaved out on the International Family Day

“When there is no light, the family will guide you home, When you feel alone, there is a family to call your own.”

Family’ is a single word with many meanings. A family holds a special place in the life of an individual. To celebrate this special bond on the Momentous occasion of International Family Day the junior wing of the school refreshed the entire aura with their charm. Myriads of activities were presented. A Create and Cook competition was planned where students cooked with their family members and enjoyed the sumptuous treat of togetherness. A cohesive family tree added to the sentiments that revivified the wave of emotions. Later they presented musical treats to the families with exuberant dances and songs. The wing bore an air of festivity and celebration with meaningful messages about the ‘FAMILY’.

School Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar propounded that in today’s fast-growing world, such activities revive and resuscitate the importance of love and affection among the members of a family.




National Technology Day Observed at KLI

National Technology Day was celebrated in the school premises with great zeal. 

Digitech club organised an event named Metaverse in which Silicon Valley tour was arranged. Club members created a fabricated lab for the students in which they made models of different headquarters like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft with their ideas and innovation keeping concepts like AI, augmented and virtual reality in real life. 

An Inter House Cybermania Competition was also observed for the primary wing students to promote and spread the cause of technological education amongst the young technophiles. Participants exhibited their knowledge in various domains like MS PowerPoint, MS Word, Animation and many more. Pragati House was declared as the winner while Prakash House bagged the second position. Prayas House secured the third position. 

The winners and their mentors were congratulated and appreciated by the Principal for putting up magnificent performance.



Observance of Kranti Diwas

“Martyrdom does not end something, it is only a beginning”.

Kranti Diwas is a day observed to remember the historic Revolutionary movement that supervened the freedom struggle in Meerut on 10th May 1987. This day is marked by national integration speeches, tributes to various freedom fighters, and the organisation of multitudinous level programmes apart from various other events. The term ‘Kranti’ stands for ‘Revolution’ and ‘Divas’ stands for ‘Day’, a day for a revolution. 

K. L. International School observed this day in the memory of the sacrifices made by freedom fighters in the struggle for India's independence, and paid their respects to them.

The little revolutionaries visited shaheed smarak and paid homage to those who lost their lives in the revolt and also amassed a lot of information about the place and its importance. The senior wing rendered reverence to those who instilled the value of freedom to many by sacrificing their lives for the motherland by portraying their pictures in collage form.

The Management and School Principal Mr Sudhanshu Shekhar applauded the efforts of the students and urged the students to become good citizens and imbibe the values of these mutinous in their lives.



The students of IX-X wing exhibit stupendous oratory skills

Debate brings out the ideas, view points and even the opposing arguments of the speakers. It is also integral to put an emphasis upon logical consistency, factual accuracy and even an emotional appeal to an audience.

Keeping in mind the same objective an Inter-house Mock Parliament competition was conducted in K. L. International School for the students of IX-X wing. The topic for the debate was ‘Stress is the consequence of social thrust’.

There were four teams that represented the students of all the four houses and had one student each from class IX and X as they geared up to speak ‘for’ and ‘against’ the motion. 

The ambience was filled with zeal, excitement and enthusiasm when the students aired their views on the stage followed by a rebuttal round to satiate the arising questions in their curious minds for each others’ views.

The winners of the competition were the students of Prerna House followed by Prakash House and Prayas House at the second and the third position respectively.



Students pour their love for their mothers on Mother’s Day

A mother is a friend, protector, guide, disciplinarian and many more things. She is a selfless, loving human who sacrifices many of her wants and needs for the needs of their children. A mother’s love is unconditional for her children.  From the day a child is born, she works hard to make sure that her child is equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities. She gives her best to make a child a competent human being.

Saluting her for her endless endeavours and to pay tribute for everything she does assiduously for her child on the occasion of Mother’s Day, the students of K. L. International School contributed in making this day a special one. 

The students of Class III made crowns for their mothers with a feeling of treating their mothers like queens. Children of classes IV & V made wall hangings and photo frames respectively abiding by the same theme.

The students of VI-VIII wing came together for a special assembly where they sang songs and read out poems for their mothers. The children of IX-X wing made cards for their mothers and also wrote beautiful lines to thank them for their immeasurable services.

The students worked hard for putting up the special acts of love and warmth for their mothers and the mothers also felt elated to see such loving acts of their children on the occasion of Mother’s Day.



Remembered The Bard of Bengal on his birth anniversary

Rabindranath Tagore Jayanti is a cultural celebration to mark the birth anniversary of one of the most celebrated literatures in the world. It is celebrated globally on 7 May. He was the man who reshaped and rejuvenated India's art and culture. His work continues to inspire countless generations of young artists around the world.

In remembrance of Gurudev the students of KLI enthusiastically celebrated Rabindra Jayanti. The learners of III-V wing wrote biography of Rabindranath Tagore, recited his beauteous self composed poems and enacted plays based on his novels.

The students of XI-XII wing added various colours to the celebration by performing English and Bengali songs on Rabindra sangeet. Graceful dances were performed on Bengali folk. A documentary was presented on Tagore's life that instilled values and ethics in the students' lives.



Awareness Activity on Good Touch & Bad Touch

As a strong step towards making our children safe, K. L. International School conducted an interactive session in the school campus on the topic of, ‘Good Touch Bad Touch’ for the toddlers of kindergarten wing.

Taking responsibility to sensitize the children, teachers with the help of numerous videos, pictures, character play etc. explained the students how to differentiate and identify “bad touch” or “uncomfortable behaviour” from others. The flash cards demonstration exhibited by the teachers gave a clear picture about the safe circle. This practical presentation helped our little ones to recognize, safeguard and protect themselves against such dangers from an early age. They were also instructed that whenever they come across any abuse, apprehension or fear they must report to the selected/trusted adults: parents, teachers or elder siblings.

The moto of the activity was to enlighten the children that their body belongs to them and they need to stay safe and secure.



World Laughter Day ebulliently celebrated by Klites

World Laughter Day is an annual event celebrated to raise awareness about laughter and its healing benefits. There are thousands of community groups around the world who regularly practice comedy that promote wellness and overall well being. It strengthens our immune system and boosts our mood. Nothing works faster to bring our mind and body back into balance then a good laugh. 

Klites exuberantly celebrated World laughter day by performing various activities.  The tiny-tots of K. G. wing shared their Happy Family pictures. They apprised that laughter is the best exercise and an art to bring smile on others face. I-II wing organized a fun-filled activity to bring smile on the faces of young cherubs. They coloured their favorite emoji and shared their funny experiences. 

A Talk on 'Laughter Comes Right' was celebrated by XI-XII wing. The students performed humorous and hilarious skit 'Baccha Baba' in which students played different buffooish characters. They paid tribute to the world famous comedians Charlie Chaplin and Mr Bean. Comical jokes and dances added amusing factor to the event. 



A celebration of the Dignity of Labour on International Labour Day

To celebrate this painstaking effort of the labour force, that works tirelessly, the International Worker’s Day also called as Labour Day, was celebrated in the school with great zeal and enthusiasm. We at K.L.I always believe that it is small acts of kindness that counts and we attempt to inculcate that same virtue in our children on the occasion of Labour Day. Labour Day is a reminder for us that they are the real architects of our society, and deserve their due respect.

The teachers apprised the children about this special Day and its importance in a special assembly conducted by III-V Wing. The zealous little wonders recited heart touching poems and eloquently delivered speeches highlighting the significance of the day. The community service club showcased different communities in the world through dance activities. A very engaging Nukkard Natak “Dignity of Labour” was staged by the students of VI-VIII Wing extending their sincere gratitude. 

The tiny tots of Pre School and Pre Primary were involved in fun filled craft activity wherein they made ‘Thank You’ cards to express their love towards their maids and helpers who help them in their everyday lives and appreciated their efforts. The young spurts were overwhelmed by this act of thankfulness and enjoyed the day. 

The management and Principal appreciated the efforts of our students and thanked the workers for their selfless services and acknowledged the contribution of the workforce in the smooth functioning of the school system. 



Klites celebrated International Dance Day

International Dance Day is a global celebration of dance, created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute. The event takes place every year on 29 April on the birth anniversary of Jean-Georges Noverre, the creator of modern ballet. 

The students of III-V wing conducted an assembly in the auditorium to celebrate International Dance Day. They beautifully represented various dance forms like Kathak, Contemporary and Western Dance fused with yoga. Dancing gives the ability to communicate emotions frequently deeper than our own language. This day is all about celebrating the history of dance and recognising its monumental place across all cultures.




Celebration of World Autism Day

"Autism, a neurological disorder is like a rainbow. It has a bright side and a darker side. But every shade is important and beautiful." 
Students of Class XII celebrated World autism awareness day by making badges, meaningful posters, designing placards and spreading awareness. 
Students carried out a-two-day programme and made others aware about this neurological disorder. The first day of programme included students making purposeful posters, distributing badges to teachers and spreading awareness whereas the second day of the programme ended with a musical performance given by students for autism awareness. 
This programme conveyed a very beautiful meaning of acceptance of the differences amongst people and added a new definition to peace and acceptance by adding," Autism is not a choice but acceptance."




Promulgating essence of values-INTER HOUSE COMPETITION

Verve of competition knows no bounds as an Inter-House PPT Competition for classes XI-XII was organized in K. L. International School on the topic ‘Education role in managing social vices and youth restiveness’. The competition aimed at honing the creativity and innovation of the young modernities. 

The PPT Presentation Competition created a positive environment amongst the students wherein they were high on spirits and enthusiasm, which urged them to showcase their creativity to their optimum level. House's presentation was evaluated based on contents, relevance with the topic, usage of PowerPoint tools, colour scheme, background effects and presentation skills of the participants. Vibrant templates, dramatic background effects, rich and informative content – the works! 

All the Houses put up great presentations and the winner of the competition was Prayas House, acclaimed the Second position Prakash House and notable at third position Pragati House
The event left the audience with plenty of essence for self-contemplation.




KLI celebrated World Malaria Day

World Malaria Day is an annual observance held 25 April to raise awareness of the global effort to control and eradicate malaria. World Malaria Day brings together international agencies and research institutions and also provides health organization with an opportunity to communicate information about the disease and about current research efforts to the public. 

Keeping the above awareness in mind K. L. International School celebrated World Malaria Day where classes III to V conducted special assembly and threw light on the causes and precautions of Malaria. 




Heartiest Congratulations!

Glorious Achievement!

Sanshinkan open Karate Championship - 2022 at Sector Community Centre Gurgaon. The students of our school participated in the events organised under different categories and have brought laurels to school. 
Aadya Kalra of class III bagged gold medal, Avni Vashistha class V received silver medal while Shivansh Vashistha, Atharv Kalra and Hridul Gupta clinched bronze medals by defeating 600 students of renowned schools of Jammu, UP, MP, Hyderabad, Karnataka, Punjab & Goa states. Indeed it was an envigorating experience to learn and soar high. 

The school is proud of the performance and wishes good luck for future events.




Vaccination camp organised for students

K. L. International School once again organised vaccination camp on 23 April 2022 for the students under the age group of 12-15 years. This camp was organised in accordance with the instructions from the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare of India, under the National Covid Vaccination drive, where the students were vaccinated with the first dose of the Covid vaccine. The students were present in large number and the flawless governance of this coherent effort by the school made the camp fruitful. 

The students were allotted different time slots and venues in order to safeguard the covid norms. The students were vaccinated by the trained health workers and all the Covid Standard Operation Procedures (SOP's) were followed to ensure maximum safety. As the number of Covid cases are gradually increasing in the city, the students were asked to use masks and sanitizers. 

The Management and the Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar appreciated their presence.



Klites observe World Heritage Day

The World Heritage Day also known as the International Day for monuments and sites is observed annually on 18 April around the world. This day aims at promoting awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage of humanity, their vulnerability and the efforts required for their protection and conservation.

This day was epitomized by the students of K. L. International School as they got engaged in numerous activities to disseminate about this momentous day. The students of III-V wing held a special class assembly to air their views regarding the significance of this day. 

The children in the VI-VIII wing conducted an Inter-House Montage where 5 students from each house made 3D models of monuments located in Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat paired states, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh. Pragati house stood first in the competition followed by Prakash, Prerna and Prayas house.

The pupils of IX-X wing collaborated their efforts in a collage making activity by collecting the pictures of various monument and historical sites thereby enriching their knowledge regarding the same.

The students from all the wings reckoned the day to be of profuse consequence and were ecstatic to be a part of such activities.



KLI environs reverberated with festivities galore on the occasion of Baishakhi

Keeping up with the festive spirit and to help our young Klites get culturally connected, our school celebrated the harvest festival of Baisakhi with great zeal and enthusiasm. It was a remarkable celebration as the teachers and students indulged in merrymaking through an array of cultural diversity. Our exuberant participants were beautifully dressed for the occasion. They looked stunning in their vibrant Punjabi attire and were addressed as ‘Gabrus’ and ‘Mutiyars’. The session came alive with the mesmerizing dhol beats, while watching the fluid dance moves on the foot tapping music was a feast for the eyes.The celebration brought our students closer to the dazzling beauty of the Indian culture.
The festivities were all the more blissful with the sagacious presence of our management and Principal sir. Later they appreciated the efforts put up by the students and teachers for a robust and engaging show. 
The entire KLI family emersed in festivities on this pious occasion.




The school reverberated with World Book Reading day and English Language Day celebrations

Reading is a stellar form of entertainment and it requires that you use your imagination rather than simply watching visuals on a screen. There is also something so therapeutic about the actual feel of a book, with its scent of printed pages and glossy covers. Books are indeed a valuable aspect of our society. The students of our school observed twin celebrations of English Language Day & World Book and Copyright Day on 23 April 2022 through a variety of enriching activities. 

Taking their love for books further and to pay tribute to the great English playwright and poet, William Shakespeare on his death anniversary the students of middle wing participated in an Inter-House Volume Convention which involved a Book review and Enactment of four of Shakespeare’s famous plays namely King Lear, Macbeth, The Merchant of Venice and Julius Ceasar. The senior school students expressed their heartfelt tribute to the great English Laureate by participating in a literature quiz. Another group of students participated in the recitation and Enactment of the most renowned Shakespearean poetry, ‘Seven Ages’. Special assemblies and placard manifestation activity added to the aura of the day. In classrooms students were provided with a stimulus that invigorated their creativity resulting in the Fabrication of tales. The special staging ended with the announcement of a week long reading celebration. 

The Management and Principal applauded the stupendous efforts put forth by the students. He also announced the winners of Inter-house volume competition congratulating Prayas house and Prerna house for grabbing the first and Second position respectively. 




National Kindergarten Day Celebration 

April 21 has been designated National Kindergarten Day. The day honors the birth date of Friedrich Wilhelm August Frobel who is credited for starting the first kindergarten in Germany in 1837. This day marking childhood was celebrated with gusto at K. L. International School. The day was commemorated with immense joy, enthusiasm and magnificence as it was time to PARTY for the tiny tots of the school. It was a fun- filled day for the students as they danced to peppy numbers. The campus was buzzing with excitement and joy as it was a day wherein fun and frolic dominated. There was excitement in the air and the little ones left the school with a bag full of stories about their special day at school. It was indeed a joyous and memorable day for the little ones.




'Green Waves' Earth Day celebrated in KLI

Our planet is an amazing place, but it needs our help to thrive!

Earth day is an annual event on 22 April to demonstrate support for environmental protection. This day is celebrated to protect the planet from pollution and deforestation. 

KLI celebrated Earth Day as 'Green Waves' in which our tiny-tots of kindergarten wing made attractive photo booth out of waste material and photo shoot was done to keep the memories alive. All were in green colour attire that symbolizes life, glory and energy.
Our young cherubs of I-II wing participated in Poster colouring. The learners of III-V wing conducted influential assembly on Earth Day. 
The students of VI-VIII wing celebrated World Earth Day Activity. The students clicked pictures and the members of Eco club made photograms and decorated the board by making beautiful collages on topics like Flora, Fauna and Nature. The students of IX-X wing planted saplings in the school campus on this Earth Day. 
The students performed these activities with full zeal and enthusiasm. The students were made aware of making our world a happier and healthier place to live by keeping the earth clean and green.




IX-X wing commemorate Ambedkar Jayanti

Ambedkar Jayanti or Bhim Jayanti is annually observed on 14 April to commemorate the birth anniversary of B.R. Ambedkar, Indian polymath and civil rights activist. Ambedkar Jayanti is also celebrated as the ‘Equality Day’ in India as he struggled for equality throughout his life.

An activity of Essay writing was organized by the students of IX-X wing of K. L. International School to celebrate this momentous occasion to honour his contribution and service to the country. The students felt enlightened to engage themselves in knowing about the principal architect of the constitution who always strived to establish equality in the Indian society and advocated for women’s and labours’ rights.

The students pledged to uphold the principle of Dr. Ambedkar and validate his achievements in Nation – building.



Jallianwalah Bagh Massacre Day

Jallianwalah Bagh massacre also known as Amritsar massacre, took place on the day of Baisakhi, 13 April 1919. A large peaceful crowd had gathered at the Jallianwalah Bagh in Amritsar. The British Troops surrounded the crowd and brutally killed the people. It was one of the most heart wrenching chapters in India's freedom struggle. 

Klites of classes III-VIII organised a special assembly in remembrance of the people who were the part of this massacre. The students delivered speeches and paid tribute to all the patriots who rested down their lives on this day. 



Vaccination camp held at KLI

A vaccination camp was conducted in K. L. International School on 9 April 2022 for the students under the age group of 12-15 years. This camp was organised in accordance with the instructions from the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare of India, under the National Covid Vaccination drive, where the students were vaccinated with the first dose of the Covid vaccine. The presence of the students in large number and the flawless governance of this coherent effort by the school made the camp productive. 

The students were allotted different venues and time slots in order to safeguard the covid norms. The students were vaccinated by the trained health workers and all the Covid Standard Operation Procedures (SOP's) were followed to ensure maximum safety.

The Management and the Principal, Mr. Sudhanshu Shekhar expressed their gratitude for their presence and making it a successful event.



Ignited minds joined hands to spread awareness on World Health Day

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, for otherwise we shall not be able to trim the lamp of wisdom and keep our mind strong and clear.”

The unparalleled value of good health is celebrated worldwide on April 7, the foundation day of the World Health Organization (WHO). Spearheaded by WHO, physical mental and social health awareness is propagated zealously on this day. In order to further its impact and importance our school students too celebrated the World Health Day with great gusto. 

A plethora of activities planned meticulously to spread the message of good health involved the students of III–V Wing and VI-VIII Wing. In their respective special assemblies they held discussions, showed posters on dos and don’ts of maintaining good health. Importance of Yoga in our lives was also established. 

The XI-XII class students organized a live podcast encompassing quiz and a PowerPoint presentation accompanied by demonstration of various exercises for keeping good health. Later students and faculty pledged to embrace a healthy lifestyle through cleanliness, hygiene, intake of balanced diet and regular exercise. The efforts of the students were applauded by the Principal and management of the school.



New Session started with Special Prayers in KLI

Kindergarten wing, Primary wing and Middle wing began New Session from 4 April 2022, with special prayers for the welfare of the world and for the students to grow bright and shine high. 

The learners along with their mentors presented valuable stories, songs, shlok and poetry. The teachers taught the students how to enhance their learning - capacity. 

Mr S. Shekhar, the school principal welcomed the students and apprised them with the ways to inculcate positive attitude and high spirits in their approach towards studies.